Comments for Review: Cars Land cuisine impresses Disneyland guests with unique roadside eats at Flo’s V8 Cafe and Cozy Cone Motel


  1. Emmanuel Elefante

    I had a chance to eat at Flo’s and had a Red Apple Freeze. The Flo’s meal is a definite filler upper as the portion was enough to fill me up for the rest of the day. I didn’t feel hungry again until I got home and that was around 12am! The Reds Apple Freeze is going to be a hit and miss for everyone, but I enjoyed and is my favorite drink to get on a hot day.

  2. Kara

    You say “churros are not at all uncommon to Disneyland patrons and always popular, particularly among the large local Mexican population that frequents the parks. In fact, many of the meals served at the Cozy Cones clearly cater to this demographic, though anyone can definitely enjoy the cuisine.”
    Perhaps it’s more than just the demographic, but being true to the Route 66 story line? That the farther west you go the more common cuisine like this is?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Very true, it does follow the path through the southwest of the United States, with an emphasis on Hispanic cuisine.

  3. jon

    dude ricky, WTF w/ the stereotypical churro = mexican comment. and I’m not mexican!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Not stereotypical, though I probably should have said Spanish or Hispanic rather than specifically Mexican. Churros are of Hispanic origin. I’ll update the post.

      1. K V

        I think you’re a LOT better off just removing the comment entirely. There are a lot of touchy issues with the terminology you’re using, it smacks of racism, and there’s no point to it. Just take it out.

        1. Ricky Brigante

          I disagree. More than 40% of the Southern California population is Hispanic. The food they’re serving is clearly of Mexican / Hispanic origin. The facts are facts. I’m not judging anyone. The food is delicious for everyone and it also appeals to a large local population. That’s all.

  4. Disneyisme

    We ate at Flos and although I liked my salad.. well enough for about 3.5 out of 5 stars, my daughter didn’t care for her steak much.. but she liked and ate all of her peas and carrots (that right there should earn the dish 5 stars LOL). The pies may be better than they look. I wouldn’t know, but they sure don’t look appealing to me. They are oddly shaped, not like any diner I’ve ever seen. I do love their beer on tap there being Racer 5 IPA. Lots of guests came in, looked at menu and left. I’m thinking this menu may change… there wasn’t much of a line either, which is always a bad sign in a crowded park. 🙂

  5. Carolyn

    Can’t wait to try Flo’s. I saw a photo Heather S (Dining in Disney) tweeted and was surprised to see fresh apple slices for the kids – that’s awesome – getting fresh fruit as opposed to the stuff that comes in those plastic bags and tastes yucky. If anyone has tried the Veg Chili (Cozy Cone) or the Veggie bake thing from Flo’s, let me know; I’m curious how those taste. I can’t wait to eat there and have a meal and pie or shake (I heard the vanilla shakes are amazing). Also want to try all the fruit drinks, the apple one, the grape one, the pear one.. woooh… sugar shock!

  6. L. Svoboda

    As a passholder, we have been to Car’s Land numerous times. LOVE THE CONES! And the dill pickle popcorn (agree that it is TOO salty). The biggest problem is even the CMs never know when what flavor will be available. Regular(butter) is a daily standard, replacing a flavored variety. CM said that a few people complained wanting the regular flavor. (NOTE: regular popcorn is available in numerous stands through out the park and for $1.00 less). She also said they are getting numerous complaints about only one FLAVOR, and no consistency of what will be available when.
    I also agree with you that it is difficult to find the correct line for each cone, and even more difficult for the disabled in wheelchairs to navigate (my husband can’t even get in there). Go during the parade and the cone crowd is less.

  7. Napa Casual

    We loved flos! The roasted chicken was terrific, the ribs yummy, and the mash was perfect. The vegetables were sautéed just right and were not overcooked. I would definitely eat there again. Line was short, it was was easy.

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