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Test Track


  1. JungleSkip

    This looks like such a fantastic upgrade. Should really take a mediocre ride in Test Track and make it a great, EPCOT fitting ride.

  2. NoAssemblyReqd

    Count me among those who rode TT and said “That’s it?” I could appreciate the creativity involved in simulating a testing facility, but the ride always felt so sterile and unfinished to me, especially as compared to the slow dark ride it replaced. I’m excited to see that the upgrade will at least provide a colorful, stimulating visual component. I agree it looks a lot like TRON, but that’s not a bad thing.

    And oh yeah, I think I’m not alone in being glad that the monotonous music in the queue will be going away!

  3. Jeany Sanchez

    this will be awesome ride! I hope This new test track will has single rider! I love it and awesome!

  4. Clay Matthews

    I still want my Light Cycle ride but the Chevy Design upgrade to TT looks mighty cool. I suddenly find myself caring about that attraction again!

    1. EricJ

      Yeah, looks a little HEAVILY like they got one too many Armchair Imagineer fanboy letters about “Howzabout turning Test Track into the Tron ride?”, and then tried to do one without actually doing one.
      (Sort of like the way all those fanboy letters for the “Monsters Inc Door Ride” became Laugh Floor and Sully to the Rescue.)

      The original seemed a little outdated in places (anti-lock brakes?), but as long as Epcot keeps the educational World’s-Fair-corporate-pavilion content in place, I won’t harbor any resentment against the fans.

  5. andy

    You can design a Truck? that’s something I’ve not read anywhere else!

  6. Joe

    It will be an odd transition from being in a computer world to the high speed outdoor portion. I would suspect that the outdoor portion would get enclosed or we shall all be blinded by the sudden transistion from dark to light. ><

    1. Jacob


  7. OT

    Thank you Ricky for providing all this information to us. You are doing an amazing job.
    I like how they re immagine this ride. I presume the transition from digital to real will ben in the crash chamber where the laser lights will build you to the real world and you´ll go for the speed test. It feels like a wonderfull mix of Tron and Test Track and in my mind TT stands for that.

  8. Laura

    These new changes look awesome! Test Track had needed an update for some time, now. But, did anyone talk about how these changes will affect wait times? I imagine that it will be harder to group together random families, like they did in the past to fill the cars, if everyone is wanting to design their own vehicle. If they can’t get the cars filled, especially during peak times, won’t that make the wait times longer?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I don’t think the design portions will take that long. They will be part of the queue entertainment.

  9. Jacob

    I think this ride looks awesome cant wait to go back in summer 2013 to ride it

  10. Melody

    You make a frightening point. Of course, I’m sure most of us have lost all hope for re-imagined rides that are as good as classics like Journey or World of Motion, but the idea of this pavallion being stripped down anymore is scary. I hope this isn’t a third destruction of the pavillion.

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