Comments for Wrap-Up: A day at Star Wars Weekends 2012 yields up-close encounters with celebrities, characters at Walt Disney World


  1. FigmentJedi

    The red Jedi you can’t seem to identify is Shaak Ti

  2. Jeff Lynch

    I just wish George Lucas would retire and sell Star Wars to Disney already…so that all of this amazing stuff could be an everyday part of the Disney parks in some way.

    Would love to see the Star Wars theme take over Tomorrowland…and would love to see a Galactic Zoo attraction at Animal Kingdom.

    I know these things will happen in 15 years or so when George is gone, but I wish it would happen now when I am young enough to enjoy it all.

    1. Scoop

      Great pictures wish I was there! Jeff, we will be dead and gone when Lucasfilm sells Star Wars off to ANYONE.

  3. David Smart III

    Would the world be a better place if the saga of Star Wars continued to set the world on fire? Yes is i=the answer. I can see it now, all the kids running out of the theater sinning the films theme song. And the billions of dollars too boot. Jordan can selectively retire too, but if he still has a game to him, retirement will not do.

  4. Thank you for taking such amazing pictures of the 501st Legion. I was really excited to see the AWESOME pictures you took of me in Aayla Secura. 🙂

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