Comments for Halloween Horror Nights 2013 scare zones pack in “Walking Dead” surprises, haunted houses set to impress at Universal Orlando


  1. Buckly

    Awesome. My favorite time of the year and the HHN house rankings are my favorite article of the year. Looking forward to the full report.

  2. Michel Lichand Mendonça

    Okay, that thing with the truck was pretty freaking awesome.

  3. Ray

    how cool! i love all zombies and characters from the series. My number one choice would have to be Daryl played by Norman Reedus. I cant wait to finally meet him at his Red carpet event for the DVD release of Hello Herman which stars Norman Reedus. I bought my tix to the event on so if there is anyone else who would like to go check it out!

  4. Don

    Thank you Ricky for there amazing video’s and photo’s. People don’t understand how hard it is to make these kind of quality photo’s in these environments and you nailed it!

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