Comments for Starbucks announced to replace Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Bakery, Epcot’s Fountain View in 2013 at Walt Disney World


  1. Meghan

    Such a bummer. I hate to see a chain store taking over a beloved Disney hot spot. I can grab a latte on any highway or street corner almost anywhere in the world. Why would I want that to replace the tasty, unique offerings I can get only at Main Street Bakery in Walt Disney World? I think this was such a bad call on Disney’s part. What a disappointment. If you want a Starbucks latte that badly, hop on a bus to DTD and walk a few blocks.

    1. Brad

      Meghan, you are so right! I can’t STAND Starbucks drinks!

  2. Troy

    So angry! I love Main Street Bakery. They have the best cinnamon rolls at Disney World and it’s always where I start my day at the Magic Kingdom. Sad.

    1. Mallory

      I feel the same way. The first thing I thought when I heard the bad news was, “Well, I guess I’m never going to get to look forward to starting out my day at Magic Kingdom with a sticky bun again.” My whole family is upset. We vacation there so often and that was one of the things we looked forward to the most: starting out the day with breakfast in the Main Street Bakery. I could get Starbucks anywhere…

      Does anyone know if there any hope that the sticky buns or any signature dishes offered by the Bakery will make the jump?

  3. Ozzie Mike

    I have mixed feelings.
    While it would be great to get a real Coffee at Disney world, It would be better to have a Good Coffee.
    I come from Melbourne Australia, a Cafe City. Starbucks is having trouble staying open here because the Coffee is not good.
    Most little independent Coffee Shops in Melbourne make better Coffee than Starbucks.
    Just saying.

  4. andy

    The bakery? nooooo….. I guess I usually do get my baked goods at the confectionary though. so It’ll be ok.

  5. steve

    Completely disgusted by this decision.. I love the Main St. Bakery. We spend our evenings there as we close out the night at the park. I am a DVC member and seriously considering selling my membership if this is the direction Disney is going.

  6. Chris

    The article says that the food will be staying. I’m not sure why its so bad to change the horrible Nescafé syrup and replacing it with real, brewed coffee.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      That’s not exactly clear. It says Starbucks food will be served, not necessarily the same Main Street Bakery food that has always been there. Hopefully there will be Disney-created dishes beyond the boring, typical Starbucks offerings.

  7. Caryn

    OH NO!!!!! This is so sad cause I start my mornings there when going to the park. I love the Main St Bakery. How could they do this Starbucks are on every corner so why at DISNEY.

  8. I almost never criticize a Disney decision, but I’m not liking this! Main Street U.S.A. takes place between 1890 and 1910. Starbucks does NOT belong in the era! That being said, I know they will probably do a good job with the theming. It also doesn’t help that I’m a Dunkin Donuts guy!

  9. Davr

    Heart broken! For the first time I can think of…
    DISNEY has a “bad” idea! Always leading the pack on innovation and creativity until now… WDW is instead following every other corner, on every other street, in every other city/town, giving up a landmark, a tradition for families, to put up a ?Starbucks? !?? Uhhh its a sad sad day.

  10. Daniel

    I’m terrified that Disney will bring a Starbucks to Main Street or New Orleans Square in Disneyland….

  11. Kiki

    Starbucks killing the magic with one park at a time. This sucks I hope Disney realizes what they are doing before it’s too late.

  12. Junior

    Sorry, but this is great. People want quality coffee, not your typical theme park stuff. There are plenty of places to get your baked goods, why complain about a Starbucks coming in. I’ve been to the one at DCA, and it’s awesome. The place is always nice and busy. I don’t see people whining about it being there.

    1. alf

      No there aren’t many places to get bakery items. The items sold at the Main Street Cafe bakery are unique and not available anywhere else. Who the hell wants the same crap they get at their local starbucks when they are going somewhere special like Disney. You can upgrade the coffee without selling out to god awful Starbucks. Horrible.

      1. cuppycake

        As someone who worked there, I can tell you that hardly anything at the bakery is made “in-house”- almost all of it (except the bread pudding) is made from typical mixes, toll-house cookie dough, or from bakery warehouses. The items are hardly unique.

  13. Janjo

    Can’t wait to see dominos McDonald and hooters.
    Then it will be an authentic Main Street.
    Can’t wait to hear Lou Mongello’s disney corp. cheerleader spin on the travesty.
    I think a sit down protest is in the works.

    1. Roy

      McDonalds was a major sponsor for a long time. McDonalds was served in both AK and MK at various locations – including locations themed for it. I can’t imagine this will be any different.

      Get your panties out of a twist.

  14. Massimiliano

    This is so disappointing… Main Street is the best themed area, they can’t ruin it like that… 🙁

  15. Jenn

    Say it isn’t so!!! I like Starbucks coffee and all but to get rid of the original unique to Disney Main Street bakery to go corporate homogenized is a bad move! It’s a lazy way out to let someone else take over. I want my Disney treats still.
    I’m thinking if Starbucks had to be put anywhere it should be Downtown Disney, Hollywood studios, and Epcot, but NOT MK! I’m really bothered by this move.

    1. Janjo

      I completely agree

  16. Bo Mullen

    While Disney makes many decisions throughout the year, this one might be worst, Starbucks is awful, I can’t imagine why they would partner with this company. I guess I’ll bring my own coffee in or just do without. Over priced and the worst taste in the world.

  17. Ed Taylor

    Hmmm, now all we need is a Cinnabon and a Brookstone and it will be like we never left the airport.
    Imagineering thought…hey the castle looks kind of dated, how about a forever 21 in that spot!

  18. Joe

    This is a joke right? Starbucks coffee is not that good in the first place. Why take a beloved location and change it? Why can’t it be the Main Street Bakery featuring Starbucks Coffee or better yet Dunkin Donuts. I will be down in December registering a complaint. Very disappointing!

  19. MK Baker

    Almost every single food item at the Main Street Bakery can be found at a resort location somewhere at WDW. Starbucks will be keeping a few of them anyway. The exact same cinnamon rolls and Chocolate Croissants can be found at Gaston’s Tavern. Every drink item the bakery has can be found at the Carts across the park or the QSR locations.

    But now they are adding coffee that the majority of guests love. No loss.

    1. Margarita Rodriguez

      Your right but..Why do we have to walk all the way to Fantasyland and get our cinnamon rolls .I enjoy getting to the park early and getting my roll and splitting it with my daughter while enjoying the sights and sounds of main Street . Thats why I am most upset..I dont understand why they need to move the certain menu items so far..

  20. Kevin Crossman

    Seriously, did anyone read the post (my emphasis below)?

    “SIGNAGE in the area is MINIMAL, indicating the location features Starbucks products but not overwhelmingly advertising it as such. The SAME WILL BE LIKELY true for the Main Street USA and Future World locations, keeping with their themes.”

    Get over it, people.

    1. Janjo

      Thank you for your opinion, but you must not be reading the same thing we are, nobody is complaining about SIGNAGE?? FAIL!!!

      1. marcy

        signage is not the point.

        1. Mollie

          Exactly. What he’s trying to emphasize is the fact that it WILL be the Main Street Bakery featuring Starbucks Coffee. He’s not trying to just say that signage is minimal, but that the signage is a reflection of what the change will be- minimal. I can understand some people disagreeing with the idea, but to go so far as saying you’ll sell your DVC membership because they’re going to add more overpriced beverages to an already overpriced environment is kind of overreacting. Reading these comments makes me think that no one actually read the article after reading the title. It’s still going to be the Main Street bakery, it’s still going to be themed to the area, they’re keeping some of the food, and the rest of the food can be found at other locations. It’s not like they’re demolishing the Bakery and shoving a 2012 style, stand-alone Starbucks with no themeing and no Disney products in there. Goodness.

          1. Kurt

            ” It’s still going to be the Main Street bakery, it’s still going to be themed to the area, they’re keeping some of the food, and the rest of the food can be found at other locations. It’s not like they’re demolishing the Bakery and shoving a 2012 style, stand-alone Starbucks with no themeing and no Disney products in there. Goodness.”

            I could not have said it better myself, Mollie. Have some faith that Disney will do the right thing, people!!

  21. katherine

    Horrible decision. Doesn’t fit the theme of Main St. Disney has plenty of room, why get rid of such an awesome bakery! Very disappointed! Going in January and will definitely miss the bakery if it’s closed. Such a depressing day.

  22. Jean

    I still like Joffrey’s Coffee better if you’ve never tried it you should look for the purple cups!

  23. rogerpopcorn

    Very disappointing. Main Street is like the alter of the Church. It is supposed to reflect a time and a place of yesteryear and is the pinnacle of Walt Disney World. Hanging a Starbucks sign on main street is an instant leap in time to a coffee shop located in everybody’s hometown. That makes it not special. It clashes with the theme. Disney bakery items are special and unique. As an avid photographer, I am deeply sadden that pictures will be soiled with a Starbuck in the picture. I find it hard to believe Walt would have allowed this. He focused on keeping the outside world distractions out. That’s why there were never pay telephones or newspaper stands. Disney has been so special because of the environment, decor and the ability to forget everything at home. We have taking our daughters to the park since they were 3 years old. They are out of college and Kim was even a Cast Member. We have one of the bricks at the very front of Magic Kingdom. There has been comfort knowing this is the one place that our grand kids would visit and see the Magic as we had seen it. Removing this iconic establishment and the historic Bakery sign is so sad and a shift away from Walt’s priceless and keen vision. You can serve the fivebucks coffee but commercializing the decor is just plain unnecessary and sad. Who want a baked thing from fivebucks at the Magic Kindom when you can get the exact same thing down at your local fivebucks in the corner of Target. Where’s the Magic in that? It might taste good but it certainly is NOT Magical. What’s next, convert the Emporium to a Foley’s?

    1. Jed

      While my emotional reaction is the same as yours and this news makes me very sad. We must remember Walt was what we would call a corporate “sellout” today the day the park opened. Every ride was sponsored by a corporation and continues to be today. This is nothing new. The only attraction not sponsored was the tiki room which is why he is listed as its sponsor, though now also to you by Dole.

      1. Emily

        There is s a sponsored sign on the bakery, they have always been corporate… Nestle Tollhouse

      2. Janjo

        When you are starting a Venture it is normal to “sell out”. As you become a multi-trillion dollar global corporation it’s a sign of weakness.
        I think what we are holding on so tightly are the golden years of Disney. We are fortunate to be children during that time. but now its time to say goodbye and join the jamboree 🙁
        I feel we can only watch by the sidelines as our beloved resorts are soiled with the thumb print of the present era of corporate dominance.
        We can only wait and see if the new CEO will continue this travesty. I only hope he or she is a fan of the parks of yesterday and has a heart for small business, the ones that build america yesterday 🙁

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  24. Laila

    I’m only twelve years old, and I still have a lot to learn, but one thing I DO know is that the Main Street Bakery is one of my favorite places in Disney world! My family and I had a wonderful time eating their unique cinnamon rolls, and now it’s Starbucks, where we can get anywhere. 🙁

  25. Brittany

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Anything, but the bakery!!!!!!!

  26. Mackenzie

    I am horrified. Main Street Bakery is a Magic Kingdom staple and something that cannot be replicated just anywhere. It has Disney charm that no Starbucks (no matter how ”Disney themed”) can come close to. This is not a smart move on Disney’s part. Why can’t Disney just bring in Starbucks coffees without totally removing a beloved restaurant? As a former Main Street cast member, I am just heartbroken.

    1. I’m willing to bet that what you’re imagining, and what it will be are very different things. Go to the Fiddler, Fife, and Practical Cafe in DCA and NOTHING about says “Starbucks”. There’s small signage here and there, but it really isn’t noticed by most people. It’s just a highly themed Disney environment that happens to sell Starbucks drinks by Starbucks approved employees because of quality control issues.

  27. jeff

    SO sad. Yes I realize Disney is Corporate America at it’s biggest. But I visit every year to escape the reality of the real world. This is just going to lead to worse things down the road. What next? A Wal Mart inside Disney grounds. So sad.

  28. Joyce

    This is just wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. What’s next? McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut? Disney is such a special place and puts tremendous effort into creativity, staging, magic. Why in the world would you do this? I’d much prefer to see a unique high-end coffee shop. Very disappointed.

    1. Frostysnowman

      Disney actually ended their partnership with Mickey D’s years ago, partially due to pressure from parent groups that complained about the Happy Meals. Specifically, Disney-themed Happy Meals they though made Disney partially responsible for pushing bad food on kids. But I digress…

  29. Kev

    McDonald’s was already in the parks not too long ago and people didn’t care

    1. Frostysnowman

      I signed it!

  30. Jeff Lynch

    This is the most outrageous outrage ever! This is bad and terrible! I don’t think any outside companies should be allowed to sell anything in Disney parks because Walt Disney never allowed this sort of thing. There was never, ever any kind of outside company selling food or drink items inside Disney parks. Except McDonalds, Frito Lay, Coke, and other companies like that. But not Starbucks because Starbucks was not around when Walt was alive but if it was he would have hated Starbucks because he hated things that brought in money and that his guests wanted and loved. Down with Starbucks!

    1. Mollie

      Exactly. Thank you.

  31. Brian

    Hasn’t anyone actually read the article? It states that Disney menu items will be sold as well. Don’t you think Disney has enough experience and expertise to pull this off correctly? Instead of freaking out before anything happens, just have faith that it will be done right. I’m a huge fan of Disney and have been 12 times, and have yet to find a decent cup of coffee on property. This is a welcome addition to me.

    1. wheniwasyoung

      I agree. With everything Disney does right, it does NOT do coffee well. As far as the comments on having “corporate” sponsors or companies inside Disney, wake up! They have been in Disney as long as Disney has been opened. I have to believe that the “the powers to be” have weighed the good and the bad and are making the correct decision. To the ones complaining about the supposed loss of the magnificent cinnamon rolls, are they really that good or is it the sentimentality of the ordeal? Most likely its the latter, and its understandable as Disney does this so well. Who else can design a ride in the 70’s and still get people to stand in line for over an hour to ride an outdated and elementary ride. I love Disney and visit several times a year with and with out kids but we have to realize that change is always needed to keep the profits up and I pretty sure that they will sell gallons of coffee. I miss many of the areas and specific foods that WDW has done away with but if I could choose early Disney to the Disney we have today, modern day Disney (with all the changes) wins, hands down.

      1. The irony is that Starbucks is just replacing a different corporate product… But what can you do lol.

    2. Derek

      And you’ll find a decent cup of coffee at Starbucks?!!!

  32. Frostysnowman

    I hate this idea. There’s a big difference between selling branded products in the parks and having an actual location of another company inside the parks. Starbucks baked goods are average at best, and although I don’t drink coffee many of my friends who do say tneir coffee is terrible (yes, I know many disagree). Ver disappointed in Disney today.

  33. Randy

    I share the concerns of others. Main Street was Walt’s vision of Marcelene, Missouri during Walt’s time there. While the theming may look the same, the sight of a present-day vendor is jarring. Most will remember the story of Walt seeing a cast member from Frontierland walking through Tomorrowland…and vowing that this would stop. This is the same thing. Give it a futuristic twist and put it in Tomorrowland if you must…but not on Main Street. Better-yet…just keep it in Downtown Disney.

    1. Jeff

      Who’s to say that this “Starbucks” can’t represent the 1st Starbucks which was started by a little old lady named Eva Starbuck who opened a little shop on Main Street serving her ‘special’ coffee and some of her special pastries…and years later her grandkids turned grandma’s little store on Main Street into what it is today.
      The ONLY problem I have with this is that it seems that a lot of Disneyites start their day with a Cinnamon roll (sounds like a good tradition) and enjoy the trappings of Main Street…and now they have to travel all the way into the very back of the park…to start the day!?! It certainly wouldn’t hurt if Disney continued to sell THOSE, there, at least in the morning.

  34. Pretty hilarious that people are up in arms about an outside company selling food products as if NESTLE isn’t an outside company selling food products…

    There is SO MUCH over-reaction here. As a Disneyland regular, I can attest that unless you pretty much already knew the DCA location is a Starbucks, you wouldn’t really have a clue until you went inside and looked at the Menu. The article says that Disney Bakery items will still be sold. The ONLY difference seems to be that instead of that terrible NesCafe stuff, we’ll have an option that more people would actually enjoy. How is that a problem?

    So to recount; Minimal Signage, Disney items still sold, better coffee from a DIFFERENT outside vendor. What in the world is the problem?

    1. Kristina

      Exactly, I don’t understand what the big deal is.

  35. Shawn

    This is unsettling. I go to Disney theme parks to escape reality. Living in NYC, a Starbucks on every other block is the reality. There’s nothing unique or magical about adding a chain vendor inside the park.

    1. Jeff

      But this won’t be a “Starbucks on Main Street” it will be the bakery on Main Street selling Starbucks coffee and pastries, like the store next store sells Edy’s Ice Cream, yet isn’t an Edy’s Ice Cream shop (although it might as well be). Although I despised McDonalds in Downtown Disney for this very reason (good riddance), their fry carts in the MK and DHS were a vast improvement over Disney fries of the time offering a delicious snack at a reasonable price. And since their demise, Disney fries have improved to the point of being a real treat.
      As I alluded to in an earlier post…pretend you are ‘witnessing’ the birth/roots of Starbucks when grandma Starbuck started her little store on Main Street USA…then her wrenched grand-kids stole her concept in 1971 and made billions (then sued her for copyright infringement leaving her penniless).

      1. Jeff

        …however, even after smashing up her entire cherished set of china and enduring a super-wedgy, grandma wouldn’t give up her secret to her great coffee, forcing them to sell crappy coffee…reviewed in the March 2007 issue of Consumer Reports which compared American fast-food chain coffees and ranked Starbucks behind McDonald’s Premium Roast. The magazine called Starbucks coffee “strong, but burnt and bitter enough to make your eyes water instead of open”
        GLAD I’M NOT A COFFEE GUY (as I finish up my bubba cup of coffee)

  36. Kristina

    I am very excited about this change. Disney coffee is not tasty and a waste of money since I don’t enjoy it. But I always crave Starbucks and tend to go off property to get some when I need that pick me up. Which wastes gas, so for me this is brilliant. Sea world and universal have Starbucks so I don’t see why Disney cant as well. I would rather have Starbucks in Disney then McDonalds any day! I don’t see what the big deal is, nothing is going to be lost, the goodies are still going to be there but they will just also offer drinks you can get at Starbucks. Which if they offer the bistro boxes then YAY! My mother and I can hardly eat anything at the parks unless we find a fruit stand! So this is a good change.

  37. Brad

    WORSE than when they brought in McDonald’s fries at Disneyland…that didn’t last, and I sure as heck hope this doesn’t, either. I hate Starbucks coffee and the customer service sucks. I’ve been a life-long Disney-super fan, but with this and the rumors of Star Wars and Marvel characters (Leia as a Disney princess? Shoot me now!). Disney is fast losing their individuality and unique perspective on family entertainment in far too many ways. Very, very unhappy.

    1. Jeff

      McDonald’s fries at Walt Disney World were BY FAR the best fries at WDW when they were introduced, WDW fries were horrible…they were there a decade, I believe until McD and BigD had their falling out.
      From what I can gather even Starbucks coffee will be an improvement over that dreadful brown sludge that makes Nescafe coffee.
      Princess Leia has been a Disney Princess since Star Wars weekends began at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And Disney buying Lucas Enterprises will breath life back into that Universe giving a new generation of Star Wars fans something better to remember than I, II and III.
      Disney, individual?, Disney has always embraced sponsors which provides name-brand recognition, name brand accountability, and most of all drastically keeps costs down so people can afford to go to Disney parks.
      And in acquiring the Muppets, Marvel, Star Wars and Avatar, Disney has acquired properties that already well established pieced of family entertainment that Disney can now add to your theme park experience in many unique Disney ways.

  38. jbrown

    Very sad about this change. The Bakery was our favorite snack stop in the Magic Kingdom. We could each get a treat we wanted, the same favorites every time. Now we are going to have to go around to different areas of the park to find those favorites? Does NOT sound like a relaxing snack time to me. Very poor decision on the part of Disney. Put it somewhere else in the park, not in that iconic location.

  39. Courtney

    Let’s be honest. You’re all just up in arms because it’s STARBUCKS and they’re so eeeevil and whine whine whine. THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE A STARBUCKS. It will be the same bakery serving Starbucks coffee and other Starbucks products AS WELL AS THE SAME BAKERTY PRODUCTS FROM BEFORE. Any Disney products that aren’t there will be served ELSEWHERE IN THE PARK.

    There is nothing to protest. Nothing to be upset about. Everything in Disney has a sponsor. Furthermore, if you don’t like it, DON’T BUY IT! Don’t go to the parks. That’ll teach them a lesson (yeah right).

  40. Dwa

    So, let me get this straight. Disney can come up with and produce phatasmic and reproduce some facsimile of decent food from around the world, but they can’t brew their own decent blends of coffee? While I can see the somewhat minimal impact of just putting the starbuck’s coffee in a Disney restaurant, the fact that its putting in a corporate mega giant that I pass by multiple times to get to the local coffee shop brings a bit of the outside world reality into the escape that Disney has so painstakingly created and maintained. Surprising. It seems to me that it grossly detracts from the very thing that they work so hard and so well to create.

  41. GLP

    Forgetting their roots. Walt Disney, “I don’t want the public to see the world they live in while they’re in the Park (Disneyland). I want to feel they’re in another world.”

    1. SLR

      I was just thinking this myself! I go to Disney to escape the everyday. I don’t want Starbucks there to remind me that the real world is waiting for me after my holidays run out. Bad move on their part. *tsk*

  42. Ian Banks

    This is a really worrisome sign. No, putting in a Starbucks by itself isn’t a big deal. But it shows how Disney culture is slipping. Also, give me a break with the “oh, we wanted to bring in a better product” argument. A well-run independent coffee shop will run circles around Starbucks. Disney could easily have done this if it had wanted to. But it would have taken money. This was a money saver for them.

  43. Glen

    HORRIBLE!!!! HORRIBLE!!! This is not what turn of the century Main St. USA is about — Starbucks. It’s is borderline criminal that they’ve destroyed the original design of the area into more same-old commerce– gift shops and more gift shops selling the same stuff you can get anywhere. And now this? It used to be a place of craftsmen, unique gifts, shops, magic, confections — things you might have seen in 1900. Starbucks is not on that list!

  44. Beth

    Although I am a Starbucks coffee lover, I do have to say that I agree with the fact that it does ruin a little of the “Magic” at Disney. We always went straight to the Main Street Bakery and started our day off with coffee and a cinnamon bun. Disney is meant to take you into another world and seeing a Starbucks sign (as little as it may be), will affect the atmosphere. Doesn’t the sign say as you enter: “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy”?

  45. Rose

    starbucks takes away from the original meaning of main street…old timer bakery….just will not fit in with the look. i am so disappointed and will have to take my business elsewhere from now was a great start of the day and i shouldn’t have to go all over the park to find what i want..disney…what are you thinking?

  46. Katrina

    If you are worried about walking to get your cinnamon rolls…..take the train. I am glad to see Starbucks coffee come to Disney!

  47. evi

    Best decision ever!!! They will continue to serve the same junk food onsite at different locations but finally have real coffee instead of nasty nescafe. I call it a win win.

  48. Chris

    Can’t wait. That other coffee was crap! Bring on good coffee in Disney!

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