‘Brave’ Merida meet-and-greet to debut at Walt Disney World and Disneyland in May, moving Rapunzel to Town Square

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Come May, Fairytale Garden at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will be transformed into the Scottish Highlands home of Merida, the newest meet-and-greet character to enter the theme park from the upcoming Disney/Pixar movie “Brave,” which hits theaters on June 22, 2012. At Disneyland in California, Merida will be seen near “it’s a small world” in Fantasyland.

Described as a “headstrong teenager with a vibrant spirit and a softness of heart,” the Merida play and greet will feature archery lessons and other activities that precede the actual opportunity to meet Disney’s newest female lead character. Three bear cub characters from “Brave” will also be part of the experience.

Disney has shared concept art of the area that will be soon made over from a “Tangled” theme to that of “Brave”:

At the Magic Kingdom on April 15, Rapunzel will vacate her current play-and-greet home and move to a new location in Adventureland for further photo opportunities.

UPDATE (4/5/12): Disney has updated information regarding Rapunzel’s new meet-and-greet location in the Magic Kingdom. Rather than Adventureland, she will be moving to the Town Square Courtyard, next to City Hall. Flynn Rider will not be joining her in the meet-and-greet, but both will appear in the daily Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade.

Like Rapunzel, Merida will be a face character, the first from a Disney/Pixar film.

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