Comments for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom to officially debut in late February, more Walt Disney World interactive game details revealed


  1. I read somewhere that you could use a picture of the card on your phone to use it. does that mean i could load them all on my phone from the web and have the whole set?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      If you can avoid glare on your phone, then yes that could be possible. The system uses cameras to detect the cards, so showing a picture of a card is just as good as showing the real thing, as long as it’s clearly visible.

    2. Alex

      there is one problem with your theory, you still would need the start card (key) with the rfid chip in it to begin the game and progress through the game at the various portals.

  2. John

    I think I may have found my favorite card in the game already.

  3. FigmentJedi

    I think that villain number is including minions.

  4. Nelson

    Even if you can use them from your phone that would not allow an individual to use multiple cards. I did one where i used 3 cards for multiple spell effects and at one point 3 of us used 7 spells at once.

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