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Iron Man Experience


  1. Mark

    Wow, the first disappointment is in. After imagineers slapping Universal for the lack of realism and the over use of film they come with an confined and old motion simulator. This franchise needs an epic way to tell it’s epic story, not a small screen in a wobbly car.

  2. roy

    Great, another ride I can’t go on. When will they build an E ticket ride that won’t get half of the people naseous from motion sickness.

  3. SirEdge

    Meh. But I’ll take what we can get.

    I just feel that Star Wars motion simulator makes better sense.

    A motion simulator Iron Man would be great if it had been a more intimate experience, with JARVIS interface closer to your face.

  4. Casey

    after looking at this concept art a few things come to mind.
    1.) I can’t wait for this whole universal thing to expire.
    2.) I didn’t realize Stark Industries created Action Chugger
    3.) it’s a little crazy to do a Chuggington crossover ride that toddlers can’t ride on. and to only have it in Hong Kong for that matter.

  5. klstark

    Well I’m excited :o)

  6. Chris Morgan

    It continues to surprise me what little faith people seem to have in the Imagineers. When have they let us down in the past? They know what they’re doing!

    1. seriously? let’s start the list shall we: Story Time with Belle, Tangled-up-in-Toilets, Stitch’s Great Escape, POTC Walk Through, Narnia Walk Through, all other walk-throughs…point being, it can easily go wrong, let’s not pretend that it can’t.

      1. Chris Morgan

        I won’t hear a bad word about the Tangled toilets!

  7. Chris

    Concept art lacks themeing. This reminds me of how Universal does their ride exteriors, which I generally don’t like (broke the mold with Potter, which is brilliant). It’s just advertising the ride experience, not creating a sense of place for the story. That first building in the concept art looks like a McDonalds.

  8. Chaz

    Guys, I might be moving to Hong Kong.

  9. Ryan R

    Why does it seem that imagineers are putting a lot more effort into other theme parks instead of the ones we have in the U.S. I would live to go on an iron man. How come they don’t make one of those here?

    1. Chaz

      In the case of Walt Disney World at least, there’s some contract between Disney and Universal preventing Disney from using any Marvel properties in Walt Disney World. I don’t know all of the details of it, but it makes it very unlikely (if not impossible) that we’ll see any version of this in Disney World. ; (

      And I’d imagine the US Imagineers are a little worn-out after New Fantasyland and the California Adventure Expansion and are just taking a moment to catch their breath.

      1. EricJ

        Apparently, Universal IOA’s agreement gives them exclusivity (for the moment) on ANY theme-park incarnation of Marvel in the city of Orlando–
        Even for characters who aren’t already at IOA, which means Thor won’t M&G his movie at Epcot Norway. (Besides, the Frozen characters will be there already.)

        So, expect anything Avengers to show up at Anaheim, Paris, Asia or the Cruise ships. 🙁

    2. Anonymous

      The whole world doesn’t revolve around the U.S, plus Hong Kong disneyland is lacking a lot, so adding this will be good.

    1. frostysnowman

      Ha! Good one!

    2. SirEdge

      Wonderful! I shall start using that more.


    This ride seems like a ‘bump’ or a ‘+1’ more than a fully fledged awesome attraction.

  11. frostysnowman

    Hoping it ends up more like Spiderman at Universal than Star Tours. Not that I’ll ever get to Hong Kong, but still…

    1. EricJ

      I was about to complain the usual “WE have to be stuck with Universal…”, but yes, this sounds more Star Tours than Spiderman.
      Once we get peace talks going about Florida Marvel, maybe we can get an exchange of technology.

    2. Kerry

      I agree … A Spider-Man or Transformers kind of ride for this would be awesome! Not over joyed about the idea of a simulator! It’s been done!

      To be continued…

      1. Sean

        You guys do realize that transformers is considering a motion simulator type ride. It is more advance but it still in under that type of ride. Now I agree with everyone that transformers is a awesome ride. But everyone please start having faith in the imagineers. The have brought us a lot of good attractions so many times so just give them the support and they will do us right.

        1. Kerry

          That’s very very true!

  12. Master P

    From the artwork, I think it looks like it might be a spiderman type ride. Disney is in need of something along those lines, guess I’ll have to visit hong kong now.

  13. Collins

    I have no real problems about this attraction, and I’m excited to see Disney doing something big with Marvel in the parks. However, I just wonder if Iron Man will be as popular as it is now in 3 years, and why this attraction doesn’t look like it will be using the “slot machine” technology that Star Tours uses to randomize rides and give guests new experiences every time.

  14. Will

    Seems like the “War Machine Experience” or any “experience” in which the rider dons one of Stark’s armors makes more sense than a Star Tours/Spiderman group ride. I was expecting a more advanced version of Mission Space or Sum of All Thrills as an individual flight simulator. It just seems hokey for a guy who fights with robots to fight alongside a big ugly space minivan.

    I hope they make major changes.

    1. A fundamental problem with any attraction based on Marvel is that it is going to be focused on a single character. You are necessarily going to be nothing but a spectator watching what happens to the superhero. It’s not even like a Peter Pan’s Flight or Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride where you assume the identity of that character or enter a fantastic world the character represents. The closest that Stark Tours gets is giving us the chance to experience the terrifying idea a world where the only thing separating us from the total destruction of our homes, cities and countries by malevolent aliens are the actions of untrained, unlicensed, super-powered vigilantes. Passively watch as Iron Man tries to prevent you from dying horribly!

      Whether Marvel or any other brand owned by the Walt Disney Company IP firm, the strongest attractions are always those that make the guest the centre and protagonist of the story. YOU’RE exploring a haunted mansion, YOU’RE flying over Neverland, YOU’RE a tourist visiting the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, YOU’RE drafted into Captain Nemo’s crew, YOU’RE the star in tonight’s episode of “The Twilight Zone.” The weakest attractions make you the passive spectator of someone else’s story, merely watching what happens to Ariel, or Jack Sparrow, or Nemo the Fish, or Iron Man. Any worthwhile Marvel attraction would have to go the route of Avengers Academy, where YOU train to become a superhero yourself. Otherwise you might as well just watch “The Avengers” again.

      That said, I’m a big fan of the idea of them not having a MARVEL ride in a DISNEY park. Make another gate for that sort of thing, or at least put it in one of the Hollywood Studios-type parks where random franchise carnival rides belong.

      1. Sean

        Personal I think Iron man belongs in tomorrow land since the iron man tech is futuristic. Also in the tomorrow land opening day speech it says that Tomorrow land is land of science fact and science fiction look it up.

  15. Key Blade Wielder

    Well, there is the Iron Man suit thing in Anaheim. But I was kind of hoping the first Marvel Themed Disney attraction/ride would be somewhere close to where I live in America. Not sure how to feel about this announcement really. How long before Anaheim gets an attraction outside of the Innoventions building I wonder? Doesn’t have to be in Disneyland itself, California Adventure would be a perfect place to introduce it, and if something appropriate can be figured out, then in Disneyland itself. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

    1. Ryan R

      Well I can’t wait any longer. Disney has been teasing marvel attractions for a while now and now they are just teasing us.

  16. Marc Morini

    I have never been more excited and jealous at the same time in my life then right now. First Mystic Manor and now this? Disney really wants me to go to Hong Kong…..

  17. Eric Ramocki

    These aren’t aliens, that is Hydra.

  18. Dillan

    I think this is one thing, Indiana jones, Star Wars, and most of the marvel universe accept punnisher (I’m a marvel and disney fanatic) is all family oriented, but the real thing to complain about is Avatarland! Any little kid can watch iron man, and this is coming from a big fan, but avatar sucks, it only got attention for graphics, and do you want your five year old watching avatar?!?!!

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