Comments for ‘Brave’ Merida meet-and-greet to debut at Walt Disney World and Disneyland in May, moving Rapunzel to Town Square


  1. Jenna

    A face character is one that is in costume but not one that covers their faces, like the princesses.

  2. Ricky Brigante

    A face character is a character that isn’t wearing a mask.

    1. Lux

      Characters are categorized between “face” and “fur”. Face characters are allowed to talk, fur characters are not.

      1. Lux

        That was meant to be a reply to the main post, sorry.

  3. Jeff Lynch

    Can someone explain how Rapunzel fits into Adventureland? My brain might not be working so good today, but it seems weird to shoehorn her into Adventureland. She should have a meet and greet in Fantasyland since she’s a storybook character.

    1. frostysnowman

      She doesn’t. I agree that Adventureland is a weird place to move her to. Maybe they will move her back to Fantasyland once more of the new areas are open?

    2. Craig

      She will be moving again when her new meet & greet area is completed at the old sky way exit across from the Peter Pan que.

  4. Craig

    Looks like another hour and half wait for a photo and an autograph.

    1. Hillary F

      an hour and a half isnt even that long if we’re talking rapunzel M&G… i know when tangled first came out, the line could be 3 or more hours long… and the shortest time ive ever waited has been 2 hours … but it was for my little sis so it was well worth it. (added bonus of flynn still being there was great too)

  5. disneygirl83

    ugh they need to bring back flynn rider. when him and rapunzel are together its the best meet and greet!

  6. Mary

    I agree, it isn’t the same without Flynn. I’m hoping they’ll bring him back soon, maybe once Merida has been there a while. (Totally of topic, but the face character/costume for Merida looks awesome!)

    I’m glad they’ve changed it though. The thought of putting Rapunzel in Adventureland is kind of silly. It’s like putting Peter Pan in Tomorrowland.. It doesnt work lol.

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