Comments for Ultimate 2011 Disney Christmas List: What Santa should put under every fan’s tree


  1. Calvin

    I’ve got two sets of collectsbles on my list. Fisrt is Park Starz series one. I’ve been selective with my Vinylmation purchases up till now. This is the first time I’ve wanted a whole series.

    Second is a complete set of all of the Piece of History Pin Sets.

  2. Sean

    Hey, it’s not too late to get that TRON: Legacy soundtrack! 😉

  3. EricJ

    Sprocket was a Classic Muppet Character. 🙂 Walter is not.
    (People, he’s just something Segel made up so he could rip off the Country Bears script for the movie, get over it already!–I mean, you don’t see them putting the Haley Joel Osment bear into the real CB as a permanent addition!)
    Disney seems to be actually serious about this, and it’s the most misguided reading of audience reaction since they tried to market Roger Rabbit as a solo character.

    1. Uhhh, what? I don’t think Walter’s the most entertaining character, but I don’t see anyone arguing that. But what’s wrong with Roger??

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