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  1. Anonymous

    I do not understand the reason for this article. These kind of establishments are disrespectful towards women because they put them on display as just something to look at. Can’t believe a website I have been following for such a long time went to an establishment that has nothing to do with theme parks just to get video of women and their lack of clothing.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      If you visit the restaurant, you’ll find they have nothing but respect for their employees, a group of extremely nice girls who are happy to work there.

      And the reason for including it on this site is not specifically because of their lack of clothing but because it’s a new dining opportunity for visitors to Orlando. We’ve covered many other International Drive establishments and events, including Dave and Busters, Kings Bowl Orlando, Nick Hotel, and a variety of conventions:

      Moreover, head to any of Orlando’s water parks and you’ll see people (male and female) wearing a whole lot less than these girls are.

      Twin Peaks certainly isn’t for everyone, catering largely to a male demographic. But my wife went with me this week and had a great time. She even took some of these photos. So if it’s not your cup of tea, Anonymous commenter, just move on.

      1. Anonymous

        I’m sure the employees are treated kindly. That was not the reason for my distain for this article. It is the video you posted on why the restaurant is named Twin Peaks. I’m sure the women in the video are completely friendly but the video paints them as girls who do not know why people come into the restaurant. The purpose for these kind of restaurants is to make women seem like their only purpose is to put them on display. Your video is proof of this because you had each of them look down at their breasts and you zoomed in on their breasts. It is completely disrespectful to women.

        1. Ricky Brigante

          …and you don’t think they willingly played along? They all thought it was an amusing idea for a video, a flip on the not-so-subtle pun that is the name of the restaurant. Fun was had by all. No offense intended.

          1. Anonymous

            Haha I don’t think you put a gun to their head. I’m just saying the premise of the video was offensive. That is all I’m saying. I don’t agree with these establishments because I hold women to a higher standard.

    2. Monty

      Can’t believe a so called reader who has followed a website for such a long time would complain under the anonymous name… Do you have an issue with the Halloween Horror Nights Coverage? (there you’ll find way more scandalous and non-family friendly photos/descriptions)

      Questions; Did the establishment being reviewed open up in the Central Florida tourism district, and is it a themed park, restaurant, store, mini-golf course, random attraction, or street performer? Yes… Then it can be reported on this site. If you have a issue with the restaurant then complain to the restaurant….

      In the immortal words of Sophocles and Shakespeare; Don’t kill the messenger!

      (Also if your issue really is the objectification of women then does Disney’s portrayal of women historically as helpless princesses in need of a prince bother you? Or how about the go-go dancers at Halloween Horror Nights? Or how the entertainment industry as a whole exploiting young girls looks to promote them as singers/actresses before throwing them aside in favor the younger and newer? Do the mermaids in Peter Pans Fight bother you? Is there objectification of women and girls in this world…. YES!!! and it is a problem, and this restaurant is an example, but this not the place to rant against it, especially to a reviewer who made it pretty clear what this restaurant is. Think about it this way; next time your in orlando you’ll know to avoid this place because of this review.)

    3. John

      My friend works here she was one of those girls and she begged me to watch this video dude, this video is not to make woman have a positive image it’s just for fun, they meant for no one be offended. Calm down you downer. This is fun place! Not for uptight people. Sorry not sorry!

    4. shmee85

      come on lady welcome the the modern world

      best thing to do is grow up we don’t live in the past anymore if you don’t like the article don’t read it,
      sorry to be so blunt but it winds me up when people moan and complain about these things

    5. Your pastor

      Dear idiot
      Looking and talking to beautiful women while you are eating is nothing new
      It’s all good. So just calm down and go back to your closest Golden Corral.
      Your pastor

  2. Amy

    Great response, Ricky!

  3. Daniel

    Ricky covers a spectrum of entertainment that Orlando has to offer. If it wasn’t for Disney opening in Orlando then places like twin peaks wouldnt exist. This is not a website for children but for adults who enjoy watching entertainment develop and grow. Without knowing whats going on outside the Magic kingdom walls you cant judge the decisions of the theme parks as a whole. Inside the magic does a great job of reporting the facts….It is not a sanized Disney production….this is what makes it great. Keep up the good work Ricky!!

  4. Kyle

    Ricky, can you visit Hooters for us next week? In all seriousness, it is nice to know of the dining options outside of WDW and Universal.

  5. Rumpelstiltskin

    Anonymous – get laid.

    Ricky – thanks for the review, but I’m shocked the food was nothing to get excited about. I was expecting 5-star cuisine at an establishment like this.

  6. Gary Hall


  7. Don

    I’m really shocked about the judgmental reactions on Facebook and on this site about this article. People who know nothing about these girls and don’t get the wink wink atmosphere the place has. They are alright with beautiful girls waving on a parade floats and hugging their kids in meet and greets. Those girls are also picked because how they look. It aren’t regular triple XL sized women in those princesses dresses. These girls work hard for their money, maybe to support a family or school or whatever. What did they do to be judged. Isn’t that one of the deadly sins (rhetorical question).
    Ricky, I’m glad you inform us to everything that could interest a visitor going to Orlando. I’m glad you aren’t judgement and have an open mind. Thank you for your work. Hope to hear soon about work going on at the Orlando Wheel location and the redevelopment of Festival Bay.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Construction is definitely moving rapidly. Buildings are forming in that new I-Drive Live project. I’m truly impressed and surprised that it’s actually happening. I figured it’d be yet another failed project, but with Merlin backing it, it seems like a winner finally. I’m looking forward to it!

  8. Brian

    Wait, where’s the backwards dancing dwarf? This restaurant confuses me.

  9. Ann

    Ha! ha! I live near where they filmed Twin Peaks and the women wouldn’t be caught dead in red plaid.

  10. Al D

    I guess I just missed the coverage when Senor Frogs opened earlier in the year….or maybe they wern’t, um, big enough to warrent an article.

  11. Gordon

    How’s the cherry pie?

  12. Craig Hargrove

    As always, great job Ricky. Living the dream!

  13. anyomus vistor star-w

    can we date the girls here? heh heh heh

  14. Greg

    I agree with the first poster. I don’t care for establishments that are based on sex, Hooters included. Don’t kid yourself that they are not. And to make a comparison with the half clothed women with breasts about to pop out, with the Disney princesses in the park is just ridiculous, as one commenter did. And I hate the comeback of, “Get with the times.” I, and noone else should change their view of morality as the world changes thiers. Are we that shallow? Disappointed as well that this was covered on this site that is typically about Family Entertainment. I would love to hear the parents explaining to their young son, as see in one of the photos, why the waitresses at this restaurant all have their midriffs showing, and breast about to pop out.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I will simply point your attention to two photos I took last night at a Disney theme park:

      On stage. Dancing. Shaking it like a Polaroid picture, in fact. In front of PLENTY of children.

      1. Greg

        I would argue that display is not very Disney-like in my opinion. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I think you have gone out of your way to keep if family friendly here in the past. I would hope in the future, an article that has the sole purpose of showing half-naked bodies, regardless of what you say, should be avoided.

  15. Rich

    I’ve got tremendous love for you, Ricky, as I’ve listened to your very kind-hearted podcast religiously for 3-4 years. I’ll continue to do so while I’ll respectfully disagree with you and the “get with the times” advocates on this thread.

    I wouldn’t want strangers continually and publicly staring at my mother’s, wife’s, or daughter’s body (or body parts) in a way that objectifies them. As I wouldn’t want this, I wouldn’t want to do it to others.

    I believe women should be empowered to do what they please with their body; it just saddens me that there’s such a target audience of males (and perhaps females) who are ready and willing to publicly treat women in ways they’d not want the females of their lives treated.

    The hypocrisy of the situation is neither kind nor gentle from my perspective. And yes, I also have difficulty with Disney’s portrayal of princesses as it role models a particular physique for little girls that is not very realistic nor attainable.

  16. Randy

    Women have breasts and other features that men like to look at; its completely natural. Most women are not ashamed of their bodies, some work hard at maintaining and enhancing their feminine sex appeal. Those that do usually like to flaunt it; this is what makes the world go ’round; just accept it and enjoy the ride.

  17. Furnaldo

    I thought it was going to be a David Lynch inspired bar/restaurant. I was sadly disappointed.

  18. Emily

    My daughter works at the Hooters on International Drive. I am proud to say that she is gorgeous. But on top of that, she has a beautiful personality. She never ever drinks, smokes, curses or does anything disrespectful or nasty. She is almost 20 and is a college student. She works hard and is kind to everyone. And although there are some girls that are partyers and do things that I wouldn’t approve, she is not one of them. The point is even though it seems that they are on display which may be the case, the fact is God gave people gifts. Some have superior brains and are able to invent extraordinary things, some are talented actors and singers and dancers. Others have been gifted with beautiful faces and bodies. So if you are one of those that has been gifted with the latter, why not use it to your advantage. Same goes with modeling or any other venue that requires a beautiful body or face.

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