Comments for Walking Dead returns to Halloween Horror Nights 2013 in new haunted house, scare zones at Universal Orlando, Hollywood


  1. Sean

    What a terribly boring and uninspired choice

    1. ScreamMachineMonthly

      I agree… I like the walking dead show but seriously??? The ENTIRE street experience?? I don’t have high expectations… We need the slashers, killers, clowns, and creatures back!!! Limited zombies though…

    2. ScreamMachineMonthly

      Also, people wanna see mind glowingly scary and creepy creatures and surprising chainsaw welding slashers EVERYWHERE… It’s just not the same when you’re just looking at a bunch of pale people with cheap blood makeup walking around slowly and non threateningly… It’s just a BAD descision… I’m disappointed

  2. Kenmax

    I was ok with the house, because it was expected to return. But I am not exited at all with the streets, especially since it’s fully TWD. I liked variety of monsters in the streets, but it seems that marketing is taking over year by year, making the event less based on fans and more based in money. I am still going to HHN, but I’m not expecting the good scared that the streets used to have with the scare zones.

  3. vanessa

    Talk about being a fan… if people are going to criticize, then don’t go… Obviously it is what people want, because a survey was sent and one of the questions, was about having the dead roaming the streets. If they are coming back, then that means people really enjoyed it. I guess its true about “ignorance is a bliss”.

    All I know is that I am excited, as well as the group that is going to this years event.

    1. Sean

      Yea, because fans are totally not allowed to criticize.

      Not criticizing doesn’t make you a fan. It makes you a lemming.

    2. bobby

      It is people Like YOU that ruin this event. it is people like you the reason HHN gets worst and worst every year.
      So I guess you never complain about anything in your entire life. you are happy with everything in your life and everything is perfect and wonderful?

      1. Dave

        wow bobby, ya think your comments are a little over the top? it’s people like YOU who take these events too seriously and cant enjoy them for what they are. the way some of you analyze every little detail of a Halloween event is laughable and sad at the same time.

  4. vanessa

    Actually I am happy with the way things are and everything in my life is perfect and wonderful. It’s people like you that are misserable and are never satisfied with anything in life. you can cry and boohoo all you want, because this years event is going to be as AWESOME as every other year..

    Is that all you got “lemming”. So sad that they allow little boys like you to even opinionate.
    Its a good thing that I can care less what useless people say.

  5. Jake

    Looks like another boring HHN in Hollywood. Ever wonder why they spend a lot of extra attention in Floridas HHN and keep repeating the mazes here. Last year was long lines short mazes and boring shows in between including the waste of time tram ride. Even Rob Zombie backed out this year in favor of the Pamona fairgrounds…

  6. cassie

    u guys should take the movie sinister and make it a scare house this year

  7. Best thing about HHN is going on regular rides at night because they are not crowded since everyone is occupied on those mazes.

  8. Julissa

    you guys need to stop complaining !! if you guys do not like TWD don’t GO in the mazes !!!! other people will enjoy it . you aint special to decide what you want or not .if you like Orlando start saving up and book a flight to go to Orlando hhn 23. that simple , so stop complaining !!

  9. Emily

    You guys are talking bad about it but I bet you’re all going to be screaming once you’re there

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