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  1. Kitty

    The more I see how beautiful the Art of Animation Resorts are, the more I feel its a huge mistake to make an entire land based off of Cars. Dont get me wrong, I think Cars Land will be impressive, but after a few years as the franchise continues to fade then what the heck do you do with all that incridibly detailed space? The DisneyLand area is already maxed out in surface area so it wouldve been smarter to make it less detailed and more generic like Tomorrow/Fantasy/Frontier/Adventure/Hollywood-lands because long-term it allows more flexibility in changing things with the times. And if people want incredibly detailed recreations of specific things than what better way to get people to stay at the resorts than with replicas of our favorite movies.

    1. FS

      This resort is indeed impressive, but Cars Land IS Radiator Springs, not just a light representation. They purposely made it just like the town from the film, they did not want any design contradictions of anything that was out of place. Also, its VERY important to point out that its not just about “Cars”, its about the Route 66 theme; The Pixar filmmakers went on a research trip when developing the movie, and Radiator Springs is DIRECTLY inspired by the real people, places, and architecture found on Route 66. And the Imagineers when on their own research trip to prepare to built Cars Land.
      A mountain range painted on the side of a building does NOT evoke the same sense of awe that the giant one in Cars Land has. Its a little premature to worry about the long-term future of Cars Land before it even opens.

  2. Sarah

    I completely agree with Kitty. I am very worried about what is going to happen in the longterm as they made Carsland so permanent with all the rock work and the large area it spans. Seeing as the first movie was somewhat of a hit and its sequel was less of a hit, I’m afraid it may have been a mistake to put so much effort into a giant and detailed land for just one movie. I feel like there are many other movies which deserve an entire land over the Cars movie.

    Aside from that though, I do think Carsland looks awesome and can’t wait to check it out when it opens!

    1. FS

      The reason that they when with “Cars” was because of the Route 66 theme. It fits for California Adventure, as well as provides a “Disney” twist.

      I honestly don’t think that anyone needs to worry about the distant future of Cars Land. It will be fine.

  3. FS

    Here is a video of the Imagineers’ research trip. Cars Land is about honoring the look and feel of Route 66, not just about promoting Cars;

  4. DT

    Cars Land was selected to be built because John Lasseter is the Principal Creative Advisor to Imagineering and the CCO for Pixar and Walt Disney Animation. This is most likely also the reason that Cars got a sequel before other movies that are much more deserving such as Monsters and Nemo did.

    1. tomaslecuona

      DT , you have just said the thruth, do to the fact that John Lasseter is CCO for pixar Cars land was an idea, it’s all about his obsession with cars

      🙁 i would’ve prefered an aquatic land, where nemo, the littlemermaid and other movie characters would’ve been involved.

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