Comments for Phineas and Ferb confirmed to replace ‘Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure’ Epcot experience at Walt Disney World


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    While I will no doubt enjoy a P&F version of Kim Possible, I was hoping that P&F could take over the Imagination Pavillion as I believe they fit perfectly there.

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    eric you

    dr doof is must likely changing his plans from taking over the tri state area to take over the world or just orlando, florida walt disney world. so agent p must stop doof’s plan to take over the world this time. major monogram or carl would take the roles of wade and ron. phineas and ferb could also have a plan to tour around the world and find objects they lost in the past summers.

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    Clay Matthews

    My son will be thrilled – his older sister will be bummed!

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    Oh man. I really miss being a Kim Possible cast member, throughout my college programs. This replacement really makes me sad. But I am sure it will be just as fun for the guests.

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    Disney doesn’t even air Kim Possible reruns anymore!!!! So….how can the company expect people to remain excited about her?

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    I grew up on Kim, I’ll miss it, but I can understand why they want to switch to Agent P.

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    We just returned from our 10-day vacay @ WDW. Historically, EPCOT has been our least favorite parks (for the kids). However, we were overly delighted when we stumbled across Kim Possible and the boys just had a blast playing this adventure. It really got us off the main road and we discovered things within each country that we hadn’t taken the time to explore in our last 6 trips to WDW. The boys will be bummed that they didn’t get a chance to play the PF version, as they are HUGE fans, but definately something to look forward to next time.

    BTW..we had one more day at ANY of the parks and we asked the boys which one would be they’re choice. Not Hollywood or AK as I anticipated…they were torn between EPCOT and MK (after we discovered Sorcerers game)!!

    Kudos to WD for making each visit filled with mor esurprises and interactive, which is the trend these days with the young generation.

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    Thought I would be the only adult having a blast with the Kim Possible Adventure, but to my surprise, I saw people older than me enjoying themselves. Heard a lot of disappointed people when I told them what I heard about KP being replaced. This was my first time going to DW. Thought I had a reason to return in the future. Guess I don’t have any reasons now. DL, next stop and future stops.

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    I’m crying best this in Disney ever gone…:*(

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    I am so over Phineas and Ferb. This is not at all related to the topic, but they have taken over the gift shops and almost complete abolished The Muppets from their own gift shop. Boo hiss! Kermit forever! 🙂 How mature am I? I would like to take the adventure with the Muppets, but nobody asked.

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    Eva martin

    I love the kim possible show so much and I wish they would put it back on the air

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