Roger Rabbit steals the show at Mickey’s Halloween Party as Disneyland quietly offers hilariously animated meet-and-greet

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Upon hearing the surprise news that ultra-rare character Roger Rabbit was making appearances during Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland this year, I immediately knew I would stop at nothing to get a chance to meet him.

But the news didn’t come from Disney. Roger is one of several characters who are meeting with guests in Toontown two hours before the separately-ticketed Halloween party begins. However, Disney hasn’t publicized his appearances one bit. Instead, word-of-mouth prompted me to frantically search online for someone with a spare ticket to the sold-out event a couple Fridays ago, a late addition to my multi-day California Halloween haunt adventure.

As I had already scheduled two other haunted attractions that night, I didn’t have time to stay for Mickey’s Halloween Party after enjoying a day roaming Disneyland’s Halloween Time. But there was no way I was going to miss out on meeting Roger, one of my favorite all time characters – and one I had never seen in person.

Roger Rabbit had returned to Disneyland a couple times recently, in May 2012 for a single night on the Fantasmic! riverboat, then in March of this year for a Limited Time Magic Easter bunny hop. But neither was a meet-and-greet opportunity. This was my chance.

Thanks to the far reaching powers of Inside the Magic, all it took for me was a quick Facebook post and I was in touch with someone who possessed an extra ticket for the night. And so it happened. I met Roger Rabbit. In Toontown. And it was glorious.

Video: Roger Rabbit appears during Mickey’s Halloween Party pre-party at Disneyland

Roger was perfect. He was every bit as animated in person as his on-screen persona during “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and his many short films. His antics were hilarious. Feeding off my obvious excitement as I showed him my T-shirt with his face on it, he grabbed my hands and spun me around, as if we were two long lost friends reuniting for the first time in years. That’s exactly how it felt.

The excitement was shared across everyone who met him, whether a kid who barely knew who he was or an adult who, like me, was thrilled to finally see him in a Disney theme park. Roger’s unpredictable actions included ramming my wife with his ears as if they were bull horns, hopping up and down uncontrollably with children, stealing and wielding various props from guests wearing Halloween costumes, and generally acting out of control. There was no doubt that Roger is a toon.

Disneyland Halloween Time 2013

Disneyland Halloween Time 2013

Disneyland Halloween Time 2013

Disneyland Halloween Time 2013

Though I wanted to, I didn’t attempt to yank on his ears Eddie Valiant-style, desiring to hear him exclaim “P-p-p-p-p-p-p-lease don’t pull my ears!” But alas this costumed character was silent, though his actions spoke far louder than any words possibly could. This was indeed a perfect meet-and-greet, a perfect example of Disney magic. It was worth the price of admission to Mickey’s Halloween Party.

Disneyland Halloween Time 2013

Roger Rabbit is still appearing during the 2-hour pre-party in Toontown before the remaining Mickey’s Halloween Party nights at Disneyland. But as of writing this post, the only night with tickets still available is Wednesday, October 30 – so act fast before this character goes back into the Disney Vault!

A few tips for those attempting to meet Roger Rabbit:

  • Line up early. The pre-party in Toontown starts at 6, but a line will form as early as 5pm. Be first.
  • Roger Rabbit meets on the backside of the gazebo in the center of Toontown, straight across from where the line starts. Go there first!
  • Ignore the candy. There will be plenty of opportunities for trick-or-treating throughout the evening, so meet Roger as much as possible during this rare offering.
  • Hang around and watch Roger in action with other guests. He’s hilarious.
  • Roger Rabbit does 30-minute sets, so he’ll be replaced by other characters at 6:30 and return one more time at 7. Don’t miss him!
  • More photos of Roger Rabbit at Mickey’s Halloween Party:

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