Decepticons crash Downtown Orlando building as Universal Studios prepares for battle with Transformers: The Ride 3D

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It’s been more than a year since the battle for Cybertron landed on Earth, creating havoc in Los Angeles. Now, Decepticons have crashed through Downtown Orlando, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

The silhouette of an 80-foot tall alien robot now dominates the Fairwinds Credit Union building. The photos below, taken by @PlazaAndMainSt, tell the story.

UPDATE: We’ve received some scary video footage related to the attack, aptly titled “Can you believe what happened in Downtown Orlando?!”:

The video notes, “The Resistance Begins May 2” – tomorrow.

UPDATE – Transformers: The Ride 3D will officially open June 20, 2013.

Streets are lined with fallen debris and smashed cars, the apparent result of evil lord Megatron’s quest for the All-Spark.

But Autobot leader Optimus Prime has already warned us of the invasion, vowing to protect the humans of this planet, stopping at nothing to keep us safe:

And we will soon be able to join the battle when Transformers: The Ride 3D opens at Universal Orlando this summer.

The faux destruction in Downtown Orlando is, of course, a creation of Universal Orlando, promoting their upcoming attraction, which Universal Orlando intends on announcing an opening date for tomorrow. The careful creation of this realistic rubble is scheduled to be completed on Friday, May 3, but the giant silhouette is already visible from throughout the area, as far as I-4. An up-close view of the excitement can be seen at 135 W Central Blvd, though stationed N.E.S.T. agents are apparently keeping tight lipped what what events unfolded there.

(Photos by Universal Orlando)

Ad agency David&Goliath is responsible for these unique sights, having created a similar happening in April 2012 at the Los Angeles Staples Center:

David&Goliath was also responsible for the moment when Optimus Prime broke into the Super Bowl broadcast and King Kong’s invasion of the Santa Monica beach to promote Universal Studios Hollywood’s King Kong 360 3D attraction.

Those who visit the N.E.S.T. facility at Universal Studios Florida can find out more, even straight from the robotic mouths of Optimus Prime and Megatron himself. (Bumblebee tends to remain mute.)

Transformers: The Ride 3D has been open for nearly a year at Universal Studios Hollywood, now acting as a sneak peek of the almost identical attraction nearing completion in Orlando.

Take a trip through the Hollywood queue and ride (with Orlando spoilers):

The battle for Cybertron will continue soon.


  1. Jeff Lynch

    I don’t know how I feel about seeing buildings smashed up and smoldering. I know it’s a PR stunt, but I lived in Washington, DC when the Pentagon was hit and I remember the smoke pouring out of the building and into the air above the city. When I see the side of a building with “damage” done to it and smoke rising up…I get emotionally sent back to that awful day 12 years ago. Instead of making me want to go to a theme park, it just makes me sad inside.

    1. Chad

      hahahaha! good one!

    2. Andre

      Totally understand and sympathize. As a nation, we must not allow terrorists to destroy our will. Do not give them power. We learn from tragedy and become stronger in unity. We move on and continue living our lives. A Decepticon attack is metaphorically a terrorist attack, and being able to have the freedom to enjoy this theme park attraction that celebrates good triumphing over evil solidifies the pride of living in a country that stands tall against adversity.

    3. Eddie

      Sounds like you need a psychologist my friend! Good luck with that!

      Anyway, for us who aren’t living our lives by events that happened a decade ago, this advertising is AMAZING! I can’t stop looking at these pictures!

    4. Teddy Leo

      I know what you mean. From my house in NJ i could see the Smoke from the Twin Towers. But i do love what they where going for with this

    5. Really

      Dude. You are seriously butthurt about this. Calm down. Its entertainment.

  2. HOLY!


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