Comments for Decepticons crash Downtown Orlando building as Universal Studios prepares for battle with Transformers: The Ride 3D


  1. Jeff Lynch

    I don’t know how I feel about seeing buildings smashed up and smoldering. I know it’s a PR stunt, but I lived in Washington, DC when the Pentagon was hit and I remember the smoke pouring out of the building and into the air above the city. When I see the side of a building with “damage” done to it and smoke rising up…I get emotionally sent back to that awful day 12 years ago. Instead of making me want to go to a theme park, it just makes me sad inside.

    1. Chad

      hahahaha! good one!

    2. Andre

      Totally understand and sympathize. As a nation, we must not allow terrorists to destroy our will. Do not give them power. We learn from tragedy and become stronger in unity. We move on and continue living our lives. A Decepticon attack is metaphorically a terrorist attack, and being able to have the freedom to enjoy this theme park attraction that celebrates good triumphing over evil solidifies the pride of living in a country that stands tall against adversity.

    3. Eddie

      Sounds like you need a psychologist my friend! Good luck with that!

      Anyway, for us who aren’t living our lives by events that happened a decade ago, this advertising is AMAZING! I can’t stop looking at these pictures!

    4. Teddy Leo

      I know what you mean. From my house in NJ i could see the Smoke from the Twin Towers. But i do love what they where going for with this

    5. Really

      Dude. You are seriously butthurt about this. Calm down. Its entertainment.

  2. HOLY!


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