Video: Disneyland adds “Brave” sequence to World of Color highlighting Merida’s journey at Disney California Adventure

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Disneyland’s latest update to the nighttime World of Color show at Disney California Adventure centers around Pixar’s upcoming film “Brave,” featuring Merida, her relatives, and a few other choice characters. The sequence resonates loudly with the musical sound of driving bagpipes and drums while colorful fountains mix with movie clips.

A word of warning for those who see the new “Brave” portion of World of Color before seeing the film itself: Spoilers! There is at least one plot point that is somewhat subtly revealed during the new sequence to those who pay close attention. (Of course, “Brave” merchandise on store shelves also offer this same spoiler.)

Watch the new sequence in its entirety below or nightly at Disney California Adventure:

Video: “Brave” added to World of Color

Those familiar with World of Color will also notice something entirely new featured in the excerpt above. Along with the debut of the “Brave” sequence, Disneyland also unveiled their new “Glow with the Show Ears,” illuminating and sparkling in a rainbow of hues in sync with World of Color. The ears were given out during the evening’s media event and exclusive performance of the show, but are now on sale for $25 each.

The new sequence replaces the most recent addition to World of Color that featured the mysterious mermaids from “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.” That sequence has now been blended with previous ones later in the show with crowd-pleasing results.

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