Comments for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ears coming to Walt Disney World, Disneyland along with more Oswald merchandise


  1. frostysnowman

    I bought an Oswald pin for my older daughter during my trip to WDW last week. She spotted it at Disney Studios and it was hard to find in other places; when I finally found them again at MouseGear, there were only two on the rack. Must be very popular. I’ll be putting the pin in her Christmas stocking; she is a huge Epic Mickey fan and I am looking forward to giving it to her.

    1. homeless slender

      doesn’t anyone know Oswald isn’t just from epic mickey he has some appearances in Disney land and had a few episodes made but then was forgotten

  2. EricJ

    I dunno, seeing the panel wear them, don’t they look like Blue Meanie ears? 😉

  3. Jsonson


  4. epicstorm

    the kids love oswald! whats taking so long to get the stuff on the shelves at the stores?

  5. I would love to see Planet Earth come to life in Epcot. All the different times of the life of the earth be so you can visit each time & really see everything that happens as the world comes from the past to the future!

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