Comments for New Matterhorn Bobsleds 3-seat vehicles to officially debut at Disneyland this summer


Credit: Disney


  1. you’re kidding me. my late feb trip just might have been ruined.

    1. Robert Reid

      never book a trip to disney before checking the refurb schedule. i knew going in the matterhorn was closed for our early feb trip. sucks, but iam mentally prepared.

  2. Craig McConnell

    I can’t believe they are taking away the old seating configuration. For me that was part of the nostalgia of the ride. My son was going for his first ride next month because he just met the height restriction. So disappointed!

  3. Jeff C

    Aside from school holiday periods including summer, there’s typically always a handful of attractions closed for renovation. Matterhorn is also one of our favorites but everyone except me and my two young sons stopped riding it as it is too jerky for the neck/back to take in your older age for most people. I wonder if maybe the new cars will smooth out the ride? Everest at Animal Kingdom in Floriday, although lacking the incredible long-standing history of the Matterhorn is a better ride. The Matterhorn’s longevity is simply amazing and thereby has created a lot of sentimental value to all of us Disneyland officianados. I will miss it, but then one ride isn’t going to make me schedule my trip around it.

  4. Christian G

    So does this mean that the ride will be less jerky?

  5. Kathe

    I am assuming this will also raise the height requirement. I can’t imagine a 35″ tall 3 year old sitting alone in these seats…

  6. donna

    This is great news!!! The old bobsleds are very uncomfortable. After getting off the ride you hurt everywhere from the no support/shocks. I am SO happy they are revamping…yes!!!! The wait will be so worth it.

    1. Anonymous

      No, the new ones suck. If you are taller than 5’7″ and have any kind of width to you, you cannot fit. I rode it once and that is the last time me, my family, and most of my friends will ride it. My legs did not fit at all and my arms had no where to go. I also felt like my head was going to smash into the bar in front of me and that I would either be flung from the ride or be hit by something. I had horrible back pain when I got out. This was a terrible idea.

  7. Joanna

    This is AWSOME that ther is new bobsleds. I didn’t like the old ones. I’m sooooooooo happy. :):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. The new matter-horn sleds are very uncomfortable. My feet were jammed into the sled footholds. My knees and hips were being pulled constantly, almost out my joint sockets. It was my favorite ride until after the refurbishment. Its too painful for me to ride again. SAD 🙁

    1. Anonymous

      I agree with you completely. I am so sorry this happened.

  9. Shana

    Yes, the new sleds are horribly uncomfortable. I am 5’3 and 130 lbs so totally fit fine in it and it was still painful to ride. Jerked me around and very hard on the bum. Felt like I needed a chiro adjustment when I got off. That part of the renovation was a waste.

  10. bob

    tried to ride the matterhorn ride in November 2013. Felt like my hips were going to pop out of sockets and injured my back tryig to sit down. did not ride and pain is getting worse a week later. This ride sucks!!!!

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