‘Brave – The Highland Games’ at Epcot gives Walt Disney World guests a chance to try a few fun Scottish traditions

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In conjunction with Disney/Pixar’s upcoming film “Brave,” guests visiting Epcot at Walt Disney World can try their hand on variations on traditional Scottish fun with “Brave – The Highland Games,” now through July 8, 2012.

Inside the play area, guests can spin a wheel to determine their “clan” and play a variety of games as well as create a rubbing of their assigned clan’s rune stone.

Video: Brave – The Highland Games at Epcot

Games featured include the Mini Caber Toss…

…Haggis Flip…

…Cake Toss…

…and archery.

“Brave – The Highland Games” is open to guests 11 a.m.-7 p.m. daily through July 8 and can be found on the Epcot Rose Walk (the Future World West walkway leading to World Showcase Promenade). Park admission is required.

Guests also visiting the Magic Kingdom theme park can meet “Brave” star Merida and her three baby bear cub friends.

Disney/Pixar’s “Brave” hits theaters June 22, 2012 in Disney Digital 3-D.


  1. Jeff Lynch

    I am concerned about all the arrow shooting. Did anyone see the movie “We Have To Talk About Kevin”? I am afraid some kids are going to hurt people without meaning to, and the really bad kids are going to get ideas from all this.

    1. Krause

      Are you serious? I’m sure Disney has it under control.

    2. Annie

      We had the activity last September with kids from 3 to 7 and parents helped take care of things, the kids can’t do it alone anyway so I will not worry about arrow shooting. We did a Star wars party in May and made light sabers for all the kids and they hit each other while fighting but nothing bad and they love it too. You can’t over protect the kids that is bad for them. Something in the middle if I had to do the Star Wars party again I will do the light sabers the way I wanted and not like my hubby wanted even if that was more realistic. But kids are kids and over protecting just make them not experience life.

      1. Bryan

        I worked as a range master at a BSA camp and no one got hurt. Disney will have trained instructors and range masters who know how to deal with situations. If my staff could get a kid who spoke no English and a person who had serious physical and metal disability a trained disney cast member could do the same. So relax and you can not let your kid go to disney.

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