‘TRON Track’ custom audio enhances Test Track 2.0 with “Tron: Legacy” sounds, takes Walt Disney World guests to the Grid

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“The Grid. A digital frontier. I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. And then one day… I got in.”

Those words spoken by Kevin Flynn introduce “Tron: Legacy,” a film that has begged to be transformed into a Disney theme park ride since its 2010 release. When the new Test Track recently debuted at Walt Disney World, fans immediately saw extreme similarities between its new look and the digital aesthetic of “Tron: Legacy.” Though the ride still revolves around the notion of designing and testing cars, its visuals appear to present a different story, one of the Grid, light cycles, and a digital frontier – almost a “Tron” ride, but not quite.


TRON Track

I created a custom audio file to be enjoyed while riding Test Track at Epcot, an overlay of sorts to the ride experience, turning it into a Tron attraction through new music, sound effects, and dialogue from “Tron: Legacy” that synchronize perfectly with the ride’s visuals.

The video below depicts the enhanced experience, featuring a full ride on the new Test Track 2.0 at Epcot with the “Tron Track” audio, to create a story and experience fitting of the ride’s new digital aesthetic:

Video: TRON Track at Epcot – Custom audio for Test Track 2.0

But the experience goes far beyond this video.

Audio Download

Use the links below to download the full “Tron Track” audio file, then load it onto an MP3 player, bring it to Epcot, and listen via headphones while riding Test Track, transforming the attraction into the Tron ride it appears to be.

DOWNLOAD: “Tron Track” custom audio for Test Track 2.0 (MP3, 8.5mb)

For those who only want to add a bit of Daft Punk’s excellent “Tron: Legacy” soundtrack, I’ve also made a music-only version, still synchronized to the ride’s movements:

DOWNLOAD: “Tron Track” custom music for Test Track 2.0 (MP3, 8.5mb)

To properly synchronize this audio while riding, press play on the audio file after the seat belt check, immediately when your vehicle begins moving.

Provided that the ride doesn’t unexpectedly stop at any time, all audio should match what is seen while riding through. And for the best “Tron Track” experience, it’s recommended to listen at full volume to cover up the existing sound of the ride, which can be rather loud at times. In-ear headphones will work best, such as these.

TRON Track Story

While compiling and editing clips, I made sure their flow through the ride not only matched its visuals, but also formed a somewhat cohesive story. My “Tron Track” story treatment:

Before disappearing into the world he created, Kevin Flynn, former ENCOM CEO and programmer of the Grid, sent lifelong friend on the outside Alan Bradley an encrypted message containing instructions on how to safely bring visitors – users – into the digital frontier. Bradley founded Tron Track, a facility designed to bring Flynn’s vision to life. Narrated by Flynn himself, Light Cars are self-guided onto the Grid via a giant portal. Through a custom program, Flynn recounts the events that have nearly led to the destruction of the Grid. Flynn describes his nemesis, Clu, which he created in his own image to oversee the virtual world when he couldn’t, who ultimately went rogue. Tron, the warrior programmed by Bradley to fight for the users, was missing, unable to stop Clu in his takeover.

Visitors first travel through the outlands off-grid, home to Kevin Flynn after he is trapped inside his computer world when the portal closed him inside. But they’re spotted. Clu steps in and his rebellion is immediately obvious, derezzing imperfections across vast digital landscapes while transforming Tron City into his own dictatorship. But a challenge affords a chance for rebellion, as visitors are equipped with Identity Discs and Light Cycles, battling Clu across the Game Grid. Just as Clu thinks he has the upper hand, aiming to derez visitors with a Light Truck, Tron returns to rescue them, disappearing as fast as he emerged.

After that harrowing close call, visitors are treated to the lighter side of the Grid with the eccentric Castor serving as host, offering a portal back to the real world, but not before sending visitors on “quite the ride.” Blasting off the Grid, visitors launch through high-speed twists and turns in a final upbeat Light Cycle ride before returning to reality.


The creation of “Tron Track” required careful editing of small clips of sounds and music, as shown in its Final Cut project:

But the hours of labor were worth the enjoyment for any “Tron” fan in further enhancing the new Test Track.

The updated Test Track attraction offers many exciting new features, such as the ability to design your own custom vehicle then have it scored while riding. But it’s the ride’s new look that’s getting the most rave reviews. After riding it multiple times yesterday using my custom soundtrack, I will rarely experience it any other way. So download, hit the single rider line, and fire up your headphones to finally enter the Grid.

Music by Daft Punk. Dialogue starring Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn and Clu, Bruce Boxleitner as Tron, Beau Garrett as Gem, and Michael Sheen as Castor. Audio and music editing by Ricky Brigante.


  1. The soundtrack is perfect! Wonderful video!! Can’t wait to ride. Maybe tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Peter

    Wow, awesome! Makes me want to ride it even more to try this.

  3. legendarywalker

    Question? i just downloaded it on my phone and when i go from one track into to this, its starts from the very beginning. Will that mess up the synchronization.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Cue up the MP3 you downloaded here, but don’t hit play yet. Just leave it on pause on your audio player while you get on the ride. Then after the seat belt check, hit play immediately as your car begins into the first ride scene (as seen in the video above). As long as you hit play at that moment when the car begins moving, the rest of the ride will be in sync with the audio (provided that the ride makes it all the way through without stopping unexpectedly).

      1. legendarywalker

        I tried to sync it with the video above but it isn’t synced on some parts. For example, on the outside track when the car moves over the purple arrows on the track my audio makes th noise after its passed over the arrows.

  4. Well done, Ricky. Lots of thought and Final Cut time to make this all work out just right. I half expected to see Daft Punk in one of the scenes. Can’t wait to see the next movie if it actually happens!

  5. You’ve outdone yourself with this one Ricky! You truly completed this attraction and made it “Tron Track.” Those of us who are big Tron fans will be forever grateful. I can’t wait to try it out soon. I can’t say it enough…..GREAT JOB!

  6. Alex J.

    Amazing work Ricky! Disney should have just gone all TRON with this from the beginning, it makes me wonder what they will do if they end up doing a TRON e-ticket someday.

  7. Disney Dustin

    Amazing stuff Ricky!

  8. Matthew

    Awesome, I will be riding test track for the first time on new years eve. As a Tron fan, I will be listening to this on my first ride through, great work Ricky!

    1. jcarwash

      Love the Tron Track and can’t wait to try it out for real.

      Little idea for a tweak — Quorra’s electronic voice saying “get in” …to your ride vehicle.

  9. jcarwash

    (First comment posted as reply to another comment)

    Love the Tron Track and can’t wait to try it out for real.

    Little idea for a tweak — Quorra’s electronic voice saying “get in” …to your ride vehicle.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I opted to leave Quorra out of it completely, as another stray voice would have complicated the narration even further. Didn’t have time to properly introduce her. If it were really Tron Track, she’d definitely be part of it!

  10. Dave Bates

    Nice work Ricky. I will have to try it in when i go. They really missed an opportunity to enclose the track though… At least they could change the lights to be colored in the back section… hmmm.

  11. Reesie

    I cannot begin to describe how much I love this. Your effort has paid off wonderfully! I used to do video editing in film classes, so I have an idea of how long this took you. In the past, I’ve enjoyed listening to the “Derezzed” track on Space Mountain. My friends and I found a way to time it perfectly with the ride. This just enhances that concept to a whole new level. Bravo, Sir.

  12. John McPhillips

    Its official ricky you have done a better job with a a few hours of Editing than the Imagineers did with the whole Refurbishment, my hat is off to you sir.

  13. Joe Fox

    Ricky — amazing stuff, sir. I wonder if you still have the project file? There’s only one thing I would change — when they go out to do the loops, there’s an abrupt change of the music — they should have used Castor’s direction to the Daft Punk guys to “change the scene, alter the mood, electrify the boys and girls…” That would have been the perfect transition there. 🙂

    Other than that — breathtaking. I’ll be trying it immediately. 🙂


    1. Ricky Brigante

      Great idea! I thought it was fun to simply leave it at “This is going to be quite a ride” before you blast off. The line you suggested could certainly fit in there somewhere too. I was thinking about making another version that fits Quorra in somehow too. Maybe version 2.0.

  14. Janet

    Any chance of putting the audio up on your podcast feed? It’s not easy getting an mp3 loaded onto an iPhone unless it comes through iTunes, but its easy to download a podcast. I am looking forward to trying it out at EPCOT.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Once you download the MP3 (to your desktop, downloads folder, or wherever on your computer), you can simply drag it to your iPhone in iTunes.

      1. Janet

        Thanks Ricky, I was aware of that process, but I don’t sync to a computer any more, just to the cloud. I may have to boot the old machine up again so I can download this great soundtrack!

  15. CeeCee

    Wow I feel daft. I went to Disney with my family recently having seen your video but having not read anything else because I was just too excited. I told them the whole time how excited I was for going on the newly revamped Test Track (we were on of the first people on the ride when it originally opened years ago because my mom worked for GM). I kept raving about the awesome soundtrack that plays during the ride and how cool the interior is.

    Man I was disappointed. I’m gonna have to listen to this on my phone while I’m on the ride because everything else in the ride looks and feels TRON.


  16. Amazing video i must say… The edited track if good… i wish i could hear it little bit more… loooking forward for your new work..

  17. David Genovese

    Just downloaded the track I’ll be using it on Saturday when we go to Epcot!

    1. Karen L

      Has anyone used this yet??? Did you on Saturday?!

  18. Very cool. Thank you!

  19. Emma R

    Everything about this post is perfect. I got a little teary eyed towards the end! I love the Tron world so much and I approve this custom audio!

  20. Sharon

    Ricky not as computer savvy as I would like. I am on a MAC desktop, hit your download. It only played the recording I don’t see where or how to get it into iTunes. Please help, wold love to give this to my husband as a surprise in Oct. for our Anniversary Trip to WDW.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Try right-clicking the download link and saving it to your computer from there. Once on your computer, double-clicking the file should bring it up in iTunes where you could sync it to an iPhone, if you have one.

      1. Sharon

        Have a wireless mouse that doesn’t have a right click or left just one big square. Any other suggestion?

      2. Sharon

        Got it thanks


    Awesome music! I love it!

  22. Ben

    The download links don’t work anymore.. Anyway I can sill download the audio?

  23. Kathy P

    Where are the links?? Please put them back. So cool.

  24. KC

    What happened to the audio!? I was so excited to listen to it on my upcoming trip next week. Very disappointing 🙁


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