Trackless 'Empire of the Penguin' ride vehicle unveiled by SeaWorld Orlando, ride to debut in new Antarctica realm in 2013 - Inside the Magic

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  1. Jeff Lynch

    Okay, is it just me or does this look really cheap? It’s like they bought an expensive trackless ride thing and then they just threw bed sheets up for the walls and didn’t even care about creating a nice setting for the ride. Epic fail. I could have made a better background for the ride myself!

    1. Nick

      The ride is not open yet nor was this announcement at Sea World. It was at an amusement park convention in Orlando (mentioned in the article). This was merely to showcase the ride vehicle.

    2. Joe Fox

      This was at IAAPA, right across from the TEA booth. It was a great experience to watch the unveiling (both times — I was there during setup day and watched them test the rigging to make sure the curtain would drop). Brian was every bit the proud papa of his new ride, and it appears that they’ve got something quite cool. The penguins looked like they were having a blast also, being away from the exhibit for a few hours. 🙂

  2. Nicky

    That’s a really neat system they developed!! Jeff I think the set up they did for the unveil of the ride vehicle will not be the ride. I really want to get intro theme park attraction design but I’m still a teenager so I don’t quite get it. Is it a hybrid of sorts of Star Tours multi-experience with Spidermans motion vehicle and Poohs Hunny Hunt trackless system?

    1. Milo

      From what I understand just Spiderman and Pooh’s, since Pooh already offers different ride experiences.

  3. Angry Penguins

    I am sorry but I just dont know about this. I train penguins at the aquarium I work at in Riverhead, Ny. There are 17 species of penguins and only 5 live in the really cold weather like Antartica. And here they are showing pictures of AFRICAN blackfooted penguins. I am sorry but that is false information and I am pretty upset about it…

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