Comments for First look inside the Be Our Guest restaurant dining room for New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World


  1. Shaili

    Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to have dinner with my husband in this beautiful restaurant when it opens. (I can imagine a large, lovely golden chandelier in the ceiling.) Beauty and the Beast is a Disney classic, and you’ve definitely done it justice here!

  2. Is it just me or does the ballroom look a little…downsized? I’m sure WDI will make it look absolutely stunning in the end, I just judged by the concept art that it’d be a bit larger. The windows and the ceiling in the concept rendering look a lot higher.

    1. Dan

      Yea the concept art never looks like the actual thing =/ but i think once stuff is actually put in there and its finished it will look a LOT bigger. disney knows how to make things look bigger or smaller than they actually are with finishing details.

      1. Jeff Lynch

        I think that is called “forced perspective” and I think Disney invented it. That’s what makes the Beast castle look bigger. It’s something to do with angels and stuff and the way they make the top of something look like it’s higher up or whatever because it is smaller up there from the angel on the ground.

        1. Disney did not invent forced perspective, they just popularized its use outside of stage and screen. Forced perspective is used in most play and movie sets, and even in classic works of art.

    2. Heather

      I agree about the ceiling. The ceiling is a little disappointing, since it isn’t domed.

  3. Jeff Lynch

    I think the food at this restaurant will be over priced and not very good but I still want to go there. Maybe I can get an appetizer or something.

  4. joey

    to answers brandons comment… i thought it looked downsized as well but notice that in the pictures with the workers putting the mural down the scale of the windows compared to a human is quite different. the windows are large scale and we can see 3 levels of work. my judgment would say the room looks like it has a 2 story ceiling maybe 2 and 1/2. when you are in it and sitting down im sure it will feel grand

  5. Jeff Lynch

    I think people looking at the room before the painting effects are done need to remember that Disney people do a great job with tricky painting effects. Look at the ceiling and how it’s a weird shape. I bet there are visual tricks to make the windows look really tall. I wonder if people can eat on the second level. If so that is where I will like to sit and I can hum Be Our Guest Be Our Guest Be Our Guest during the meal and I will look for all the characters from the movie who may be hiding under the table or wherever!

  6. Jackie K

    will this part of fantasyland be open by late summer (like august)? i know disney hasn’t announced it, but do you think it will?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      All they’ve said is late 2012. That likely means October or after but we’ll have to wait and see.

  7. Victoria

    I think there is a hidden mickey in the mountain on the right where the snow meets the rocky part. Above the town glow.

    1. susanm

      I cant see it, but i wouldnt be surprised since hidden Mickeys are a tradition. you must be the first to report this one

  8. Victoria

    Ok thats not a town glow but above the light green part on the far right. Its on the mountain Like the middle ridge

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