Comments for Tour the ‘Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives’ exhibit, astounding fans at the 2011 D23 Expo


  1. LuckyDad22

    Thanks for the peek inside, Ricky – that title card is an incredible thing to see!

  2. Wild Ol' Dan

    Special thanks Ricky for sharing all this with us. Those of us who grew up in those years long, long ago recognize so many of these things as dear to our heart memories. Jimmy Dodd’s Mousegetar…those talent round-up day costumes…and, of course, Zorro! So many wonderful memories come flooding back from watching your video and the slideshow. I hope some of the young whippersnappers around today can begin to get an idea of just how wonderful, how magical those days were…so long ago now…when Walt Disney was still around. He came into our homes every Sunday night and took us on incredible adventures…enriching our lives…filling us with warm memories that would last a lifetime. If only the folks at Disney today would TRY to capture some of that magic formula again…specifically on the Disney Channel…they have wandered so far away from Walt’s original formula… I guess I am truly thankful to have grown up in those years when Uncle Walt first started talking about a place far, far away called Disneyland… I remember that each week he would bring us stories from Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, or Tomorrowland…and most exciting of all updates on a real place he was creating for us to visit…the Happiest Place on Earth…a place filled with wonder and fantasy, adventure, nostalgia, and
    joy…a place he called Disneyland. Oh…what happy memories! Thanks again Ricky for sharing this with us. Wild Ol’ Dan

  3. Blake


  4. Kind of funny i instantly recognize the duty free song ricky ;). But great video and great for those of us who can’t be there

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