D23 members to preview Walt Disney Archives exhibit with pieces from Pirates of the Caribbean, Country Bears

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The latest installment of D23’s Disney Geek web series offered more details about the upcoming Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit scheduled to open at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, California with D23 members allowed inside during a preview weekend.

Though the exhibit featuring more than 500 pieces of Disney history from theme parks, movies, and beyond will officially open July 6, 2012, head of D23 Steven Clark has revealed that D23 members will be given a chance to see it all the weekend prior. Details of that preview are still forthcoming.

In addition, this week’s Disney Geek episode featured several of the instantly-recognizable props and characters that will be featured in the exhibit.

Among the historic items are Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter hat from “Alice in Wonderland” and compass from “Pirates of the Caribbean,” Julie Andrews’ “Mary Poppins” hat and scarf, and an animatronic bear from the former Country Bears attraction at Disneyland.

But the show stopper of this episode is the Colonel puppet from the Adventurers Club at Walt Disney World, who carries on a conversation with Clark in the Disney Geek episode, complete with a hearty “Kungaloosh!” and rousing rendition of “Drop Your Drawers.”

UPDATE (5/10/12): Former Disney Geek Jeffrey Epstein sent me an e-mail this morning clarifying that when the Colonel said he isn’t part of the Treasures of The Walt Disney Archives exhibit in the episode, it wasn’t just part of a comedy routine. The puppet really won’t be on display. When asked if other Adventurers Club pieces will be included in the exhibit, Epstein simply stated he “can’t confirm any additional items (Adventurers Club or otherwise)” beyond what’s listed above and in the initial announcement. It seems the Colonel was making an appearance on the show simply for entertainment value.

The Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit and its many iconic pieces of Disney history will soon be on display at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, through April 2013.

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