First look at Merida meet-and-greet character from Disney/Pixar’s ‘Brave’ offered at CinemaCon

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At CinemaCon in Las Vegas last night, Disney offered attendees a first-ever chance to meet and greet with Merida, the princess star of Disney/Pixar’s upcoming film “Brave.” The face character featured Merida’s signature red curly hair and green shimmery dress, posing in front of a promotional backdrop for the film.

Though no official photos have been released, pictures of Merida posing with attendees have been posted on various Twitter and Facebook feeds, with plenty of smiling faces.

(Photo via @ZCCF108)

(Photo via Tumblr)

(Photo via Tumblr)

Disney has previously announced Merida will be coming to its United States theme parks at Disneyland and Walt Disney World to meet and greet with park guests in mid-May, though a specific date has not been revealed.

(Photo via Edgar Lemoi)

While artwork has been revealed depicting what the “Brave” meet-and-greet will look like, CinemaCon has offered the world a first look at what the character costume will likely be when Merida arrives at Disney Parks in the coming weeks.

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