Comments for Review: “Frankenweenie” is Tim Burton’s finest since the ’90s, perfectly combining quirkiness with tributes to classic horror


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    Dr Duck

    Sounds like a great film. I missed the preview screening for it here, so look forward to seeing it in a full theater on Friday. It’ll be nice to see Burton back. I have missed him, as of late.

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    I love Tim Burton’s early movies and I’m really happy to see this one is getting great reviews. A few of my officemates at DISH are bringing their kids to go see it and invited my family but that many kids at a movie theatre sounds like a nightmare so I’m going to wait. I put Frankenweenie in my Blockbuster @Home queue so I can watch it at home with my family when it comes out. That way it will be mailed to me when the DVD is released and I can just send it back when I’m done. I know it will be after Halloween but the dog is so cute and my kids will still enjoy it. I can’t wait to watch it!

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    I think this movie was made just for you, Ricky. 😀

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      Ricky Brigante

      I have to agree!

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