Comments for GIVEAWAY: Exclusive Disney Infinity Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse figure as revealed at the 2013 D23 Expo


  1. ManaByte

    Roger Rabbit!

  2. Will


  3. I want to see ANY of the sugar rush racers come to Disney Infinity!

  4. Adam Tillotson

    I would most like to see figment in infinity

  5. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Beast!

  6. Oleg Chaikovsky

    my regular favorite character is Goofy – so its a natural for me to want to see that in Disney Infinity. However, I think another cool one would be B’rer Rabbit or B’rer Fox, or maybe Robin Hood. I think Disney sometimes missed the boat on using an “out of norm” character once in a while (i know – they want to make money).

  7. Sergio

    I would love to see Jack Skellington.

  8. Tom Auel Jr.

    I would have to say that I would like to Flynn Rider.

  9. Dave


  10. Mike

    I can’t wait to see what this figure is going to bring to the game!

  11. Elizabeth Steinbach

    Bullseye the Horse!

  12. Chris Dean

    I want Robin Hood!

  13. Hilde

    I’d love to see Oswald!

  14. Craog

    Don Carnage

    1. Craig

      Typed my name wrong. Craig that is.

  15. Mike

    …but my the character I would like to see is Alice from Alice in Wonderland!

  16. Derin

    Roger Rabbit

  17. Jimmy

    Wreck-It Ralph!



  19. Nick Wallace

    Roz from Monsters Inc.

  20. Chuck

    My favorite is still Mickey Mouse!

  21. Jelle Peterse

    The Queen of Hearts

  22. Suzy C

    Ariel would be wonderful πŸ™‚

  23. Daniel

    Darkwing Duck

  24. John


  25. Steven Lewis

    Definitely Roger Rabbit!

  26. Kenny Kraly Jr.


  27. Alicia ROhdy


  28. Sean Downs

    The Hatbox Ghost!

  29. Christopher

    Rescue Rangers Chip and Dale!

  30. Eric Starr

    Man I really love Toy Story so I’m going to go with Lotso Hugging Bear! I’d really like to see him come out in Disney Infinity!

  31. Brynne Geiszler


  32. I would love to see Dreamfinder, with an imagination playset! the combination is perfect for this game!

  33. Alex Enriquez

    Oswald the lucky rabbit

  34. Elizabeth Owensby

    Jiminy Cricket!

  35. Ken

    Darth Vader

  36. Mark

    I would love to see either a steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse figure or a Beast figure

  37. Lou Prosperi


  38. Shannon Glover


  39. Billy Tingerthal

    They have Agent P and Phineas, go with some Disney afternoon charicters like Don Karnage, Montery Jack, or Scrooge McDuck.

  40. Rachael Bowden

    Dale (as in Chip &) Would love to see that red,shiny nose and his buck teeth!!

  41. Justin Martin

    Brer Rabbit and Pals!

  42. Melissa Hellwig

    Sofia the first

  43. Sam Collins

    I would love to see Dipper, Mabel and Stan Pines as Gravity Falls Playset would be amazing. πŸ˜€

  44. Sean D

    Red from Cars

  45. Melody

    I think a Flying Dumbo would be fun. He would have really cute interactions with the other characters.

  46. Runaway Brain!

  47. Mary R.

    My more conventional choices would be the Cheshire Cat, Donald Duck, or Chip and Dale. Most of my favorites are the lesser seen characters so I doubt they would appear in the game.

  48. Erin V


  49. Chris

    Goofy – He’s my favorite character and what’s a game with sports in it without the How to play sports included?

  50. Brian Cagle

    I would love to see The Hatbox Ghost as a figure. They never said it had to be characters from the movies

  51. I would like to see Goofy!

  52. Jake

    Dick Tracy!

  53. Scott


  54. Elizabeth Wilson

    I would love to see any of the Hitchhiking Ghosts!

  55. Garry

    I’d love to see Stitch and Steamboat Willie!

  56. MatthewT212

    I would like to see an oldie but goodie, and have a Gummi Bears Playset. Bouncing here, and there and everywhere…

    Also reading some of the other posts/entries, I think Roger Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts would be a great addition. Also, have different versions of the classic group interact and compete with each other.

  57. Jeremy Goff

    Steamboat Willie!

  58. Joshua hunter

    The Mad Hatter would be a great character

  59. Nicolo

    I really just want to run around as Stitch in the Toy Box!

  60. Tron! I think there’s a lot of potential for a whole Tron playset.

  61. Nic

    I definitely want to see Hercules.

  62. Jim

    Remi from Ratatouille

  63. Mike P.

    Carl Frederickson with the tennis ball cane of doom!

  64. Scott Rivers

    Mr. Toad

  65. Christina Bravo

    I would like to see pooh and friends! Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. Jimbo

    The Three Caballeros or Carachters from the parks like small world kids or the yeti from the Matterhorn in Disneyland

  67. Andy Martin

    Uncle Remus.

  68. THIS CHARACTER … Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse … was THE one I was looking forward to!

  69. Jason Flahie

    Hatbox Ghost

  70. Josh

    I’d love to see the Bowler hat guy!

  71. Amber De Santiago

    I would love to see a few if not all of the dwarves from Snow White!! It would be cool to see them all play as a group!!

  72. Kermit the Frog!

  73. Ryan Sheets

    The Hatbox Ghost!!!!!

  74. Josh

    /Maleficent or Scrooge McDuck

  75. Dylan

    I want some classic villains. Give me Maleficent, Jafar, Evil Queen, Gaston, and I’ll be set.

  76. Josh

    Scrooge McDuck

  77. Stan Morrice

    Would like to see Donald Duck

  78. Dennis O'Shields


  79. McKenzie Stewart

    Black and White version of Minnie Mouse

  80. I would like to see “Doug” from Disney/Pixar’s “UP”

  81. Tracey brown

    I would LOVE to see Disney princesses!!

  82. Jeff Robertson

    Figment would make a great addition to Disney Infinity franchise

  83. It would be great to see classic Tron in the game, with light cycles and recognizers. Imagine how neat the play set would be!

  84. Teddy Leo

    Mad Hatter it would be awesome to play a story with him.

  85. Alex G

    Stitch and Pluto!

  86. Matt Morgan

    I would love to see Ariel!!!

  87. Michael Lavergne

    I would love to see Oswald in the Disney Infinity game. I think it would be pretty cool to have him available!

  88. Michael

    I would absolutely love to see a Princess and the frog playset. That’d be amazing with all of the bayou and voodoo!! Would definitely be fun in the toy box!!

  89. Diane Sutton

    I would like to see the Cheshire Cat. πŸ™‚

  90. Daren Parrwood

    I’d love to see Gurgi…i’d love to see ANY Gurgi product!!!!!

  91. Jeremy G.

    I would like to see Meeko, from Pocahontas!

  92. Kristy Scott

    Elliott (Pete’s Dragon)

  93. Helen L.

    I’d like to see Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet.

  94. Joe

    Elliott from Pete’s Dragon since he can fly, breathe fire and turn himself invisible.

  95. Hans Addleman


  96. Robert Diaz

    The character I would like to see in Disney infinity, well not a Disney character but I choose Walt Disney himself! I would like to see Walt Disney as a character in Disney infinity that would be awesome the one who started it all.

  97. My first choice is based on the fact he is one of my favorites and no longer has his own game to run around in… Oswald. Since, others already mentioned Oswald, and I think that will eventually happen I like to see Scrooge and the Nephews. Disney Infinity could easily sell a DuckTales pack and it would be a lot of fun to play in Duckburg.

  98. Gordon

    Hat Box Ghost!

  99. Erika Meyer

    i would LOVE to see orange bird! he’s such a cool creator/character and would be a neat tribute or even a fun easter egg for the game.

  100. Jeremy G.

    Is it possible to enter both ways?

  101. Rick Strauss

    Kronk! (& Yzma)

  102. Bradley Nero

    I would like to see the Genie. Would look great in the infinity style. A whole Aladdin playset would be pretty awesome.

  103. Jeff Shafer

    HENRY from CBJ ….you are welcome Paul

  104. Rob Davey

    Walt Disney himself if not Oswald the rabbit would be cool

  105. Paul Logan

    Darkwing Duck! Let’s get dangerous!

  106. Diana Brooks

    I would love to see Mulan and any one of the Mickey’s.

  107. Conor

    kermit the frog!!!!

  108. Rene Horton


  109. Konstantinos

    I’d love to see Ray from “Princess and the frog”….

  110. Manuel Ramos

    I want a Disney Villains set, would give anything to play as Maleficent or Hades (is Chernabog too much to ask for?


    I would have to ask for Baloo

  112. Rick Kraut

    Stitch is my favorite Disney character, and would be awesome in this game!

  113. Darkwing Duck and Launchpad!

  114. Joseph Guerrero

    The beast from beauty & the beast

  115. Brent T.

    I want to see Peter Pan & some of the guy Sugar Rush racers. More importantly I want to see the game come to next gen so I can get it for PS4 instead of PS3 πŸ™‚

  116. Andy Ritchie

    Jack from NBC.

  117. alice liddell

    Cheshire cat…..love him

  118. Deanna Allen

    I would love to see a whole princess line beginning with Ariel, my girls’ favorite princess.

  119. YodaFool

    Maleficent would be a wicked choice. My 8 year old self wants Tito from Oliver and Company.

  120. Carson Uthe

    I would love to see Nemo and Dory in the game!!! ( Finding Nemo is my favorite movie!!)

  121. Jason Davis

    It would have to be Tron or Magic Carpet.

  122. Ryan

    Would love to see Korra from Tron!

  123. Terri Lisenby

    I would love to see Tinker Bell as a character.

  124. Dylan Newhouse

    Figment would be way cool.

  125. Tristan Ault-Toupin

    I would love to see Kim possible in this world

  126. Kyle Fleming

    I would love to see a Villains set, Jafar, Hades and Maleficent would be awesome!

  127. Andrew Olszewski

    I would love to see Dusty Crophopper and El Chupacabra from Planes.

  128. Sean

    I want to see Big Al in Disney Infinity.

  129. Anthony Bucci

    I would love to see some “obscure” Disney characters. Like Razoul, the captain of the guards in Aladdin. It would be cool to chase down Aladdin (if he winds up in the game as well) as Razoul.

  130. Jeff Reisdorf

    I’m most excited for Buzz, but if I could pick any Disney Character I would want Simba with a Lion King playset!

  131. Wendy E

    Wendy! πŸ™‚

  132. Jaclyn

    I’m REALLY excited to see Anna from Frozen! If I had to choose a non-coming-eventually-character…would love Robin Hood!

  133. Jon

    I would love to see Gizmo Duck!

  134. Isaac Pevy

    I’d like to see B.E.N. from Treasure Planet in the game.

  135. Nicole

    My sons said they would love to see Chip & Dale!

  136. Garrett Feddema

    I would love to see Tron, Darkwing Duck, or Sora from Kingdom Hearts

  137. Peter

    I would like to see Stitch in the game. I know, I’m weird.

  138. Kim

    Honestly I would love copper and/or Todd! I love that movie gets me crying every time!

  139. Anthony

    Arthur from Sword in the Stone.

  140. Dante Sellitto

    I’d like to see different series of toys from old Disney cartoons. For instance a black and white Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie and so on πŸ™‚

  141. Scrooge McDuck to go along with the Money Bin that’s already in there!

  142. Niki

    Imwouldmlove to see Figment.

  143. David Conger

    Would like to see the grand ole man Goofy….

  144. Johari Ginocchio

    I would love to see Chernabog from Fantasia.

  145. Kelly Campbell

    Maybe Simba or Pongo. Lewis from meet the Robinsons would be cool too! Too many great characters to choose from!

  146. Let’s release Goofy and see what kind of, well, goofiness can be created in Toy Box mode

  147. Steve Hahm

    Sam the Eagle.

  148. Jon Murphy

    My son and I would love to see Oswald!

  149. Nate Jackson

    I’d love to see a Jiminy Cricket figure!

  150. Andrew

    I would love to see Sid from Toy Story in this game, imagine him as the top villain especially since this game is toy based! Having the option to put rockets on the back of the heroes with Sid would be a great feature! Genius if you ask me. Disney Infinity is going to be infinite!

  151. Lauren


  152. Bryce DeShazo

    I would love to see Beast

  153. Raymond

    I’d like to see Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove or Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

  154. Chris K.

    Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

  155. Ashley Hoppen

    I would love to see Eugene (aka Flynn Rider) that way the new Rapunzel figure has a friend. I would also like to see a Ferb figure sees how they have a Phineas and Perry!

  156. Ben

    Would love to see R2-D2 in Disney Infinity! Bring on Star Wars.

  157. Kevin Del Castillo

    Mechanical Kingdom Mickey!

  158. Christopher Gooley

    I would love to see Mad Hatter!!

  159. I really hope they come out with an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit figure!

  160. Spencer Duntz

    I would love to have a Lilo and Stitch playset I would love to play as Stitch! Also I think a Wall E play set would be awesome with Eve and
    Wall E

  161. Michele

    I would love to see Belle in Disney Infinity! She has always been my favorite Disney character (I’m a bookworm just like her).

  162. Natalie Kipper

    I want to see Peter Pan!

  163. Connie


  164. Will

    I would love to see Robin Hood featured as a new figure for Disney Infinity.

  165. Mia W.

    I’d like to see Launchpad McQuack in Disney Infinity. (Think of all the flying vehicles you could crash!)

  166. Craig Markley


  167. Bryson

    I would love to see Stitch and maybe even some of his cousins. Maybe even replay episodes on the Disney Channel for younger kids to understand what/who he is.

  168. Chris

    The Hatbox Ghost would be awesome (or all three Hitchhiking Ghosts).

  169. Joshua

    I would love to see Animal (from the Muppets) in Disney Infinity.

  170. Derek Schoen

    There should be a Walt figurine! Or, at least oswald!

  171. Bobby Nelson


  172. Jared Wallin

    I can’t wait to get a Stitch figure! Maybe a Lilo and Stitch playset based on Surfing mini games or something like that.

  173. Neal Heatherly

    Scrooge McDuck

  174. Betsy Tabor

    I’d love to see Hades from Hercules in the game, talk about firepower!

  175. Steve

    I would love a Rescue Rangers playset….not sure how the size difference would work though.

  176. I would love to see Brer Rabbit from the Song of the South.

  177. Justin G

    Darkwing duck!

  178. Jarrod Flaig Caracci

    OMG I ned them to bring ursula

  179. Mirele Furtado

    I would love to see Snow White! πŸ™‚

  180. Tena Thompson

    Well, Mickey is my favorite. Minnie is a close second, so I hope Minnie Mouse gets to play too.

  181. I’d love some Parks figures, like the Hitchhiking Ghosts, Trader Sam, or Skeleton Pirate!

  182. Tom F

    I would love to see Scrooge McDuck and the whole Duck Tales crew!

  183. Patrick

    Jim Hawkins combined with an Solar surfboard and morph Power Disc

  184. Anthony Pelliccio

    WALL-e!! Also Oswald, GizmoDuck,
    Or any Marvel character…
    Or more importantly any Star Wars character!
    So many great characters to choose from!

    1. Patrick

      Wall-e would be awesome along with an fire extinguisher Power Disc
      (would look hilarious on other characters aswell)

  185. Sue R.

    I think Horace Horsecollar would be a fun addition to the game!

  186. Doug

    The Sprite from the Firebird Suite in Fantasia 2000

    Just to see if they could pull it off.

  187. Adrianne


  188. Roddy Barros

    I hope to see the characters from Disney Afternoon. I firmly believe that we’ll get at least Uncle Scrooge, because we’ve already seen the Money Bin and DuckTales is getting a lot of love right now with DuckTales Remastered. But it’d be awesome to get Darkwing Duck and his equipment, Baloo and the Sea Duck and the Gargoyles! Can you imagine having Goliath and the others, Castle Wyvern and the clock tower! The mind boggles!

  189. Bobby Wesley

    I really want to see Darkwing Duck!!! He was one of my favorite characters as a kid and really think there would be a huge want for him. Also Star Wars and Marvel. They need those in there as well.

  190. David P.

    I would love for Simba to be added to Infinity.

  191. Christina Matias

    Tinker Bell

  192. Daniel

    I would love to see Steamboat Willie!!!

  193. Giovanni Bulit

    The Disney characters that I want to see the most in Infinity would have to be Wall-E. Actually I would love to play in the Wall-E universe and Finding Nemo.

  194. Christopher Raymond

    I really would love to see Olaf or Kristoff from frozen. Can’t wait for this game to come out !!!

  195. Jason Isfeld

    Condorman. I know he is not popular but he has a lot of potential.

  196. Bobby Wesley

    Big Bad Wolf. He’s another one that needs to be in there. So Awesome and forgotten about alot.

  197. Lisa


    1. Chris Baker

      Oswald the lucky rabbit!!!! After all, if Ub Iwerks didn’t create him Disney would not be what it is today.

  198. Megan

    I’d love to see Belle!

  199. amy Phillips

    I would love to see Dori or Bruce!

  200. Nicole Hirschfelt

    We’d love to see Flynn Rider!!

  201. Jeff L.

    Animal the drummer from Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem…

  202. Tanya bae

    Kids say Jedi Mickey

  203. Kristen G

    I would love to see some Marvel characters.. Like LOKI πŸ˜€

  204. Daniel Granat

    I think Mushu from Mulan would be an amazing character to have in my rooster. Having the ability to spit fire.The voice of Eddie Murphy,would make him one of the most funniest characters of all. His weapon could be the golden gong he uses to wake up Mulan’s ancestors. Plus his figure/statue could be of him with Cricky on his shoulder (I.E -Captain Barbossa and his monkey Jack) That’s one figure I will keep in a glass show case. And I mean come on! What kid or even adult doesn’t want to play as a fire-breathing dragon! One of the unlockable gadgets he could unlock are the rockets the Chinese army used to stop the Huns from attacking!(It looks awesome). Disney Infinity will be astounding. And I LOVE INSIDE THE MAGIC!!!!

  205. Adam Jaffa Cocio

    Vincent from The Black Hole – to do battle and interact with WALL*E!!

  206. Ian McCleary

    Elliott or Churnabog

  207. Andrew

    I would love to see Simba.

  208. Robert Acosta

    Saw the video last night! Can’t wait to buy the game!

  209. Angel Castro

    I would love to see maleficent and then you could turn into her dragon form

  210. Paul Goodwin

    I would love to see Scrooge McDuck. Imagine all the fun you could have in that big mansion.

  211. Andrew C

    I would love to see Beast from Beauty and the Beast to appear as a playable character in Disney Infinity!

  212. Charles Morgan

    I’d like to see Stitch but who knows with Sanders being over at Dreamworks.

  213. kara morton

    Would love to see Dory

  214. Danny Bogue

    The Genie no doubt. Think of all the magic!

  215. star-w

    um lighting queen and sully

    1. star-w

      change that to r2-d2 and luke skywalker please

  216. Carolina Svensson

    I would love to see Stitch!!! <3

  217. William Heinrich

    There is only 1 character should be considered for Disney Infinity! Of course


  218. Jessica Heinrich

    Oswald… he’s trendy right now

  219. Joanne H.

    They need to show some Star Wars love with R2D2, CP3O or Darth Vader.

  220. emily hutchison

    I would like to see Gaston πŸ™‚

  221. Robert Gipson

    I’d love to see more classic or new Tron. Kevin Flynn, Sam, or CLU.

  222. John Shoemaker

    I would love to see Flynn from Tron along with his Light Cycle.

  223. Barbara Czajka-West

    Hunchback of Notre Dame-who wouldn’t love a guy like him!!!

  224. Brian Heinrich

    Master Gracey from the Haunted Mansion…. Or Harold, the Abominable Snowman from the Matterhorn

  225. Julio Duarte

    Definitely I would like to see Carl from Up!

  226. Mike P

    I want “father” from Carousel of Progress

  227. Martha Anoush Azarian

    Belle. Loved seeing Page OHara at the Expo.

  228. Bobbi Meister

    I would love to see Tigger in the game! He would be bouncing, bouncing, and it would be fun, fun, fun!

  229. lisa komorowski

    Would love to see a bolt infinity character πŸ™‚

  230. Dustin Kitchens

    Really want to play as Scrooge McDuck! His money bin is already in the game.

  231. David Yanish

    Roger Rabbit. He needs some love.

  232. Maddie

    I would LOVE to see Merida in there.

  233. Robyn Turk

    Cheshire cat, Tinkerbell, Ariel

  234. Gary

    I’d love to see The Hat Box Ghost.

  235. Katrina

    Madam Mim

  236. kim lobdell

    The new version of Cheshire

  237. Rob

    I think Peter Pan would be a great addition.

  238. Eric

    Fergus from Brave….

  239. Paul Gibson

    I would Love Love Love for there to be a Luxo or some Star Wars Figures.

  240. Sean Livingston

    I’d really love to see Iron Man in the game! Any Marvel characters will do, but I’m just a huge Iron Man fan! πŸ™‚

  241. Jerry Avvento

    I want to see Dark Wing Duck from Disney Afternoon to play in toy box mode .

  242. Adam Stewart

    I would love to see some marvel characters, like Iron Man.

  243. Andrea Godfrey

    I would love to see Minnie Mouse!

  244. KR

    I would like to see someone from the classics like Baloo, my all time favorite.

  245. I think he’s already been announced, but I would love Stitch

  246. Belle! I’d love to see her there!!!

  247. Terror


  248. Nicole

    Would like to see minnie mouse!

  249. Monique

    I’d love to see Evinrude from The Rescuers!

  250. Stephanie Bollinger

    I’d love to see Dreamfinder and Figment! Figment could make worlds turn upside down and let you explore them that way. πŸ™‚

  251. Scott Breaux


  252. Carlos

    That’s an easy one for me: Captain Hook!! The original Disney pirate. πŸ™‚ I think it would be awesome to have a whole Neverland playset with Peter Pan, Hook, and Smee.

  253. kris

    darkwing duck

  254. Eric Raymond

    How about Robin Hood.

  255. I would love to see Kim Possible and Ron with Rufus as apart of some of rons attacks

  256. Tiffani

    Darkwing Duck!!!

  257. Elizabeth Panko


  258. GCM

    Scrooge McDuck

  259. xash00

    Hmm. Tough question, although I’ve got to say wreck it Ralph.

  260. Jason

    I would love to see TRON make it into the game eventually!

  261. Heather

    I would love to see Mulan or Alice from Alice in Wonderland, I know that they have Alice and Mulan themed power discs, so I can’t wait for these characters to be released :D!


    Donald and Goofy playing with them in Kingdom Hearts was fun, now to be them!!

  263. Chris David Anderson

    I would like to see the hat box ghost

  264. Andy

    Pumba! He would yell “slimy yet satisfying!” His special power would be his potent aromas

  265. William W

    Can’t wait to see what all the do with Disney Infinity going forward.

  266. Stephan

    I think Nemo (hope this is his english name, too) would be greate. But underwater toy box ould be difficult to realize.

  267. Raul L

    I wouldn’t mind seeing tiger from winnie the pooh!

  268. Brian Stottlemyer

    Basil of Baker Street from the Great Mouse Detective.

  269. Laura Chelette

    I would love to see Rajah.

  270. Gregory

    Mrs. Incredible, Rapunzel, and Wreck-It Ralph.

  271. I’d love to see a Dreamfinder/Figment set!

  272. Richard F

    Donald would be my pic.

  273. Mike D

    I would love to see a Sports Goofy!

  274. Penny

    Mad Madame Mim!

  275. Andrew McConville

    I would love to see WALL-E or EVE!

  276. Hunter W

    Would love to see Doug from Up.

  277. Jason Morano

    I would love to see Pete’s Dragon as a character for Disney Infinity.

  278. Fernando P

    The Big Bad Wolf from “Three Little Pigs”.

  279. Trevor Griffin

    I’d like to see Merlin from the Sword in the Stone for Disney Infinity! Or Robin Hood or Little John! πŸ™‚

  280. Chrystal T

    I would love to see Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas!

  281. Calvin

    Either Maximus or Flynn Ryder from the current era and Capt Nemo with the Nautilus for old school fans

  282. Spencer L

    I’d love to see WALL-E or EVE. Or AUTO. Or the Cockroach. Yeah. I’d like to see the Cockroach from WALL-E.

  283. Brandon Dithrich

    I’d love to see robin hood in it! Thanks for the chance to win such a cool figure!
    Tweeting from: @volcombrandon

  284. John W

    Figment or Mickey as Luke Skywalker

  285. Bobby

    I would love to see Merlin (Sword in the Stone), or even Wander (from the upcoming show, Wander Over Yonder) being a playable in the game. πŸ™‚

  286. Fernando Perez Jr

    Stitch from Lilo & Stitch movie both the normal and the experiment.626

  287. Zachary

    I’m still praying for an Oz playset. Maybe Glinda, Theordora, and Oz. and maybe an extra character china doll. I think that play set could be fun and have a lot of exploring. Maybe the monkeys wings eventually as power disc!

  288. John Betz

    Tod the Fox

  289. Alberto Castaneda

    I want to see Donald Duck

  290. YodaFool

    Captain EO!

  291. YodaFool

    Winnie the Pooh. Imagine Winnie fighting with a sword, or using a gun. Mind blown!

  292. Peter

    It is kind of a tie…I really want to see Stitch, (maybe a kingdom hearts cameo), or Figment…if they decide to stop bastardizing the best Disney dragon ever!

  293. Cory S

    I would love to see Captain Hook!

  294. Mitchell

    Wallace from The Optimist. πŸ˜‰

  295. Bryan Dawson

    I would love to see Darkwing Duck as a character in Disney Infinity. I’m stoked for the game. GameStop called today to confirm my preorder will be ready Sunday!

  296. Timothy Rogers

    I would love to see Peter Pan!!!! Such a great contest, Ricky

  297. Matthew Levesley

    I would love to see Jiminy Cricket in Disney Infinity. He’s my favorite character and could be a conscious to the other characters in the game πŸ™‚

  298. Ricky

    The Hitchhiking Ghosts! Could be a fun 3-pack, or all three on same figure.

  299. Evan S

    They nailed my choice right here, but since they’ve already done it, I’d like to see either Peter Pan or the Mad Hatter.

    1. Brandon M.

      I think it would awesome to see Roger Rabbit in there! He could be quite fun to run around as! Also, the three Br’er characters (Rabbit, Fox and Bear) would be neat as well.

  300. Ed H


  301. Adrian

    Definitely Buzz! To Infinity and beyond!

  302. Rene

    Darth Vader of course!

  303. Paul Davies

    I’d love to see Oswald the Rabbit brought into the Disney Infinity sandbox to finally give kids the chance to play in his old time Disney gray scale Trolley Troubles playset.

    That would bring a contrasting design and aesthetic to the game.

  304. Alissa F

    Snow White’s seven dwarfs

  305. Dave Holland

    I would love to see a Tower of Terror Bellhop figure

  306. Kristi Gott

    I would love to see Walt Disney become a character in Disney Infinity!!!

  307. Dawn

    Would love to see Merida

  308. Marie

    I would love to see characters from fantasia! Especially the little dancing mushroom

  309. Scott H

    I think it would be awesome to have a Mr Toad character and the ability to ride around on Cyril or in a red motorcar

  310. Josh


  311. Jonathan Bloom

    I want to see Flick from Bugs Life added.

  312. Gray

    The Hatbox Ghost

  313. Jeff

    Darkwing Duck, Scrooge McDuck, and Chip & Dale as Rescue Rangers!

  314. Carrie


  315. Matt Sanders

    I know it’s a stretch but I’d love to see the Florida Orange Bird.

  316. Phil Iannitti

    I’d love to see FIGMENT in Disney Infinity! The possibilities could be endless with that kind of imagination. πŸ˜‰

  317. Gloria

    Would love to see Mary Poppins as an Infinity character.

  318. Deborah Griffith

    How about the Hatbox Ghost, long absent from the Haunted Mansion attic? As you progress through the game with him, he could gain new items to pull out of his hatbox to use in the game!

  319. Nick

    I want this!

  320. Narin

    Omg! This is the most amazing thing ever! I love Fantasia!

  321. Aileen Wesley

    The Evil Queen would be awesome!

  322. Antonio Hechavarria

    The Disney character I’d most like to see in Disney Infinity is Yen Sid!!

  323. Michaee Miller

    Wall-E would be awesome!

  324. David B.

    Probably would have to go with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. He was fun to have in Epic Mickey and it would be great to see him in Infinity too.

  325. Jesus Alonso

    I would love to see Alice and all her wonderland friends! πŸ˜€

  326. cory cook


  327. Matthew Hopkins

    The Disney character I would most like to see is Mary Poppins and Tinker bell.

  328. Mariano

    I hope the main characters of Star Wars get made into Infinity characters, it’s all a big family now. Hope it’s Boba Fett first.

  329. Walt Disney!

  330. I woud love to see some of the Haunted Mansion Ghosts as a part of Disney Infinity!

  331. Joseph

    The Gummi Bear family would be epic!

  332. Nichole Moore

    I would love to see Madam Leota from the Haunted Mansion. I think she would make a great character for this game!

  333. anthony

    top 5 picks Robin hood, Pete’s Dragon, Duck tales, rescuers, and Chip and Dale rescue rangers

  334. Jordan Tripp

    I’d love to see FLIK from Bugs Life cause he’d have all sorts of fun contraptions

  335. Bryce Kershey

    I’d love to see Clopin!

  336. Christopher

    Brear Bear or Chernabog.

  337. Rob

    Carl Fredericksen from Up. That curmudgeon needs a jet pack.

  338. Brant Sennett

    Donald duck!
    Stitch and the other expierements!
    Like 627!

  339. Jeff Hash

    Tron,Clu,MCP,Ram,Sark,Yori,Dumont,Crom,and BIT!! in one play set!!

  340. Kevin

    Disney afternoon series. Scrooge, Launchpad, Darkwing, Baloo

  341. Coby

    Considering that Disney owns Marvel, either Venom or Carnage. If you want to keep it to Disney created characters, then the Genie.

  342. Kasey

    Madame Mim and Madame Medusa. Awesomeness!!

  343. Michelle

    I would love to see sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey… He is my absolute favorite character!!

  344. Kevin

    I would love to see Elliott from Pete’s Dragon. And the Rocketeer. πŸ™‚

  345. Jon R

    Thats easy….would love to see Jedi Mickey!

  346. Jason

    Hitchhiking ghosts, but I’d also love to see the OLD Test Track cars in there as a rideable vehicle.

  347. Cindy


  348. Aaron Bregel

    Eeyore would be fun for me to play in the game with.

  349. Matt

    Madame Letota!

  350. Shannon

    Alice (in Wonderland)

  351. Trevor


  352. David Z.

    Robin Hood would fit in perfectly, I think.

  353. Richey

    Gaston would be great!

  354. Scott Shaw

    Sully would be awesome and probably could make some awesome ideas in toybox mode

  355. Phyllis


  356. Jeff

    Darkwing Duck

  357. Ken smith


  358. Pete from petes dragon, of course.
    The hitchhiking ghosts. Ughhh. Too many to list…..

  359. Stan Solo

    My first choice would be Han Solo and the rest of the Stars of Star Wars. Second choice Indiana Jones and rounding up my top three Jack Skeleton.

  360. Al D

    Merida cause she would give the girls a reason to play too

  361. Dan

    Brer Rabbit!!

  362. Chris Morgan

    Gotta be Figment! He fits into the entire concept perfectly too.

  363. Chris Faulkenberry

    I would really like to a Tron figure.

  364. Ariel from The Little Mermaid! (With Flounder and Sebastion of course!)

  365. Dave S

    Oogie Boogie

  366. Kameo Crea


  367. Sean


    1. Matthew Heid

      Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

  368. Jordan M

    Frozone! Who is the worlds strongest superhero without his sidekick? I’d love to glide about the Toy Box with Frozone’s cool ice powers.

  369. Sandy O'Hearn

    Infinity…..has to be Buzz Lightyear!

  370. Dylan

    Mickeys mouse because he is my favorite and he is just like me!

  371. Brendan Hillgrove

    Darkwing Duck

  372. Robert Rios

    Julius the Cat from the Alice Comedies

  373. Chris

    Can’t wait for Jack Skellington!

  374. Stewart Marshall

    Might be a stretch, but Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet.

  375. Sheena

    Oliver from Olive and COmpany!

  376. Jesse Chavez

    The Beast, to go along with FantasyLand at Disney World.

  377. Craig T.

    Donald Duck!

  378. kathy b.

    I would like to see nemo as a infinity figure little fish to the rescue

  379. Tramp from Lady and the Tramp!

  380. Austin

    Elliot the Dragon! So many possibilities, and the minifig would be an awesome collectible!

  381. Charlie

    Shrunkenhead Ned! Oh Yes!

  382. Rick D

    Basil of baker street!

  383. Kristina Wilson

    Marie Aristocats

  384. Chad Walters

    Scrooge McDuck

  385. Jason LeFebvre

    Robin Hood

  386. Billy Mauer

    I think we would all love to play as Stitch but deep down inside I’m dying for a Marvel or Star Wars announcement. I mean who wouldn’t want to be Iron Man or Darth Vader?

  387. Chaney U

    Just like Vinylmation, i would love to see a Disney Parks series that could include many of the famous animatronics from Pirates, Splash, Country Bear, etc. Most of all..FIGMENT, perhaps with DreamFinder holding him.

  388. Chris fillers

    I would love to see Darrh Vader on the game.

  389. Eric Hondel

    King Candy!

  390. Andrew


  391. Becky

    I think because he is technically a disney character now that Luke Skywalker would be an absolute blast to play with!

  392. Andrew

    Tron himself or Kevin Flynn

  393. David Chavez

    I would like to see a Maleficent done and have a special ability disc that turns her to her dragon form, (which has always been my favorite dragon of all time).

  394. Kevin

    Roger Rabbit!!! PPPPLEEEEAASSE!

  395. Jorden Clarke

    I’d love a classic villain. Maybe Scar would be a blast

  396. Mandi B

    I would LOVE to see Winnie the Pooh! He’s my favorite!

  397. Kathy Koke

    Would love to see lots-o-huggabear

  398. Brandon Bitseff

    Hoping they put Wall-E in.

  399. If only they would put Dreamfinder in the game somehow, some way.

  400. Andrew

    Orange Bird

  401. Rachel M

    Peter Pan. Or Figment.

  402. Steve L.

    would have to be Aladdin.

  403. Ariel Facey

    I would love to see Red Robin Hood! I would love to be able to shoot arrows, and steel from the rich and give to the poor! πŸ™‚ ariel_facey@yahoo.com

  404. David Geiger

    Orange Bird!!

  405. Robert Belliveau

    Captain Hook

  406. Kyle Linder

    Gizmoduck! Keep up the awesome work!

  407. Michael


  408. Nathan T.

    the Force is strong with Yoda

  409. Robert Glover

    I would like to see more villains, especially Maleficent in dragon form.

  410. Michael Godfrey

    Oswald the lucky rabbit! Or Tron Uprising!

  411. Nathan Burnett

    I would love to see some of the fun villains like Maleficent or Ursla.

  412. Brendan Hillgrove

    YENSID should be in infinity

  413. Joel Vega

    I would love to see Disney Infinity incorporate characters from the Darkwing Duck television show. It was one of my favorite series growing up and I think it would do well as an Infinity play set. Oh, and possibly Chip n Dale’s Rescue Rangers. Thanks for holding this contest and giving a lucky person the chance to enjoy the sorcerer’s apprentice Mickey before it goes on sale next year.

  414. Julie Budwine

    My son and I would like to see Jafar! Game looks cool! Can’t wait!

  415. Joe F.

    Who else but Boba Fett!!

  416. Adam Ewald

    I would really like to play as the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

  417. Korey Lindberg

    I would love to see Yzma (Emporer’s New Groove) or some Studio Ghibli characters like Totoro or Princess Mononoke (very far fetched, I know, but a girl can dream!

  418. Mike F.

    Sora from Kingdom Hearts would be nice to see.

  419. Rochelle M

    Pip and Maximus would be fun!

  420. Nathaniel Eichhorn

    John from the Carousel of Progress

  421. Scott Guthrie

    Definately the Hat Box Ghost

  422. I’d like to see Mo from Wall-E, just because there’s a special gag between my girlfriend and I with him πŸ™‚

  423. Zachary Martens

    I would mostly like to see Peter Pan in Disney Infinity because he would be good with some weapons that could come with him such as arrows and some swords maybe when he is fighting Captain Hook on his ship.

  424. Micah

    I love to see Figment! A character from the Disney parks would be an awesome addition!

  425. David L

    Wall-E for sure

  426. Becky

    Mary Poppins

  427. Fernando Vieira

    I would really love to see stitch as palatable character and also I would really really love to have Oswald The Lucky Rabbit in the game!!! Would be amazing!!!

  428. Scott DeMello

    I would like to see gummy bears from Disney afternoon. yes

  429. Allen P


  430. Julie Gill

    I would love to see Peter Pan and Hercules!

  431. Brian Zirbel

    I would like to see the Mad Hatter.

  432. Paul

    Koda and Kenai from Brother Bear! (as a twofer)

  433. Chris Benton

    Have to say I would love to play as figment

  434. Zach W

    Darkwing Duck would be epic!!!

  435. Stephanie Smith

    I would love to see Tinkerbell!

  436. Michael Moskop

    Disney Infinity will not be complete until you can play as Scrooge McDuck!

  437. Dustin


  438. Kevin

    J. Thaddeus Toad

  439. Ellen McGuire

    Ursula, King Triton and/or Ariel would be great!

  440. Patrick Nordan

    I would like to see The Mad Hatter!

  441. Brandon Sherfey

    Gargoyles for the win