Walking Dead returns to Halloween Horror Nights 2013 in new haunted house, scare zones at Universal Orlando, Hollywood

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Universal Studios has announced The Walking Dead is returning to Halloween Horror Nights 2013 with an even bigger and more menacing presence than last year’s introduction to the event.

Not only will both Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood feature a new haunted house based on season 3 of the popular AMC TV show, but Orlando’s street experience will also be dominated by walkers throughout the park.

The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, and Greg Nicotero introduce the new experiences:

Hollywood’s creative director John Murdy described how this year’s journey into The Walking Dead will differ from 2012:

Its been several months since the outbreak of a virus turned our world into a graveyard. Those who were lucky enough to survive the initial epidemic have organized themselves into two rival camps. One group takes refuge in the WEST GEORGIA CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, hoping walls designed to keep the LIVING in can keep the DEAD out. The other group takes refuge in WOODBURY, a heavily fortified small town that conceals a dark secret. The area between these 2 walled communities is a NO MAN’S LAND ruled by the dead. Those OUTSIDE THE WALLS face a fate worse than death. We’re very excited to announce today that THE WALKING DEAD is returning to HHN at USH, with TWO brand NEW experiences based on SEASON 3.

The Walking Dead drew thousands of fans to Halloween Horror Nights last year, the highest rated maze in the history of the event and, according to Murdy, the property fans most requested to come back again. But 2013 doesn’t bring a repeat of 2012, instead offering new mazes set inside the prison and town of Woodbury.

Murdy also described a bit of the maze, “The Walking Dead maze is set in the WEST GEORGIA CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, which of course means we’re building a prison…a BIG one… But you’ll also venture outside the walls of the prison…and make a stop in the town of WOODBURY…including the Governor’s aquarium room.”

The theme continues into the Terror Tram in Hollywood, different from last year, themed to what happens outside the prison. “That includes THE TOWN OF WOODBURY and that creepy WALKER PIT…mmmm…burned walkers….mmmmm,” added Murdy.

And in Orlando, scenes from all three seasons of the show will emerge “around every corner” as The Walking Dead becomes the theme for this year’s scare zones.

Guests walking the streets of Universal Studios Florida will encounter iconic scenes from the hit show, including the city of Atlanta and Hershel’s barn. Universal calls The Walking Dead the “main theme” for the street experience, hinting that there will be other elements present they’re just not ready to name yet.



“The goal is always to surround guests with authentic and terrifying experiences,” said Michael Aiello, creative director for Universal Orlando’s Entertainment team. “The combination of ‘The Walking Dead’ themed street experiences and the haunted maze will make it difficult for our guests to escape the hordes of ravenous walkers they’ve seen on their television.  The moment you pass through our gate, you become a survivor fighting for your life.”

And what could visiting the prison and the Governer’s office look like? San Diego Comic-Con offered an elaborate photo op featuring these settings, giving an idea of what may await attendees of Halloween Horror Nights:

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Preview Night

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 - Day 3

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 - Day 3

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 - Day 3

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 - Day 3

Universal Orlando’s The Walking Dead scare zone from 2012 can be seen in the videos below, in the daytime and after dark:

And here is Universal Studios Hollywood’s maze based on The Walking Dead from 2012:

Halloween Horror Nights 2013 begins on September 20, 2013.

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