Comments for New “Festival of Fantasy” daytime parade announced for Magic Kingdom in 2014 replacing Celebrate a Dream Come True


  1. Dustin

    Very much long overdue. How many parades has disneyland gone through non the past 13 years? Lol. Next in line for wdw should be some attraction announcements lol. A man can dream right?

  2. Mitchell

    Aw. I liked the Celebrate a Dream Come True. Now you just got the tune stuck in my head! 😉

  3. Frostysnowman

    I really like the concept art for these floats. I’m not a parade person, but I think I may have to watch this one!

  4. HellLiddell121099

    I still think that they should have a Frozen float, though.

  5. Marc Morini

    The Brave float looks……….odd. I get its a bagpipe but……yeah just odd.

  6. Kiki

    Do we know if Mark Hammond, who did Soundsational, will be doing the music for this parade? I really hope so!

  7. This Parade Looks Horrible. It Is Still Another DAY TIME Parade,

  8. This Parade Looks Horrible. It Is Still Another DAY TIME Parade, not A NIGHTTIME Parade! Like The Former Spectromagic Disney Destroyed! Another Boring daytime Parade. Good Grief!

  9. Lauren Ashley Minchin

    This parade sure is magical! I cant believe how amazing disney is it is unbelievable! I cant wait to go and see it!

  10. eve

    But, this is a Daytime Parade….What made the Parade of Lights so unique was all the lights. Disappointed… Who wants to stand in the Heat in Main Street, Sun beating down on you and the kids?

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