Comments for Marvel teases “WEIRD” new comic for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to be revealed at the 2013 D23 Expo


  1. Jeff Lynch

    What I would love to see for Disney California Adventure’s Paradise Pier area: a Museum of the Weird ride that is based on Mystique Manor from HK Disneyland.

    It would fit perfectly with the Paradise Pier area. Remove some of the cheap carnival rides that are there now, and build a large building that could be the “Museum of the Weird”. It would be the DCA answer to Haunted Mansion and could be built using a clone of Mystique Manor, but have a different theme so Mystique Manor can remain unique.

    Paradise Pier looks so junky compared to Cars Land and Buena Vista Street so this would be a great new attraction.

    1. EricJ

      Paradise Pier? Oh, you mean Luna Park, with the 20’s/Silly Symphonies motif?
      Well, guess it would….sorta…fit.

    2. Eric Ramocki

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it involves Doctor Strange somehow, since he is a collector of supernatural artifacts.

  2. Jason

    I would love to see Marvel do a comic series for The Haunted Mansion or any Disney Parks attraction in general! Although SLG comics has already done a great comics series for The Haunted Mansion!

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