Imagineer Details New Test Track Show Scenes And Interactivity In Live Chat, First Look At New Marquee For Walt Disney World

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Test Track Show


  1. Chris

    Ricky, how can you be appreciative for the “answer” she gave to your question about real vs virtual elements? She basically said “there will be a lot of technology, but there also wont be…”

    How it that an answer? That tells us absolutely nothing about the new layout…there can be 1 projector and all real items OR there could be a few glowing arches and all projections walls.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I believe what she meant was that despite the fact that they are emphasizing the digital aspect of this new story and theme, it will still be a very physical experience, not just a simulator. It didn’t exactly answer my question, but could still clear up the fact that some people feel the old “ride” is being replaced by a virtual one, which is not the case.

  2. OT

    I thought that most questions that where picked (or created) where lame and if there was a good question (like Ricky’s one) we got a lame answer. No idea why Disney is doing it because it didn’t do anything for me. The attraction sounds like they learned a lot from the Yeti in Animal Kingdom, you drive through a disco and that’s it.
    Especialy when she told us the music was futuristic and the ride represents how testing is done now made me feel this ride will look old very soon.
    And what about the huge Chevrolet logo. Is it the biggest and most offensive sales pitch ever? This doesn’t sounds Disney it screams GM. So sad.

  3. JJ Harvill


    I’ve been itching for info on the live chat since I couldn’t be online at the time. Thanks so much for providing this!

  4. Jeff Lynch

    Can someone explain this to me: is this Test Track supposed to be a Tron attraction without calling it Tron?

    It sure looks like Tron.

    Are they just going to ship this attraction to DLR and put it in Tomorrowland there and call it TRON where in Florida it’s called TestTrack?

  5. Nicky

    Well Jeff,

    The design is clearly inspired by the landscape of Tron but it is not set in the Tron universe so it is not a Tron attraction, so don’t expect the ride vehicles to look like lightcycles 😉 the new ride is essentially you are car designers and you are in chevorlet’s computers

  6. Alfred

    This looks like a cool refresh of a good attraction to me. My wife and I love TT and ride it multiple times on every trip. The worst part of the ride is the atmosphere and theming so getting back to a more futuristic, 80’s Epcot-ish look is welcome, IMO. I am sorry that there is so much negativity online about this refresh. I think there are a few WDW fans that are bitter that Anaheim got Cars Land and we aren’t getting anything near that level (yet?) so they only see the way our things fall short. It’s funny because 5 or so years ago the West coasters were the ones who were bitter about the situation in their parks and felt like red-headed stepchildren while we got “all the good stuff”. Who knows what the future will bring? Regardless, I think that for a 6 month refresh of an existing, popular attraction, this COULD turn out well.

  7. Just me

    I liked it the way it was. It felt real and was interesting. Now, from what little they showed of it, if reminds me of a cheap glow in the dark paint look. lol.

    Personally, the set designs were the best part of Disney attractions. I loved looking at them! Sadly, not much exists now, I guess it is just cheaper to shine some lights than to make a set. I am sure the pre-teens will like it, but maybe not so much those of us who remember rides like Horizons.

    If they wanted a Tron style ride, they should have changed Space Mountain.

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