‘Scream’ themed Terror Tram to be unleashed for Halloween Horror Nights 2011 at Universal Studios Hollywood

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In the backlot of Universal Studios Hollywood, guests attending Halloween Horror Nights 2011 will be invited to “Scream 4 Your Life” during this year’s Terror Tram haunted attraction. Guests will walk among actual sets from Hollywood history as the famous Ghostface killer from the Scream series stalks them.

On Twitter, Horror Nights Hollywood creative director John Murdy revealed the 2011 Terror Tram’s back story, building off of Scream 4’s movie-in-a-movie theme:

Today Universal announced 4 new horror films are shooting on the backlot, including “Stab 8” the latest sequel in the popular film series.

Eager to capitalize on this publicity bonanza, the theme park has started letting tourists on the Universal Studio Tour visit the production. With thousands of tourists rolling past the set every day, pretty much anyone with a cell phone has been given access to the production.

A barrage of unauthorized photos and unsettling rumors about the troubled production have been lighting up blogs and chat rooms across the web. The most damaging of these leaks is a homemade video purporting to show “Ghostface” attacking and killing tourists on the Universal tram! No one seems to know whether these videos are a clever viral publicity stunt or the real deal…

Despite all the negative press, USH is still moving forward with plans to host “Stab-a-thon,” a Stab movie fan fest on the Universal backlot. Stab-a-Thon” will take place during the theme park’s popular seasonal event Halloween Horror Nights.

In past years on the Terror Tram, guests have been dropped off at the set of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and walk up and down winding paths, past the “Psycho” house, through that film’s Bates Motel, and ultimately across the “War of the Worlds” destroyed neighborhood set. It’s likely these same settings will make up the “new horror films” that guests will wind through, avoiding Ghostface along the way.

Halloween Horror Nights 2011 begins on September 23.

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