Walt Disney World to expand Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom with final spell cards, at-home trading game, pin collection

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Attention Sorcerers! The fight to save the Magic Kingdom from evil villains will soon become complete as Walt Disney World has announced plans to complete Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom decks as well as add at-home components to the game.

Those who have been enjoying the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game have become used to frequenting the Magic Kingdom park to pick up their free cards. But starting next month those who want to complete their set will have to purchase the new trading card game, one pack at a time, hoping to receive those final 10 cards and become the ultimate Sorcerer.

Spell cards 61-70 will soon be released via a new trading card game due out in August at Walt Disney World parks (and online at a date to be determined later). The home version of the game is being developed by Disney Theme Park Merchandise and will feature seven randomly selected spell cards in each pack including at least one of those rare high number cards. Unlike with standard sets of Sorcerers cards, the trading card game will be playable at home, but will not be free. No price has been announced yet. The pack will retail for $11.95.

UPDATE (8/16/12): Game boards and the remaining cards will be available in the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom beginning August 17, 2012, initially limited to five game packs per guest, per day.

But it’s not only cards that come in the for-purchase pack. Also included will be one of four game boards, each themed to a different villain: Maleficent, Dr. Facilier, Jafar or Cruella DeVil. Game rules, tokens, and a spell card checklist will be part of the package as well.

UPDATE: Steven Miller, Merchandise Communications Manager for Disney, reached out to me to clear up that while cards 1-60 will still be available for free in the parks, the remaining rare ten will only be available as part of the pack available via retail. All other cards, free and purchased, will be identical and can be used as part of the in-park game as well as at home.

He also shared on the Disney Parks Blog that Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom T-shirts, a card binder, and an open edition pin are forthcoming.

The game is designed for ages six and up and will offer Sorcerers fans a chance to take some of the fun home to play outside of the parks, featuring artwork directly from the park experience one each card. And those who are in the parks can use the included rare cards to enhance their gameplay.

For those wanting even more Sorcerers merchandise, a new mystery pin set has been revealed, with each pin featuring a different villain, from Chernabog to Hades:

That pin set is due out some time later in 2012.

Learn more about Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom in our interview with Imagineer Jonathan Ackley, creator of the game:

And see Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom in action, in Fantasyland:


  1. Almost got excited about the conept of a Virtual Magic Kingdom-esque online game then! Nonetheless, doesn’t look too bad.

  2. Glendon

    I love the pins 🙂

  3. Jeff Lynch

    I wish there was a Disney online game like World of Warcraft…where you could explore and have adventures in all the different lands of the parks, but they would be fantastical versions of the lands with attractions that are not possible in real life. Disney could design things that they would never be able to build in real life.

    I would love playing that game.

    I wish someone reading this would make it. I can only make it in my imagination.

    1. bramlyb

      Have you ever heard of a game called minecraft? They have a server where they’ve recreated Magic Kingdom, Epcot, part of HWS, the contemporary and are quickly expanding. The graphics aren’t great, but it’s the closest thing to an actual disney world MMO…

      1. Jeff Lynch

        I hope they include Downtown Disney at some point so the Adventurers Club can live again online!

    2. Eclecticstyle

      They used to have it. The virtual magic kingdom (VMK) and it still sort of exists at vmkrevisited.com now google earth is the next best thing if you wanna pretend your in the park. They have 100% of the parks mapped out in 3d and most of the resorts too. People most pics of the exact points they’re posted and they even have 360′ orbs you can fly in!

  4. after reading Walt Disney World to expand Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom with I fell like heaven

    1. Eclecticstyle

      Yeah it sounds pretty cool. This is why we troll these sites all the time to get the sneak Peek at things like this! I really like how it’s almost like kingdom keepers storyline too!

  5. Erin M

    Has anyone tried to play the game at home with the gameboard? I read the directions and it seems a bit complicated

  6. Mimi

    Please Help!
    Looking for a binder to put the Socerers of the Magic Kingdom Cards. Would like one the size of the autograhb books. Does anyone know where I can Get one?

    1. Sally

      We used an old pokeman binder and it work great because it is small. But some one is making some and selling them on ebay for $17.00 plus shipping.

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