New Matterhorn Bobsleds 3-seat vehicles to officially debut at Disneyland this summer

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Credit: Disney

Back in August, we shared photos of the new 3-seat Matterhorn Bobsleds ride vehicles that were being tested on the roller coaster, replacing the old lap seating configuration. After months of off-and-on testing, Disney has finally announced today that these new vehicles will indeed be the standard when the ride reopens this summer.

The Matterhorn Bobsleds is temporarily closing on Monday, Jan. 9, just a few days from now, and will remain closed until mid-June, reopening with the new vehicles and seating installed. Trains will feature two connected cars of 3 independent seats each, much like Space Mountain‘s vehicles at Walt Disney World in Florida (but not side-by-side seating like Space Mountain at Disneyland). So those who want to snuggle up close with friends aboard one of the world’s first steel coasters will want to hop on the ride this weekend for one final close encounter with the Yeti.

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