Walt Disney World Teases Fire-Breathing, Flying Dragons for New Fantasyland Under the Name "Believe in Fantasy" - Inside the Magic

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  1. Logan Stein

    It is amazing the magic that the Disney Parks can create. On paper this idea seems crazy, but it shows what can be done!

  2. Josh T.

    I actually wish this dragon wasn’t leaked earlier in the year. It would have been such an awesome surprise to see this first announced in action.

  3. Brittany

    Finally something original!!! I thought that Disney World was getting a bit lazy by just putting already known characters into New Fantasyland. But THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD!!!!!!

  4. Bo Mullen

    This is great news, perhaps realizing they made a mistake Disney will allow the fire breathing dragon to burn down the Starbucks planned to open at the Magic Kingdom and elsewhere in the “World”.

    1. Jeff Lynch

      I think it’s sad how much weird hatred is directed at the Starbucks. How about hopping into a time machine and chastising Walt Disney for partnering with Frito Lay, Coca-Cola, Kodak, etc. ?

      If Starbucks was around when Disneyland was about to open you better believe Walt would have had them as the coffee shops in the park from Day One.

      1. Brian

        Or General Motors, or GE, or Ford for the Worlds Fair, or Dole for the famous Dole Whips that everyone loves, or HP, or Nestle…Disney has always been corporate and always been changing. I don’t see the big deal with Starbucks. How about bringing back the Adventurer’s Club?

      2. EricJ

        One bumper sticker in our own college town (which appreciates the value of local Main St. businesses, especially trendy coffeehouses over spreading Subways and Wal-Marts) reads: “Make your OWN darn coffee.”
        (Me, I don’t drink the stuff, and consider those who do oppressed slaves exploited by commercialism.)

        Still, glad to see everyone’s still thinking of Fantasyland dragons, and nobody’s yet mentioned the dreaded A-word–
        Think with all the fuss over Marvel and now Star Wars, we might finally take a second appreciation of You-Know-Who’s shelf life.

        1. Chris

          What do u mean? The dreaded A word?……

          1. Chris


  5. OT

    I’m not getting to excited. Like the awesome looking mupets mobile lab and the walking dino we will probably see this a few times before it’s send off to a warehouse to gather dust.

  6. Chris

    I would love to see disney make a villians themed park

  7. Alexander Bea

    So it’s all a Fake!

  8. John L

    It would be great if the dragon could be powered by an electric (or other more quiet) motor. The buzz saw sound is not the greatest. Hey NASA, how bout lending Disney a power cell or two?

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