Comments for ‘Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom’ interactive adventure announced for Walt Disney World


  1. sounds cool. don’t know why they couldn’t have announced it during D23’s park presentation.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      GREAT point. It is quite curious to announce this now instead of 2 weeks ago…

      1. still if its 1/2 as fun as Kim Possible I might plan a vacation around the launch of this.

    2. Jackie

      it doesn’t make any sense. especially when they announced nothing else…

  2. ZappRowzdower

    The artwork leads me to believe this will be similar to the Midship Detective Agency on the Disney Dream. That experience was a lot of fun, but I imagine Disney has some extra elements for a theme park version.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      It may be a cross between the Kim Possible game and Midship, using paper materials to activate the interactive features – but with more than just screens to show off the results.

  3. JJ

    Glad Disney finally announced it! Very excited about this, the interactive element that Disney is bringing to the Parks is getting even better now. I was at the Expo, don’t know why they didn’t announce it.

  4. Jackie

    This seems similar to Magiquest, which is a “live action videogame” as they call it. by the way, does anyone have pictures of these keyholes? i’d like to see them.

    1. Wouldn’t a live-action videogame just be a… well… game? ^_^

  5. Justin

    Love that logo!

  6. This looks like it might be pretty cool… Just too bad about it being at WDW. Hopefully, if it’s a hit there, they might come up with a DL version. I mean, a theme park is enough to satisfy me in itself, but this adds another layer of engagement that could make for an enjoyable afternoon.

  7. Marisa

    This reminds me a lot of Wizard Quest at the Wisconson Dells, which was an interactive adventure using papers to interact with the environment and go on quests to find things. I’m very excited for more details!

  8. Yensidaj

    I have only done about 3 of the pavilions with the KP at epcot. I loved it and would like to finish the rest of the missions. hopefully by the time i get back out to MK this will be in full swing and i can try it out too.

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