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  1. eric you

    so now scream ‘s ghostface will be the icon for the event in hollywood and lady luck will be the icon for orlando.

  2. eric you

    what is the go go dancer for hollywood a female ghostface but without the mask maybe just the robe or cloak he wears in the film like only a black cloak or robe that reveals some flesh but covered in blood like body paint.

  3. eric you

    who will appear in the flaming towers of what was a clown scarezone and the welcome to hell scarezone. i hope one of the scareactors will dress as ghostface from scream. plus have he or she be wearing the universal studios worker’s uniform until it gets dark and transforms with the clothing of ghostface

  4. eric you

    my other choice is for the opening ceremony for hollywood be a flight attendant or director based scareactor since they will deal with international themes and scary movies from around the world.

  5. eric you

    my suggestions for orlando is have lady luck do an opening video or show where she tortures a victim on a large gambling wheel or reads cards with the names of the haunted houses, scarezones, and shows maybe a few rides as well.

  6. eric you

    now for the commerical or promo have lady luck laying down a card on the floor of her casino. then a guest or victim comes picks it up. then he or she is killed by lady luck in the form of a demon or vampire.

  7. eric you

    if universal studios does not have a scarezone in the western area how about a show where a gunfight between two zombie cowboys or even an hanging of a crimnal chosen from among the guests to be killed for the grim reaper. plus the opening ceremony to be a director who says evil is coming. he or she freaks out as darkness comes near and the director sees ghostface,the grim reaper, ringmaster, freaks,clowns,alice cooper, hostel, the mummy, the simpsons, and dinosaurs. that could be part of the commerical also. then he or she gets killed and dragged far away as ghostface takes over and says what is your favorite scary movie? welcome to halloween horror nights what fear fears most. then he says scream for your life. the flame towers are active at that moment. we would run straight into our worst nightmares.

  8. eric you

    bill and ted the bad guy could be an evil group of clones of famous celebrites of 2011 or be the devil himself as he was in one of bill and ted’s movies as ghost rider helps them prevent the end of history as we know it . the devil is the ultimate bad guy so he could be well in the 2011 show.

  9. eric you

    go go dancer could be a universal studios worker being forced by ghostface in universal studios approved director or producer’s uniform or a fancy business suit. she would have to strip to keep her job and her life or you can do female ghostface but with out the mask and would wear black stockings, black panties, a red bra, and white facepaint plus she would wear a black robe or cloak with ripped fabric.

  10. eric you

    for opening ceremony, commerical, and poster you can market all the mazes, scarezones, the few rides, and bill and ted show and market the main icon and sub icons for hollywood. the commerical could be a worker or ride attendant who gets locked in at night and sees the poster and hears strange voices. he or she is scared. then she finds a dead body on the floor to be one of a guest who was also locked in the studio. then he or she hears a voice saying what is your favorite scary movie? do you like scary movies? he or she gets killed and the body is dragged away. now it is your job to find out what is going on in these recent murders as even the local police can not find out the clues to solve the case.

  11. eric you

    i think charlie walker and jill roberts new backstory would be grear if they were hired by universal until a series of strange murders happen in the san fernardno valley and they get fired from their jobs and again like the movies took on the identity of ghostface and started using gasoline to burn down the old special effects stages and backdraft attractions. but in reality it would be a new transformers ride.

  12. eric you

    i think the new transformers ride would also make a great new 3d haunted house to add to the 2012 event i would call it doomsday in 3d fears of the end. if orlando can make their own icons you can make your own icons for hollywood. i would suggest a mayan temple with a demonic god for orlando next year this figure would have supernatural powers and those who worship him can predict future events. a media mascot would be a crazy witch doctor serving his gods.

  13. eric you

    i can see ghostface will unleash these four fake horror movies on the backlot he would dress up in human disguise as the director of these movies but really he will make us scream for our lives as brand new monsters, ghosts, vampires, demons,witches, and some things i found were zombies will make up the war of the worlds set and clowns be unleashed near grinch. i can see stab being filmed in the bates motel. i can see a wolfman or thing setting in the forest. ghostface will be attacking us in the mummy tunnel to kill us.

  14. eric you

    another idea is terror tram will have hostel in the old camp crystal lake area and a new weeping woman based sheet maze. they will have reapers and alice cooper themes as well you can put a lot this year.

  15. eric you

    i can see rob zombie doing a new horror movie that will be attacked by his own worst nightmares imagine if ghostface would kill of john murdy and all who enter this year’s event. so next year rob zombie house of a thousand maze is replaced with a newer scary movie.

  16. eric you

    next year you can do an entire new freaks based terror tram since that will have more new freaks now lead by a new icon like caretaker, storyteller, and the usher doing a sort of reunion or even bloody mary where she welcomes us to her new world based on our fears. she would be great for the mummy tunnel as we try to escape her dark and twisted world.

  17. eric you

    another idea is you can do mummy, dinosaurs, king kong,and rocky horror picture show in terror tram. you can do a chucky scarezone to replace clowns. the new icon should be fear, the grim reaper, ringmaster from clowns,or lady luck yeah it could work imagine her wanting new victims in her games of chance and seal our fate in hollywood next year.

  18. eric you

    can hollywood do a scream based opening ceremony where a director is ready to produce a the stab 8 movie but he finds out ghostface is looking at this director he starts going to sleep he enter alice cooper’s nightmares. he or she then wakes up be inside a research station in the frozen northern parts of Norway that has been attacked by an strange alien creature. he escapes and finds themselves in a eastern european hostel owned by a crazy business man who also controls a slaughterhouse style meat making factory owned by serveral rich people that hunt and kill teenagers. they escape and find themselves in a haunted castle owned by a werewolf who hunts them down. then they end up in rob zombie version of a roadside circus themed funhouse with crazy clowns and a evil doctor who make mutants and cyborgs in an underground lab. they later go to mexico but get a surprise as they escape a ghostly weeping woman who lost her children. Then they go to a circus but the clowns have chainsaws and they have gone crazy so they want to kill these people. then they go to a town that is filled with zombies after a disaster releases a virus that turned people into flesh eating zombies. then they find out the grim reaper and his evil helpers have been unleashed from hell to kill people. then they go to paris but a group of freaks want to eat their bodies for food . they go on the universal backlot tour but ghostface is following them. they try to escape on jurassic park but the dinosaurs are let loose from their cages. they try to run but the curse of the muummy has made them into soul less beings. they try to go watch the simpsons but sideshow bob is trying to cancel the show. they try to laugh but bill and ted is so very funny. they try to exit but now they are ghostface’s victims.

  19. eric you

    we will scream for our lives in just two days as ghostface will be ready to stab us with his sharp blade.

  20. eric you

    i saw a short clip on opening ceremony i was really great this year as the ringmaster says the word die and the scareactors are released i hope that part is extended in the real grand opening of this year’s event. i hope you have all the mazes, scarezones, bill and ted show, terror tram, and some other videos or press releases.

  21. eric you

    next year i hope the theme is good bye to you it would have all the icons from orlando’s events in the past and present to reveal the newest icons or have two times two the end where ghostface, freedy kruger, jigsaw, micheal myers, alice cooper, rob zombie, eli roth, jason, leatherface, the director, and jack the clown return with brand new mazes, scarezones, shows, and other attractions.

  22. eric you

    a new idea is have the ringmaster from clowns scarezone put his hands together and makes a loud sound or have him do so magic tricks that releases the clowns and other scareactors it would be so great if he uses black magic spells.

  23. eric you

    another great idea is ghostface would make his own horror movie near the mummy cave or have it where ghostface wants all of sidney’s friends and relatives to die by being drowned with a deadly storm of acid rain or poisonous polluted water from pipes connecting to a nuclear power plant. we could get zapped with tiny electric shocks . then sprayed with chemically polluted bug juice or even ghostface’s own urine

  24. eric you

    go go dancers could be given more detailed bloody stabs from ghostface’s knife and with skimpy wet t shirts and short shorts that barely cover their butts with only a short amonut of fabric to cover their vaginas. the living scultpure could be given white paint to look like a mask plus a bloody long sharp knife or weapon.

  25. eric you

    you can add a small mini scarezone in the western street or put up a scareactor near the queue of each maze and terror tram. the terror tram may need guards, janitors,directors,and universal studios hollywood staff members be killed by ghostface. ghostface would dress up like a policeman in the terror tram loading area or even a fellow guest hiding inside the ride.

  26. eric you

    in the scream movies different people have used the identity of ghostface to kill people would it be the actors, a guest, a director, a producer,or anyone like a video blogger.

  27. eric you

    who is the sick person behind ghostface going to be this year.

  28. eric you

    next year hollywood should use classic horror movies based mazes, scarezones, and terror tram but the classics are given modern new more scary forms like it would be called lets go to the fearplex with the usher or director from 2006 returns.

  29. eric you

    get ready to scream for your life ghostface is coming soon.

  30. eric you

    can you make a video about terror tram and bill and ted video or highlights of the event.

  31. eric you

    next year a great icon would be completely new idea made by universal as the grim reaper from reapers scarezone takes over the park with new mazes, scarezones, terror tram, shows, and rides with terror tram is called final cut hosted by ghostface but really last year’s blogger who has gone crazy after an incident of hearing the voice of fear itself as he was looking at an exhibit in a museum with the pictures of previous icons of universal and beyond.

  32. eric you

    i hope next year you have hannibal lecter,franics dolarhyde, the tooth fairy, the great red dragon, buffalo bill in zombie form, or classsic universal horror movies like dracula, frankenstein, phantom of the opera, wolfman,the mummy, creature from the black lagoon, and other classics being remade after a freaky thunderstorm in the house of horrors release them into the real world.

  33. eric you

    the thunderstorm is actually all the evil in the whole world that can be released if people always have a reaction to fear

  34. eric you

    i am fear you will bear my mark. i demand more this is not about your life anymore. my newest form will be death or should i suggest ghostface, freedy kruger, jason, leatherface, jigsaw, michael myers,and more of me than you can die.

  35. eric you

    next year fear will release the most powerful helper as the grim reaper since halloween is all about death so are you ready to die. you will face me you will have my mark.

  36. eric you

    the grim reaper can represent hades from last year’s haunted house but now with a more evil plan destroy all humanity just as fear’s orignal plan was before time began.

  37. eric you

    another icon is a teacher to replace the storyteller. a evil doctor to replace caretaker. a magical wizard to replace jack the clown. a crazy blooger to replace the director.

  38. eric you

    another idea is no icon but a tourist who goes to the park at night then fear and the icons start killing him .

  39. eric you

    more ideas is the fans, guests, media,and other tourists or bloogers would insirpe a new icon.

  40. eric you

    hollywood should have the blooger who got stabbed return but now he is really angry at universal because the studio failed to put back pure terror into their movies so he takes over the tram with a plan to kill anyone who enters the backlot as ghostface but now he would bring on new mazes, scarezones, terror tram, rides,and shows even a new more intense opening ceremony, a newer living sculpture , and the go go dancers are now real ghosts instead of victims with rotting flesh, maggots crawling out their eyes, and bones that are broken by several beatings.

  41. eric you

    clowns and freaks have now made an agreement to create a newer circus of death, chaos,and pure terror to make one carnival straight from hell in the carnie evil. mutants invade france from the sewers. denoms have been releashed after the end of the world and terrorize an old village. ghostly gunfighters reclaim the west. the reapers have turned more deadly and half dinosaur half men monsters are unleashed in a reclaimed jungle.

  42. eric you

    new haunted houses are alice cooper return to my world, a new torture game is unleashed by fear factor in fear factor dead or kill, frankenstein takes over house of horrors to start making new creations. sam from trick or treat is near the western scarezone. a new 3d maze called final flight 666 is open.

  43. eric you

    bill and ted will most likely make references to 2012 and end of the world jokes and 2012 pop culture.

  44. eric you

    transformers the ride could be taken over by megatron and have him destroy the transformers. sideshow bub is now armed with a new treehouse of horror based villains and shocking new effects. half man and half dinosaur mutants could be unleashed in jurassic park. the mummy needs more cobwebs, mummies, skeltons, and effects to make it more in your face.

  45. eric you

    terror tram will be extended with more ghostface and have him sends us to a dark cave and kill us all by putting a computer virus inside the tram’s newer cameras that will enchance the daylight tour and be used in next year’s terror tram. another idea is have norman bates take over the backlot tour as he kind of one is the first human bashed slasher character

  46. eric you

    norman bates backlot tour story is after so many years in the backlot norman does not want to lose his motel and his home right above the hill but universal wants new houses in the backlot so he decides to finally come out of the shadows to take over as a sort of demented tour guide. the icon of the event is fear himself or even caretaker, storyteller, usher, lady luck,or bloody mary.

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