Comments for Megatron walk-around character debuts at Universal Studios Hollywood for Transformers: The Ride 3D


  1. Eric

    Known this for months! But thanks for sharing!

  2. Eric Fisher

    All this and he plays wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, too. Wow.

  3. Jeff Lynch

    I just wish these robots weren’t so ugly looking. The cartoon versions from the 80s had faces that I could see…these things from the Michael Bay movies are just a jumble of CGI stuff. The Decepticons in particular hurt my eyes to look at.

    I hope they reboot the Transformers with better looking robots in the future.

    1. gizmo cross

      I grew up with the G1 series also,and have a huge collection of both Cartoon and Movie,Im just tired of hearing wimps like you expressing the same old Blaaaaaaa comment,If you dont or didnt enjoy the movie STFU,whiner.

      1. Zero Kilroy

        Wow. Did somebody have a bad day? Did widdy liddy gizmo cwy because the bad mans called his new toy a bad name? The new Transformers’ faces hurt my eyes, too.

        My favorite part of this reply? This guy calls somebody a “wimp” for not liking the new Transformers. Because here’s nothing more manly, tough and rough than adult men who love the new Transformers movies?

  4. Aino

    Disneys masterpiece show tron uprising is about to get cancelled!! Get over to chn.ge/RGVunX and sign the petition if you think the show deserves another season(which it does)! TRON LIVES!

  5. Curious, do you know if Stan Winston’s effect school designed these?

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