Comments for Club 33 expansion details revealed, adding new entrance, lounge, new menu at exclusive Disneyland restaurant


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    What an absolutely terrible idea.

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      I was just happen to be there at opening day of the new Club 33, and guests to the park were outraged to see such excluivity in such an outward way. It’s not like it’s a more expensive place to eat, it’s a private club for the one percent. I heard people explain to other guests that it is a club just for the one percent! This is just now them showing off! I saw young people just nock on the door and dash to get a laugh. Before, Club 33 was hidden to the public for decades to hide celebrities and politicians who wanted to visit the parks in secrecy. Now it’s public, showing off to other guests that they are better than everyone else that visits the park. Isn’t that why exclusive clubs are created, that’s why I would join one just to think I’m better than everyone else, now I can show that off. There are a lot of poor people who have Annual Passes, now club members can have the satisfaction to rub their success in their faces! You can now see people eating in the widows, in full view of the public eating their exclusive meal, you know just the way Walt dreamed the club to be!

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        well i have been to club 33 and i don’t understand the problem. I’m definitely not the one percent and my cousin’s who got us in also aren’t the one percent. The whole problem with getting in is just that you have to wait for like 7 to 10 years to finally be able to visit. Honestly i don’t know how much it costed but if its something you really want to do all you have to do is save up just like for anything else and then wait. And the problem with the exclusivity i don’t understand either everyone knew it was an exclusive club, people would stand by the door and watch who went in before so its like the people who really cared already knew and im sure for those celebrities that go to be in secrecy they still have a way for them to have privacy but overall for the usual guests that happen to be able to get in, who cares. Like i said i’ve been there and i can say really the only draw of it is that its something you don’t see often, its cool to look around and to take pictures to remember but other than that, my family didnt really like the food eventhough people say its the best in the park and the service wasnt too great, it was just a cool experience. So i dont see the reasn for being upset about it. They made it more public yes, but they wanted to make more room so that more people have the chance to visit and to give those people a better experience. I like the idea eventhough im sure ill never be back in my life.

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    Jeff Lynch

    Ricky, can you find some pictures of the outside of that Christmas shop? I’m curious what that looks like if you are walking down the little street past it. What I’d like to see is how that exterior compares to the current Club 33 green door.

    Will the Christmas shop have the same kind of secret doorbell and feel to it so that people have to be buzzed…or will it be a thing where anyone can walk into that old Christmas shop but then be told that it’s a private club?

    Also, will the glass wall hiding the Court of Angels be stained glass or just regular glass? I am hoping they make it a pretty stained glass scene like from Princess and the Frog or something.

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      Ricky Brigante

      Right now the shop is very open with lots of windows. I imagine that will change to be more hidden. The glass will be opaque, so everything behind it will be hidden. I wasn’t told anything of stained glass, but that would be a nice touch.

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    This is the worst thing I’ve heard since they redid Carnation Plaza Gardens. I’m so upset. This is awful. AWFUL.

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    This is really sad. If they are going to keep the courtyard basically intact anyway, why can’t they keep it open to all guests, use the ornament shop as a Lobby still, and escort club members up the stairs (or to the elevator) and let the rest of us common folk wander around the courtyard if we want to?

    This new set-up changes Club 33 from a “secret club” to a club that is very un-secretly restricted. All this will do is create animosity by taking away something that was available to everyone and shoving the fact that we aren’t allowed in our faces.

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      For as little of a secret as it was, it did seem designed for anonymity and inconspicuousness. Taking away and walling off the Court of Angels makes it very conspicuous… “Conspicuous consumption” of a Veblen good. Removing it from public access, and making sure we all know we can’t get to it (like the Disney Dreams Suite), is part of the point.

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    We have taken a photo on the stairs of the Court of Angels from literally the MOMENT we found out if we were having a boy or a girl baby (after 5 years of trying), while I was pregnant, then every single time we’ve come to DLR with our son since he was born. We have a wall of these photos and they’ve been our most cherished “timeline” of our lives with our son. And now it’s GONE. I have never been more upset at Disneyland — I highly doubt that Walt Disney would’ve wanted his guests to be deprived of something that’s a tradition for THOUSANDS of people – especially during the holidays. I’m so upset – our passes are up for renewal and for the first time in my life I’m torn about whether or not we want to renew. Thanks for screwing up yet another cherished Disney tradition in the name of greed.

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      I completely agree. This just breaks my heart. Not everyone (including myself) will ever have an opportunity to visit Club33. I dont know anybody personally that is a member, nor will I ever be able to afford to become a member, so any opportunity for me to see this wonderful area again is slim to none.
      The Court of Angels has always been our favorite hidden spot for our traditional family photo throughout several generations. I expected that my children would be bringing their own children here someday for the very same traditional family photos. This just sickens me to think that I wont be able to visit a location that previous family members who have since passed away, once stood. Disney for me has always been about family tradition, the sights and the smells always evoke such wonderful memories. More and more, Disney is taking away bit by bit of those wonderful sights and smells, kind of makes me think twice as to why I should be instilling the importance of tradition onto my children. We are also reconsidering renewing our passes. Disney is becoming just like any other amusement park and our money can be better spent elsewhere. Sad, just sad is all I have left to say. :((

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      Julie, I feel you. 🙁 Since I was little my parents took pics of my brother and me on those stairs and now I have done the same with my own children there for the last few years. I figured they might take pics with their own kids on those stairs someday! But I guess not! Well, not unless they want to become Club 33 members so they can gain access to what has always been a little PUBLIC gem in Disneyland. It makes me sick.

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        Heart sick Susie

        My family has been taking pictures in that courtyard since New Orleans Square opened . I was at Disneyland as a little girl when it opened in 1955 and have been going every year since. I have taken date night pictures in that courtyard, grad nite pictures, new baby pictures, and holiday family pictures there. It is a special place for me to go to remember loved ones now gone. I am heart sick that I will now be restricted from a place that has always been special. Shame on Disney management. I know Walt Disney would not have approved.

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    Burrito Dominator


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    Marc Morini

    Well this sucks…….

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    I am definitely not renewing after this slap in the face to Disneyland guests. I will do everything in my power to get many more to do the same. I have never been more angry with management than I am right now. First the gallery, and now this, they have destroyed what made the best land in Disneyland special, congratulations.

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      Jeff Lynch

      Just imagine what you could accomplish in this world if you used your “powers” for a positive goal, Sean. Why not get “many more” people you know to work on ending hunger and homelessness in your area. Instead, you choose to use your “power” on riling people up against Disney? That’s pretty sad.

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        What’s sad is the utter disrespect and disregard for history of Disneyland, a priceless American treasure. You may see it as an ordinary “theme park” but I don’t.

        Don’t come in here and use your fallacies to try and distract from the purpose and intent of my post. What the hell does ending hunger have anything to do with my distaste for Disney’s management right now?

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        What a WONDERFUL idea! Current and prospective Club 33 members, DO NOT waste your money on membership in a meaningless club whose management is inconsiderate of others and driven mainly by greed. Instead, take your $10,000 – $35,000 and help a homeless family get back on their feet or contribute to a struggling student’s college tuition or help some fixed-income seniors with their medical expenses or fund a grade school’s field trips or fix the leaky roof of a poor family’s home or make the home or car payment of someone in need or rescue shelter animals from certain death or buy new shoes for third world orphans or fund an inner-city arts program or give a poor couple in love the wedding of their dreams… The bottom line is that there are HUNDREDS of far more noble and generous things you can do with your money than give it to a greedy, already wealthy corporation, for the sake of dining and drinking in the upstairs level, fancy rooms of an overpriced amusement park.

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    I’ve missed what few chances I ever had to see the original Club 33, so I’m not as attached to the interior of that as I am offended at them taking the Court of Angels away from the public. The notion of restricting the rest of Disneyland customers from a place that they used to have free access to in order to cater to that one small, but wealthy, subset is an overt act of classism. As long as it was hidden away behind a door, Club 33 could be a longing curiousity. Now, when looking at the frosted glass blocking off one of the few spots for quiet escape in a crowded park, all it will do is remind me that I’m not one of the super rich. So much for the fantasy, eh Disney? It is a straight-up slap in the face.

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      I couldn’t agree more Cory. At least when they built 1901 we got a restaurant as well, but this is them just saying screw u normal people

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    I was very disappointed when they closed the Disney Gallery to open the Dream Suite, but I eventually came to terms with it. Disneyland has numerous places for a quiet respite from the crowds, and now Club 33 members have one too. Cheers!

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      Fewer and fewer. Believe me, when you’re a pair of introverts who plan their vacation around when there aren’t supposed to be huge crowds and find unseasonable attendance numbers, you go looking for them.

      Thankfully Pirate’s Lair has been left to dilapidate, so it’s not as crowded as it used to be, though there’s nowhere to sit. Big Thunder Ranch petting zoo is about the best place to get away in the park. There is NOWHERE in Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Adventureland or Main Street, unless you know of one I missed.

      Unfortunately, people don’t seem to realize how important those small, little out-of-the-way placemakers actually are for the comfort of a not insignificant part of the population. We’re not talking Disneyland Paris or the Magic Kingdom here, which are big parks where you can space yourselves out.

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        Cory, I like to go sit by the medic station at the end of main street. Turn left at the photo shop and there are a few tucked away benches. It is a nice quiet spot for a rest from the crowds. Enjoy!

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        For Tomorrowland, Innoventions is very popular with introverts, especially the Dream Home downstairs. In Fantasyland, the area that used to be the Princess Walk is really quiet, as is the gazebo dock behind it. Adventureland is really small, but Aladdin’s Oasis tends to be pretty quiet if you actually go inside. As for Main Street, the entrance to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and the Disney Gallery are frequently empty.

        Just some tips in case you haven’t visited those places. 🙂

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    I’m not going to personally lose any sleep over a 5×5 block of Disneyland being shut down. I don’t buy my yearly pass for the court of angels. It was nice and all but the cell phone reception was awful.

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      So the rich and detailed atmosphere of New Orleans Square is not one of the reasons why you buy a pass? What exactly may I ask do you buy your pass for if not for the thematic immersion and heritage of the park?

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        @Sean I think people buy passes because the removal of access from one relatively small portion of the park for the “normal” guests isn’t a big enough loss.

        I used to work at disneyland, I’m an annual passholder, I’m familiar with the tradition and heritage of disneyland, but court of angels is a small part of the park that only a relative few guests ever actually used. I love that area, I go to the park weekly, but even I can’t remember the last time I went into the court of angels. Wanna know why? Because the rest of the park is still pretty amazing. To the point that I will continue to purchase an annual pass.

        That said, I hope you are successful in getting more and more people to stop buying annual passes. I think ridding disneyland of people who are going to be bitter everytime they walk in the park would be a good thing.

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    Alex J.

    As Captain Hook would say “Bad form Disney, Bad form…”

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    Karie Y.

    Wow, I actually think the changes sound pretty cool. While I have had the priviledge to dine at Club 33 twice, I am not actually a member. I think the entrance now, is pretty small. And, honestly, if you are going to pay that kind of money for a membership, why not provide a bigger space for them to “get away”. I was HUGELY disappointed when the gallery was closed off. It was a must-do every time I went to the park. However, in the true spirit of Walt Disney, there will ALWAYS be change at the park. Whether I like all of the changes or not, there is still so much to love about the park. And, I look forward to sharing stories with my children about “When I was younger, you were able to go up those stairs to the Gallery” Or “Did you know there is a secret staircase hidden behind that glass?”. It’s the perfect opportunity to help foster their imagination!

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      How about they put the whole park behind an opaque piece of glass and offer it only for the uber rich? Then you could have an unlimited number of stories to tell your children. See how the logic of change for the sake of change doesn’t work? Spinning Walt Disney’s quote to justify any change is never what he truly meant. He meant for the park to change for the better, not for the worse.

      I just don’t see how you could put a positive spin on this after we just lost the gallery and the court of angels. These were quintessential elements of Disneyland and are now lost for countless generations to enjoy.

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        Jeff Lynch

        @Sean — I don’t think you know enough about Disney history, because “quintessential” elements of Disneyland are based on Walt’s plans for the park. Both the Gallery and the Court of Angels were designed by Walt to be part of the private club he envisioned as his personal speakeasy and private apartment complex. He died before this could be built, but he wanted a private apartment for his family where the Gallery ended up being and he then wanted the Court of Angels to be the private courtyard below a steakhouse, lounge, and jazz club that would be adjacent to Club 33. He didn’t mean for Court of Angels to be open to the public.

        So, Sean, your comments make me laugh because Walt intended these “quintessential” elements you speak of to be private from the very beginning. Walt knew for Disneyland to prosper and grow and be affordable for regular people that he would need to court and maintain the sponsorship of very wealthy people and corporations. That’s the point of Club 33: it’s for VIPs and the VIPs help keep the lights on for everyone else.

        I think you don’t seem to understand that.

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          There’s no proof backing your statements, just rumors and hearsay; to be quite frank they aren’t even relevant to the discussion. The fact of the matter is, the park designers ultimately went with the design you see today and that is what we are discussing, not some concept that was “potentially” on the table nearly 50 years ago.

          The Court of Angels has been there since the beginning of NOS and has heavily contributed to millions of visitors that have had the opportunity to visit this location over the years. People have been engaged here for crying out loud.

          Oh and btw, the park can financially get by just fine without this addition to Club 33; they are making millions of dollars already with their current layout. This isn’t the 60’s where Walt needed every penny for the park to survive.

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      Walt said that Disneyland will never be finished so long as there is imagination left in the world. I don’t recall any quotes by him about messing around with things for the sake of doing so, or worse, for the sake of marginalizing the regular guest at the park. I do remember him saying something about everyone at Disneyland being treated like a king or a princess or something like that, but so much for that too.

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    Now I hope Disney suffers a hostile takeover like they almost did in the 80s.

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      Jeff Lynch

      @Dave — what a bratty and foolish thing for you to say.

      If the 80s takeover had happened, the different divisions of the Disney company would have been sold off individually…meaning the movies, TV, parks, and other divisions would have gone to separate owners.

      The parks have often run at a loss, propped up by the other divisions. Remember in 2001 when the 9/11 attacks decimated the tourist industry for a year or two? If Disneyland had been broken off from the movie and TV and other divisions then the park would have most likely gone into Chapter 11. It would have been shuttered.

      Also, if the 80s takeover had happened, there would have been no Disney Cruise Line and none of the additions to any of the parks that have happened in the 90s and 2000s. Disneyland might have been either torn down and turned into condos or it could have devolved into a Six Flags or a Knotts Berry farm type park.

      But, Dave, you wish something like that would happen so I say be careful what you wish for.

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        Disney parks have never been in a situation like you described. During the recession they raised prices and had huge crowds. The idea that the most popular theme parks in the world were ever in danger of filing chapter 11 because of 9/11 is not only false, it’s silly.

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          33 Guy

          @sean….you are absolutely WRONG about the effects of 9/11 and the last recession. WDW was hit hard due to the draw back of international travel after 9/11 and took years to return to normal as did Disneyland. If you look at workforce reduction cycles those increased since 9-11 through the most recent recession for the Parks division. As for your comments on the development of NOS…again…WRONG….the spaces that were open to guests such as the gallery and court…were definitely part of the off the original Disney family suite and Club 33 and were never intended for quests. WDI has said on more than one occasion and company history also reflects these original plans.

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    maybe we could get DL to remove the merchandise and restore the Royal Court since we are loosing the Court of Angels.

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    This is an incredibly exciting time to be a Club 33 member. I am in awe with the concept art of the new Jazz lounge. Everything they’re doing looks amazing. As for the negative “rich snob” comments, whatever. The vast majority of the members are far from snobbish. They’re just fans with means that are purchasing something that the Disneyland Resort offers for sale. Don’t hate.

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      I hope that those of you who are as disappointed as I am will consider writing a letter to Guest Relations expressing your sadness over the closure of the Court of Angels. It may not change anything, but at least they’ll know just how many people they’ve upset.

      Disneyland Resort Guest Relations
      P.O. Box 3232
      Anaheim, CA 92802-3232

      Someone also suggested that those of us who are on LinkedIn message copies of our letters to Disneyland Park VP Jon Storbeck.

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    I hope that those of you who are as disappointed as I am will consider writing a letter to Guest Relations expressing your sadness over the closure of the Court of Angels. It may not change anything, but at least they’ll know just how many people they’ve upset.

    Disneyland Resort Guest Relations
    P.O. Box 3232
    Anaheim, CA 92802-3232

    Someone also suggested that those of us who are on LinkedIn message copies of our letters to Disneyland Park VP Jon Storbeck.

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    Q. Gabriel-Smith

    I have only ever been to the Disneyland Resort for a very quick, park-hopping visit once in 2010. That was before I was the huge Disney Parks fan I have become since. Now I’ve been blessed to have racked up wonderful multiple visits to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, Disneyland Paris, and we are counting down to our return to Disneyland Paris and our first visit to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2014. My research and love for the parks has resulted in a wonderful expansion of my Disney books and blog writing for some terrific websites in the Disney Community.
    The Court of Angels is presicly the kind of detail in a Disney Park that should be free to appreciate for the public and even if it goes unnoticed consciously by the majority. It is something that adds, even subconsciously, to the Park as a whole, it’s brilliant design should be free and open to everyone. Closing this stunning piece of Disneyland off from the paying public for the exclusive benefit of members of an exclusive club for the rich is a terrible move on Disneyland’s behalf. There must be way to keep the Court OPEN to the public while still expanding Disneyland’s precious Club33. I was truly looking forward to visiting and seeing the Court of Angels for my first time after reading about its design snd beauty, when I finally get to visit again in the future. Now I will not be able to see it at all because of this bad decision. I truly hope Team Disney Aneheim reconsider this very poor decision, but I fear that money will speak louder than actions and another piece of Disney history will be lost to the public.
    Q. Gabriel-Smith,
    Perth, Australia.

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    The Court of Angels has always been my favorite spot in Disneyland. I can’t believe they’re actually going to do this. It’s a stab in the heart.

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    Doubt I’ll ever return to Disneyland if the Court of Angels is no longer accessible.
    That is my favorite place in the park.

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    We have seen many changes at Disneyland. Never did we think that a special photo spot enjoyed by MANY Disneyland visitors now is being taken away for the enjoyment of a few.

    CLUB 33 Members you should be ashamed !!

    35 years of Photos on the Beautiful Staircase watching our family grow, now at 11 – Unbelievable that a select few take away such a special part of Disneyland.

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    33 Guy

    OMG! How rude and vile can people be? I am a theme park enthusiast and also consider myself a Disney loyalist. Please go back and read Walt’s original thoughts on Disneyland. In part it says a place that will never be complete as long as their is imagination….and this change is part of that. Let’t not forget…New Orleans Square was an addition after the park. If Walt had lived..the Court of Angels would have never been public and the Gallery would not have either…as that would have been the new family suite. This park is meant to evolve…and this is part of that. Be glad you had these places since it Walt had lived…you never would have seen them AT ALL! I know change is hard…but it is a must. As for those who are charging elitist…it probably is, but the parks are about experiences…and this is a level of that..just like tours that go behind the scenes..hard tickets events and more…a level of service.

    In the end this is a business…and it needs to make money…and with that comes the need for change and evolution.

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      Oh really they are struggling to make money? Pahlease. There had to be near capacity Thanksgiving week – every major attraction 1-1/2 to 2 hours wait. There must have been 80,000 people in the park. There is no good reason to take away Court except they want to suckle at the knees to the elite.

      I have been going there for 30 years, and this place isn’t about the experience anymore its about the bottom line.

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    I am also not renewing my pass. More blackout days every year, 20% higher costs, and the crowds are getting ridicules. Fast passes gone from Mansion, fast passes for cars racers sold out before 8:30am. Unacceptable. – I am taking my money elsewhere. I’m sure they could give a rip. Going there has become a chore, not a pleasure.

    Disney can shove it!

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    VERY disappointed Disneyland!! I just celebrated my 51st Birthday with my wife and son. WE had a great time but discovered that a change was made at the park. A change many might not even notice. We have had a tradition over the past 29 years that we have been going to Disneyland. In New Orleans square, next to the “Blue Bayou” there is a staircase next to a gift shop. This little area with the staircase, is a beautiful place to take a picture. Well our family started taking a picture on every visit on this stair case. The first picture was me and my wife on our honeymoon. When our sons were born, then a picture with them. I have a picture holding my baby boy and another with him at 22 years old. We have so many pictures as my sons got older. This was a tradition we always did until this visit on January 14, 2015. While waiting to get in to the Blue Bayou for my birthday lunch ( another tradition of ours) I was looking around and couldn’t find the staircase. Then I noticed a gate I have never seen before. I looked through the space in the gate that is locked, the stair case, all decorated, with the court yard, with fancy tables and chairs. I next realized that the other gift shop, {Where I would get the cashier to take our picture, LOL) was gone, because it was now the new entrance to the exclusive “Club 33”! So what Disneyland had done, is take away the access to the staircase, to all of the regular park guest, and made it a perk for only “Club 33” members. I know this may seem petty, but this was such a great tradition, to see our family from the beginning, and through the years on that stair case. When we talked to one of the gift shop employees about this, she said a lot of people are upset about this. She said a lot of people come there to take Christmas pictures. She was surprised that Disneyland did this. I know that this may seem a bit petty, but you have to understand, that this little spot, in this giant park, was “Our spot”, along with many other families. Now let me say, me and my family had a great time on this trip. It was a great birthday for me, but its sad, to know that this tradition we and others had, is now gone. I don’t have $16000.00 to join “Club 33”, heck, this trip was really more then we should have spent. Of course we will be back. We love Disneyland. Its just going to be a bummer, yo know just behind that locked gate, is “our” staircase.

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