‘Disney Infinity’ video game unveiled to be cross platform “toy box” with character figurines

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In a special event at Disney’s El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California, Disney Interactive today unveiled the highly-anticipated upcoming video game called “Disney Infinity.” This game allows players to take control of Disney characters from across decades of filmmaking, from classic animated films to modern day Pixar movies, and explore open worlds interacting together. Using real life figurines, players will be able to combine the many worlds of Disney across consoles, mobile devices, and online.

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Here is the full 50-minute presentation featuring game play details and footage, figurines, and executives including John Lasseter:

Video: Full “Disney Infinity” unveiling event at El Capitan

The game will be released in June 2013 with 3 virtual “play sets” – Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles – with 20 character figurines. More will be released throughout the year.

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

The concept is quite similar to Activision’s popular “Skylanders” series, but with a library of Disney characters and more play modes and a hint of “Minecraft” with an ability to create and play in interactive worlds.

Famous characters ultimately featured in the game include those from “Toy Story,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Phineas and Ferb,” “Cars,” “Wreck-It Ralph” and more.

According to John Lasseter at the event “Disney Infinity” will allow players to simply “play.” There will be story modes but the goal is really just to pull toys from a toy box and play creatively.

Visuals shown included an impressive amount of Disney properties from “Tron” to Spaceship Earth from Epcot and other iconic theme park elements to Scrooge McDuck’s money bin from “DuckTales.”

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

The event began with an introduction by John Pleasants, co-president of Disney Interactive showing a game character filled version of the classic Disney castle intro.

Video: “Disney Infinity” version of the Disney title card

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

A trailer showing off many of the game’s features was also shown, highlighting characters and worlds from “Monsters University,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and “The Incredibles,” but also showing off a few others, giving just a small taste of everything that’s possible in the game.

“Disney Infinity” reveal trailer

Figurines showed off in person were Sulley, Jack Sparrow, and Mr. Incredible. They are inspired by the vinyl world of collectibles. Lasseter praised the art style extensively as something new, encouraging even non-gamers to collect them.

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Lasseter emphasized the notion of becoming “a little kid again” when playing “Disney Infinity” by combining characters “you know and love.” Examples given were racing Dash against Lightning McQueen or having a strength competition between Mike Wazowski and Mr. Incredible.

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

John Blackburn from Avalanche Software, Disney’s partner in creating “Disney Infinity,” confirmed the idea of this new platform came from their work on the “toy box” mode from the “Toy Story 3” video game.

He also elaborated on how “Disney Infinity” will be sold and how it will be played. The initial package will come with the game, three figurines, and a platform to put the figurines on to allow them to interact with the game.

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Two play modes allow characters to stay true to their worlds or interact together. In each “play set” only characters from that world will take part in the story. The Incredibles will use their special abilities to fight Syndrome. “Monsters University” characters will take part in a humorous battle against the rival school of “Fear Tech” in scaring over day and night. In “Pirates of the Caribbean,” players will go through the first three films plus theme park elements to simply be pirates, controlling Jack Sparrow through sword fights, puzzles, and building and sailing ships – even customizing a crew and cannons.

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Virtual toys can be added to upgrade each world’s abilities via Power Discs, stackable under each figure.

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Toy box mode allows players to control characters in an open world combining Disney universes to build familiar places, engage in endless adventures, and collect toys to work together. It’s an incredibly complex mode allowing a seemingly unlimited amount of creative play. Players can even create their own games within the game by building and programming.

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Disney Infinity unveil event at El Capitan Theatre

Players can even upload and share their creations in a moderated online community.

The “Disney Infinity” Starter Pack will be available in June 2013 at a retail price of $74.99, including the game, three figurines, and additional Power Discs. Play Set packs will be $34.99. Individual Disney Infinity figures will be $12.99 or available in Figure 3-Packs for $29.99. Power Discs will be sold in blind packs at $4.99.

“Disney Infinity” will initially be available for Nintendo Wii and Wii U, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, and yet-to-be-announced mobile versions. A Nintendo 3DS version is also in the works.

(Photos by Josh Daws & Ricky Brigante. Video by Jeremiah Daws.)


  1. Aidan H

    Looks so much fun! Can not wait to play, although I hope they don’t just focus on Pixar and maybe even put some characters like Oswald in it.

    1. Emily Edmiston

      If they put Oswald in it, I am instantly buying it!

  2. James

    So far I have only seen:
    -Pirates of the Caribbean
    -Phineas & Ferb
    -Nightmare Before Christmas

    Any plans for the inclusion of:
    -Traditional Animated characters (Ariel, Peter Pan, etc.)
    -ABC shows (Once Upon a Time, Revenge, etc.)
    -Old DC shows (Darkwing Duck, Kim Possible, etc.)
    -Star Wars?

    1. James

      I know the ABC shows one is a bit odd, but if Disney really is just going for the whole “mash-up” concept, might as well get creative with it! Though I could see OUAT potentially being a problem?

    2. They couldn’t give an answer on Marvel or SW, but anything in the Disney/Pixar Universe is “likely” to show up eventually. Muppet vehicles were on display today and one of the game designers I talked to mentioned that his kids enjoyed playing with Animal.

      Scrooge’s Money Bin was in the demo, so I can only assume other Disney Afternoon properties could be included at some point.

    3. Luke Oneal

      I’m looking forward for stuff like TRON, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Gargoyles, Lilo and Stitch, Treasure Planet, Tale Spin, the list is endless.

      1. Ben

        I really want Gravity Falls charcters in. I hope they announce some more at E-3.

    4. Oftentimes users could generate zombie skins for several characters and even NPC’s for their video gaming. Guns and bullets could eventually become obsolete; so ensure that you take your better shot and shoot for the head. There are three major explanations why “you” need a Zombie apocalypse to happen.

  3. Frank

    Will it be available for all game systems? I hope it’s on Xbox360 & not just the wii!

    1. Gordon

      According to the trailer, it will be available on:
      – XBox360
      – PS/3
      – Wii
      – Wii U
      – Nintendo 3DS

      1. They also mentioned a mobile version, but didn’t go into any details about it.

  4. Super cool. Stoked to see how this plays out. My son is a huge Skylanders fan and we’re all huge Disney fans in my family so this is going to be exciting. 🙂

  5. Brittany

    You would think Mickey, Donald, and Goofy would be there. I only see characters who were from computer animated movies. Would be cool if simba, aladin, or dumbo were on it

    1. Dumbo ride vehicles were part of the demo. As was elephant Abu. Pride rock was also in the toybox.

  6. Tyler

    Was looking through Twitter and you seemed to be the only person who followed the no live tweeting rule. Great coverage Ricky. This game looks so much fun. Thanks for always having the best coverage!

  7. andy

    it would be so cool if they had chicken little…and roger rabbit

  8. Josh T.

    What happened to the days when Disney saw video games as their own storytelling platform?

  9. Joe

    Looking forward to this, awesome designs of the characters and huge potential for future character sets. Not digging the complaints from Disney fans about their favorite characters not being included with the launch. Looks like a lot of fun! Will be playing on Xbox 360

    1. dumurin

      I’m disappointed: I only see characters who were from Disney computer animated movies and from Pixar.
      Why not classic characters (Ariel, Cinderella, Mickey, Goofy, Donald, etc)?
      Why not Marvel and Star Wars?

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