Preview: Inside the new Dumbo ride big top where Walt Disney World replaces long lines with pagers, interactive games

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Walt Disney World is preparing a new way to line up for one of its most popular attractions by removing the line completely. For the new incarnation of the Magic Kingdom’s classic Dumbo attraction in Storybook Circus, guests will enter a colorful big top tent into an open queue area, featuring interactive elements and plenty of fun decorations to enjoy while waiting to ride.

The official Disney Parks Blog has shared images and video inside the big top. The first half of the new dual-carousel Dumbo ride opened in March, with the second carousel opening in July along with this new big top.

Disney says the indoor interactive queue will achieve a “balance” for parents and children in which parents can sit on benches in air conditioning while kids burn off energy climbing through ropes, jumping, and running around.

Disney claims the new area will “redefine what it means for guests to prepare for a Disney attraction” by offering guests a “circus ticket pager,” not unlike the act of arriving to a restaurant and waiting for a table. The pager will tell guests when it’s time for them to ride, allowing them to enjoy circus-themed play areas within the air-conditioned tent.

Elements of this addition have already been visible since Storybook Circus first opened in part, with a “ticket window” featuring a clock on top and blank banner space for future words, presumably for distribution of the pagers:

The new Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction has already dazzled Magic Kingdom guests with its water features and rainbow of colored lighting at night:

The indoor big top virtual queue, along with a second Dumbo carousel flying opposite the first, will complete the enhancement of one of Disney’s most famous attractions.

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