Comments for Walt Disney World opens “Tangled” themed rest area, further expanding Fantasyland with device charging area and bathrooms


  1. Mitchell

    They just never seem to get his nose right!

  2. Crystal Ennis

    Even the bathrooms are magical…

  3. James

    Amazing!!! I love Tangled, and this area is perfect. Regardless if Merida get moved or not, I think Rapunzel & Flynn should move here. I know this meant to be like a rest stop area, but I’m surprised they didn’t have an area set aside for Rapunzel & Flynn anyway?

    I had never heard about the interactive que rumor for Peter Pan, now I’m super excited!! XD

  4. Jeff Lynch

    Does anyone know why there are no mirrors in the bathroom? Is it bad luck or something…or do they just not want people using the mirrors to look behind them and spy on people when they are going into the stalls or whatever?

    Look at the photo of the sinks…it’s just so weird to not have a mirror there.

    Maybe they just don’t want to keep a mirror clean of fingerprints all day?

    1. frostysnowman

      I saw photos of the women’s bathrooms on a different site. They have mirrors.

    2. Mandy

      They try to keep mirrors from the sinks to prevent people from blocking the sinks fixing their make up or hair.

  5. Kyle

    Looks great, but I still wish Disney would have went with the Haunted Mansion “catacomb” gift shop they were working on for that area instead of this.

  6. frostysnowman

    Looks good! But six charging stations doesn’t seem like enough, especially considering the push to use the Disney interactive information.

  7. H.

    Looks wonderful!

    Now where’s my Tiana’s Palace restaurant??? 😉

  8. Jason

    Bathrooms and a couple charging stations? REALLY? Here my daughter and my wife were hoping that story was a coverup for something far more entertaining. All that work for bathrooms. Sheesh. Tangled is my daughter’s absolute favorite Disney movie, so to relegate this to BATHROOMS is disappointing. No spot for Rapunzel and Flynn, no Rubber Duckling, no gift shop… Such a complete waste.

    1. R.

      Before you judge it. You should check it out in person. It is a beautiful addition to the park.

      1. Chaz

        Besides, Jason, “Tangled” is still very new to the Disney Family and has yet to achieve the same classic status as “Peter Pan” “Little Mermaid” and so forth. The movie was a huge hit for Disney. When the time is right and “Tangled” can really be considered a “classic” in ten years (maybe even less), Disney is going to want to capitalize on the movie’s success and make a proper attraction off of it. Look on the bright side: a lot of people’s favorite Disney movies don’t ever get so much as bathrooms in the Disney Parks.

    2. Lyndsey

      In addition to what R. and Chaz have said, honestly, the area looks beautiful. This isn’t like they just slapped a picture of Rapunzel’s sun onto the bathroom door and said they were “Tangled” bathrooms. This area is laden with rich and effective detail–putting exceptional effort into simple areas like bathrooms/rest areas is something to be commended. The vibrant, colorful paintings in Rapunzel’s signature style adorning the walls and ceilings of both the interior and exterior, the plethora of frying pans, the wanted posters of the various characters, the strings of lanterns and festive flags hanging above the walkway, the beautiful little waterfall and tower that stands in the distance. The entire area evokes the sense of festivity, life, wonder, and spirit that we saw in the film. I personally like the fact that they aren’t forcing another gift shop or meet & greet in this area. There are plenty of those to go around. This is just a little corner of the park to relax, wander around, savor the atmosphere, and fully utilize your imagination. You don’t need to see Rapunzel and Flynn in person to believe that they are there. You don’t need a gift shop to create a lasting impression or memory. You don’t need a food location to take a special moment to unwind and enjoy the atmosphere. This is a beautifully designed area and, in my opinion, a very welcomed addition to the park. If your daughter likes Tangled, she will love this area. I’d wager that for any person wanted to step into the world of Rapunzel, this will be a “dream come true” (pardon the cliché). The details provide the perfect cues for the imagination to soar and take you away to the world of the lost princess. Is it anything grand or particularly large? No, but it doesn’t need to be.

  9. jack_daripriper23551_theduudee

    really cool, Im curious what the view is like on the other side though, can you see Repunzle’s tower from liberty square.

    1. daffystardust

      Yes, it can be currently seen from Liberty Square, and the crossover of lands is a little jarring. I’m hoping the trees there will cover it from that vantage point over time.

  10. karen

    Frying Pans Who Knew?

  11. I was a cast member at it’s a small world and Peter Pan’s flight in fall 2012 and watched the construction of these restrooms every day. It is so incredible to now see the completed project. I think these look like the best restrooms in all of Walt Disney World and I look forward to seeing these in person the next time I go to the Magic Kingdom.

  12. Gary Mc.

    My friends at Communicore Weekly will be thrilled to see that the Disney Bathroom craze has grown.

  13. Lance

    People need to consider that this area consists of so much more than “just bathrooms”.

    Landscaping, lighting, water features, stroller parking, the “find Pascal’s friends” game, the charging stations, the seating areas, the unique area “soundtrack”, and yes, the restrooms all add up to something that could easily be described as a town park.

  14. George

    If you look toward the back its a huge building. Rumor has it that all of that detail was not for nothing. Rumor is that it will become an attraction in due time. Surprise.

  15. Daniel

    Sad that WDW is encouraging the use of phones in the Park. I thought people went to Disney world to escape the routines and trappings of everyday life like cell phones.

    1. daffystardust

      There are a number of very good uses for smartphones in the parks. offers pre-planned schedules that reduce your time in lines and standing around deciding what to do next. I use my phone’s camera and photobucket app to post to my blog or Facebook while I’m in the park. Heck, Disneyland has an app game that interacts with locations in the park. If you don’t want to use your phone while you’re on vacation, I understand, but lots of people are really enjoying these new ways of experiencing theme parks.

  16. Taylor Hargrave

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  18. Amy

    I’m a Florida resident, and often pack a picnic lunch to take into the park, rather than buy. It’s really nice to have a spot with seating that isn’t connected to a quick service restaurant. I’ve never been ousted from a table if I took one, thankfully. It’s just really nice to have a spot with table seating that’s open to anyone sitting without feeling like they need to purchase something. If anything, I’d really like to see some more table seating in the park. I’ve bought food and I’ve packed and there are days when I can find a table no problem and others where my kids and I have eaten our lunch standing up. I’m not angry or upset about it…Disney has crowds, I get that. When we can find a table it’s nice, and it won’t stop us from coming back. 😉

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