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  1. Marissa Garza

    There is no clip

    1. Ricky Brigante

      It’s embedded from Entertainment Tonight’s web site. If you don’t see the video loading here, try a different web browser.

  2. Walt Mol

    I love Tom Hanks as Walt Disney. I’m so looking forward to see this movie. I hope it will be in cinemas in The Netherlands too.

  3. Steve

    This looks like an amazing movie that really had a lot of thought put into it and I just love the cast, they fit in perfectly, everything about it, I just love, I can’t wait for this to come out

  4. Jon Frow

    supercalifragilisticexpialidociously excited!

  5. Geof D

    I think Hank has got the look, the spirit & the mid-west accent down, but Walt’s smoker’s rasp isn’t quite there.

    I was skeptical at first when I heard about it, but I’m pretty excited now.

    1. Geof D


  6. Jordan Edwards

    Granted, he still sounds very much like Tom Hanks during the bulk of it, there are a few lines (notably at 2:25) where I can here Walt shining through—in the cadence, the volume, and the accent.

    I’m really excited to see this in its entirety!

  7. jan massey

    I love the trailer it looks wonderful!!

  8. Roddy Barros

    Well, humanity, or at least the Internet, never ceases to wonder. After one trailer, the jackals are out and about. Forgetting those nitpicking that the modern Disneyland doubling as the old Disneyland bothers them and takes them out of the story, this is whatI’ve read in the last half hour:

    – Jeffrey Sherman commented on Facebook that the movie isn’t “right”. Meaning, that’s not how it really happened, how Mary Poppins came to be pretty much because of his dad and uncle, and that the movie writers and producers apparently don’t care about fact checking. This being a movie and not a documentary. I’m sure he’s right, but still, I don’t expect a wide-release movie to be 100% truthful. I just want it to be entertaining. Titanic wasn’t a historical reenactment, right?

    – Then there are people complaining about the above, basically saying: “Oh, so it’s bad when they do it to Mary Poppins, but it was ok when they did it to Pocahontas?!?”

    I mean, really? Some people love to complain, I guess. Personally, I’m just happy Brazil has an actual release date for this. 🙂 As long as they don’t cancel it at the last minute, we should see it about a month after you guys.

  9. John Hernandez

    This is REALLY scary!! I am REALLY looking forward to this film now!! Tom Hanks does not have Mr Disney’s voice but everything else seems to click. And seeing Mr. Disney, through Tom Hanks, walk through his beloved Park brings back soooooo many memories from my childhood when I used to live about 30 minutes away from the Magic Kingdom and went as often as I could. REALLY, REALLY, REALLY looking forward to this film now!

  10. I can’t wait for the movie’s premiere. Tom Hanks portraying as Walt Disney is the perfect role for him, he’s got the look and the voice is not that bad we know his voice isn’t the same as Walt’s, but he got Walt’s accent.
    And I like how they re-imagine Walt’s office, the studio’s interior, the premiere at the Grand Chinese Theatre and Disneyland. The whole movie really brings you back to the early 1960’s when Walt Disney was still alive at that time and the time when P.L. Travers never agrees to make a Disney version of Mary Poppins and Walt tries to change her mind, it really shows the connection of the movie.
    The Disney intro at the beginning should be changed to “Walt Disney” because the movie also pays tribute to Walt himself. 🙂

  11. Nick Scalan

    Why is this movie already rated PG-13?

  12. pschoenf

    My wife and I are really looking forward to the movie, which looks excellent in the trailers.

    However, I am really bothered by the accent Hanks assumes for Disney in the trailers.

    I am one of millions still alive who heard Walt Disney speak at least once a week throughout my childhood, as he acted as host for his iconic television program. Disney grew up in Kansas and was born in Illinois, and had a flat midwestern accent, similar to many media figures like Johnny Carson (from neighboring Nebraska.) Hanks seems to have chosen to use a Texas accent.

    In the end, I doubt if this will interfere with my enjoyment of the film, but both my wife and I were puzzled as to why the choice was made by Hanks and the director. There are still abundant video records of Walt Disney speaking (here is one: ), and I have no doubt that Disney studios has hundreds if not thousands of hours of archival footage of Disney. I do not understand why the archives were not used to create a more true voice for Disney in the film — Tom Hanks own speaking voice is actually closer than the trailers. Perhaps the creators wished to distance the Disney character from the widely known personality of Hanks, or perhaps they felt that the southwestern accent would enhance the “folksiness” of the already folksy Disney.

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