Disneyland gives monorails a ‘Cars’ facelift, adding eyes, a mouth, and a voice in promotion of Cars Land opening

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Mandy, Mona, and Manny are the names Disneyland Resort has given three of its monorails, now featuring faces in the style of Disney/Pixar’s film “Cars” in promotion of the upcoming grand opening of Cars Land on June 15.

Monorails Blue, Orange, and Red have been given eyes and mouths, transforming them into three new characters, making their way around the beam that spans Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney. Blue (Mandy) and Orange (Mona) are currently out while Red (Manny) is coming soon.

(Photos from the Disney Parks Blog)

Disneyland does have a history of “wrapping” their monorails in promotion of new attractions, having re-themed a monorail as a yellow submarine when the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage opened nearly five years ago. In Orlando, Walt Disney World more recently promoted “Tron: Legacy” with the “Tronorail” and “Marvel’s The Avengers” with the “Avengerail.”

But these new “Cars”-themed monorails are more than just wraps, but entirely new characters, voices of which are heard while riding on them as “Manny, Mandy and Mona Monorails are taking charge of the overhead announcements themselves.”

YouTube user magnapurpleboy has already uploaded this video featuring Mandy Monorail’s friendly voice:

The new narration is fairly standard for Disneyland Resort, but with a personalized twist featuring lines such as “My name is Mandy Monorail. For your safety, remain seated with hands, arms, feet, and legs inside my cabin” and “Along the way, we’ll catch a monorail’s-eye view of the Downtown Disney District, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa, and Disney California Adventure, soon to be home of Cars Land and my favorite four-wheeled friends,” ending with “Thanks for traveling with me. Your company had me gliding happily down the track. Have a magical stay here at Disneyland!” And yes, Mandy and the other monorails do speak Spanish too.

Meanwhile an anonymous Disney fan has already set up mock Twitter accounts, giving each of the three character monorails their own unique, often funny, but not always family-friendly personalities at @MandyMonorail, @MonaMonorail, and @MannyMonorail. I stress that these accounts are unofficial and not created, endorsed, or monitored by Disney.

The new monorail designs are sure to do wonders for keeping “Cars” on the minds of everyone who visits the Disneyland Resort in the coming months, though there’s no word as to how long the eyes, mouths, and voices will remain on this classic mode of theme park transportation.

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