Comments for Walt Disney World Announces A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas’ Interactive Quest for Adventureland


  1. Jason

    Oh HECK YEAH!!!! Can’t wait to do this!

  2. Marshall

    Could this be a clue to the next Captain Jack movie?

  3. Dave

    The people in the concept art are downright ecstatic.

  4. Rebecca

    CAN’T WAIT! So excited!

  5. Rory

    So I guess this means that the treehouse is staying?

  6. Eric

    Oh what big news, another interactive game in Walt Disney World that would surely stop Universal. We don’t need another game, we need rides, shows and some work done on the existing rides.

    1. blu e sword

      i would say magic kingdom need more shows then anything and for me i would like to see a frontier land stunt show

  7. Bill

    One of those skulls needs to talk and be named Murray.

    1. I still say if Jack isn’t trying to buy a used boat from a guy named Stan at the beginning of the next movie it’s the greatest missed opportunity.

  8. This will be a great addition to Disney. Some parents may be growing a wee bit tired of the Pirates series, but kids still love Capt Jack and pirates in general! How fun!

  9. Martin

    I wanted to throw something out there to you all. I visited WDW two summer ago and loved it. But while I was at the magic kingdom I couldn’t help but wonder why hasn’t Bob Iger intiated a major overhaul of the Magic kingdom? There are so many outdated rides, e.g. Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, plus i loose count of all the theatres you sit in and watch some outdated 1980s show on a huge screen. Believe me I say this out of pure love for the place. I just felt like the park was feeling really outdated in this digital age and needed serious investment and sprucing up, or an overhaul. Not for profit, because they get that already, but for pride. In brief, rip out a lot of those super old rides, making space for new imaginition. I am aware they have done this in the new fantasyland. Now lets roll up our sleaves, open the checkbook and really start renovating!

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