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  1. With Comcast taking over, im not sure if i like all the movie/celeb houses. i dont mind the 1 movie house (like last years “The Thing”) but already in Orlando there is now 2 movie houses and 1 celeb house. and with this year rumoured to only be having 7 houses instead of 8 that only leaves us with 4 more houses to announce, so fingers crossed we get some originality with those.

  2. So wait, all that we are doing is flip flopping locations? Last year we (Orlando) had the 7 deadly sins and Hollywood had “Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare.” I’m a little mad about this, I would like to see original content at both parks! Last year at Orlando’s tweetup they said they always had multiple ideas and backups for houses, so if we have so many ideas why are we using a house from Hollywood’s 2011 line up?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      An odd move indeed. I can’t think of another time when Orlando borrowed a house from Hollywood. There’s definitely something different about this year’s event. Last year only “The Thing” was pre-announced as a result of the Hollywood partnership on that house, leaving everything else to come out of the full reveal. This year we have three houses that overlap, though the Alice Cooper will be different at each. And there’s absolutely no sign of an overall theme for Orlando this year yet.

      I’m sure Cooper’s deadly sins in Hollywood will be far different from the scare zone Orlando had last year, but I get your point. Hollywood received Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface the year after Orlando did, so now I suppose it’s Orlando’s turn to come in second.

      It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. It feels like corporate strategy to link up both coasts’ events instead of independently creating them. Perhaps surveys show very few people attend both and there’s no need to duplicate efforts when it’s all the same company. Or perhaps Orlando has had its talent tied up with so many other projects – Despicable Me, Potter v2, Transformers(?) or whatever is going into the middle of the park, and so on. If the rest of the houses are duplicated on both coasts, we’re in for a shockingly different event this year in Orlando. We shall see…

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