Comments for First look at Merida meet-and-greet character from Disney/Pixar’s ‘Brave’ offered at CinemaCon


  1. Kathy

    Disney usually does a great job with the hair. This just doesn’t look right. Not gonna lie, a little disappointed. (That’s coming from a hair designer that has done wigs for theater, so it’s a professional opinion.)

  2. Alicia

    Not only is the wig awful, the fabric is wrong! By their own character description (not to mention the trailers), Merida prefers simple garments. How did the unadorned, green woolen/velvet dress from the trailers become this disco mess? And don’t get me started on the flotation devices they’ve put around her elbows. How on earth did the animators get the chemise/over-garment correct, and the costume makers fail so spectacularly?

    And Kathy qualified her opinion on the wig, so I’ll follow suit. Not only have I costumed period shows, I had a medieval wedding. And bonus -I happen to actually have waist length, curly hair. My hair often looks as insane as Merida’s, but thank-the-beans it’s never come close to that hideous wig!

    1. Tracy

      Not only are you the most incorrect person on this planet, they nailed it. They were spot on with the wig and dress. Think not? Make something better. Merida is a cartoon *gasp* so it’s not like they’re going to make her 200% accurate, honey.

  3. tara

    I was there at CinemaCon, took multiple pictures with her, and she looked FABULOUS! You guys need to stop being so rude and judging from a photo. She looked stunning and her dress was absolutely identical to the film. Don’t judge the professionals: DISNEY ™ isn’t going to create a character costume without making it identical to the movie. You don’t need to be judgmentally jealous of this gorgeous gal in her gorgeous Merida costume. you WISH you looked as good as her!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Glad to hear it! Please feel free to share your photos with us. 🙂

  4. Mark

    Horrible…let me repeat this…HORRIBLE choice of a name for this character. Out of every available name in the detailed and myth-riddled history of Scotland and the Celts in general…they name her after a SPANISH CITY??!! You’ve got to be kidding me. I was so thrilled about this movie and it finally touching into Celtic lore…and then I found our her name was Spanish. Gross. If they made a movie with an exotic Latina princess and named her Aberdeen, I (along with millions) would be equally as irritated. Just ruined this for me.

    1. Kyleigh

      I totally agree, but the name is correct, they just should have spelled it MĂ©rridah or Merridagh depending on which part you’re in.

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