Comments for Inside MegaCon 2013: While cosplayers convened with creative costumes, zombies attacked popular Orlando convention


  1. Arnold Shawanoo Walker

    I love Nicole Marie Jean Pics! and the lovelies at your shows!

  2. ste3ve

    In your not…really…sure pic, the guy on the left is Leonard Powers from Ugly Americans. Don’t know the other two, other than obviously some incarnation of Abraham Lincoln.

  3. Jeff Lynch

    Okay, so I don’t understand this stuff. Is it like a big Halloween party? Where do these people get such elaborate costumes?

    They all look wonderful, but I don’t understand how they get their great costumes or what this convention is for.

    1. rose

      These conventions are for enthusiasts of comics, cartoons, and “geeky” media like scifi. (there was lots of star wars stuff, for example.) There are presentations on various topics, staff and cast members to meet, vendors selling tons of merchandise, and even a costume contest. There’s also rooms for gaming and such.

      And yes, it IS like Halloween! Lots of people dress up as their favorite characters. And the best part is, they make their costumes themselves, most of the time! “Cosplay” is a big hobby for some people. Getting into it has taught me to sew, style wigs, and even do heavy stuff like resin casting and sculpture. It’s great fun to show off your work to a bunch of people AND honor something you love.

    2. Dom

      There is also comics, panels with guests, and gaming. We have live action role play games (zombie walk is part of that), tabletop RPG, cards and more! There is something for everyone at Megacon.

  4. ben

    Ty for taking pics. Im in the Yoshi.

  5. I love your site and check it everyday to know what’s happening around Disney and the parks. I wish I saw you around Megacon. I’m an artist and vend there. So if you ever stop by my table at any convention I would love to meet you and give you some disney fan art. Trust me I LOVE disney so I’ll have some. I love that you cover some cons as well. Thanks for doing what you do. Hope to see you around. 😀

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Thanks! I really don’t spend nearly as much time in the artist areas of conventions as I should. I’ll keep an eye out for you next time.

  6. James

    I was the dread pirate! 🙂

    1. sally


  7. Hanari

    Hello! I’m the Vanellope adoring her Ralph! These pictures are so great! Thank you so much for taking them.

  8. christian

    Thanks for the huge compliments on my Amazing Spider man suit….and face lol. It was certainly an awesome weekend for everyone I got to meet.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      You should have been Andrew Garfield’s double for the film! Great job.

      1. David Gold

        I was the Hellboy, this megacon was by far the best there has been in the past 3 years, there were so many elaborate costumes. I was happy to see so many people liked my costume.

    2. Eli

      Hey man please reply to me, I took a picture of you and I was too nervous to ask you where you got your absolutely AMAZING Spidey Costume, so do you mind telling me where I can purchase one myself? I’ve looked in so many places and i really want it for Super-Con 2013 please i’m begging you to tell me.

  9. Bekka Petrikov

    I didn’t appear in any of these photos, but the Silent Hill nurse really scared my friend. She had me carry her around the rest of the con, which didnt really seem to fit who we were cosplaying (she was calhoun, not the one in the picture, and I was taffyta.) It was actually quite funny because everyone was just staring at us. XD

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